Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 283 Picking an Elder

Saint Genesis Peak. On the slant of a certain mountain was a stone plaza that as currently a boiling cauldron of voices.

Under Fang Zheng’s lead, Zhou Yuan and the numerous other new Saint Genesis Peak disciples were now gathered here, their gazes currently directed to their front with curiosity and respect

On the tall stage in front of them were three mats on raised pedestals on which three elderly figures sat. Boundless Genesis Qi surged around them like the immeasurable sea, giving off an indescribable pressure.

These three old men were obviously the three elders of Saint Genesis Peak.

“The one in the middle is elder Shen Taiyuan, on the right is elder Lu Song, and on the far left is elder Lu Hong.” Fang Zheng secretly introduced them to the new disciples.

Elder Shen Taiyuan wore black robes and had a cold, stern face that gave off an aura of strictness. Elder Lu Song on the other hand was dressed in blue robes, widely grinning like a smiling buddha.

As for elder Lu Hong, he wore a calm expression that was neither happy nor angry. However, when his uncaring gaze swept past, a flash of sword light would surface, making it such that no one dared to meet his gaze.

Behind these three elders were numerous figures which were likely the disciples of Saint Genesis Peak. On their waists hung black or gold sashes, while every individual gave off a powerful presence.

However, although they were all Saint Genesis disciples, Zhou Yuan could sense a clear distinction between the three groups. The ones of the left and center were still okay, but there was a substantial gap between them and the group on the far left. Moreover, sparks seemed to fly whenever their gazes met, making the atmosphere somewhat uncomfortable.

As for the group on the far left, their presence seemed a little colder and sterner. A sliver of arrogance could be seen in their eyes, contempt occasionally flashing within them when they looked towards the other two groups of disciples.

Although the left group was slightly smaller in number, their presence was the strongest amongst the three.

At the front of each of the three groups stood several remarkable looking figures. On their waists hung purple sashes, clearly marking them as the highest ranked purple sash disciples.

These purple sash disciples were gathered around three figures in particular.

Behind elder Shen was a tall, large youth. He appeared calm and steady, while a determined unyieldingness spread from between his brows. Genesis Qi faintly pulsed around him, making him feel rather imposing.

This individual was called Zhou Tai, and was the eldest disciple under Shen Taiyuan, while also one of the top contenders for the chief disciple position.

Behind elder Lu Song gracefully stood a girl dressed in white. Pretty features adorned her goose egg shaped face that gleamed like jade, her skin white as snow. She also boasted an amazing figure, alarming curves that started from her chest and suddenly sloped inwards at her slender waist.

Many disciples in the vicinity would sneak glances at her rather often.

However, her expression was cold and proud. When the purple sash that curled around her waist was also thrown into the mix, it made many disciples feel inferior in comparison.

Her name was Lu Yan, and was not only elder Lu Song’s eldest disciple, but also his granddaughter. She was currently the strongest disciple under elder Lu Song.

The third disciple that stood behind elder Lu Hong was an expressionless young man. His arms were folded across his chest, his fingers appearing rather thin and withered. Sharp light faintly flashed on his fingertips like sword light.

His eyes had been shut from start to end, paying no attention to anyone. However, any gaze that looked towards him would contain a sliver of fear and respect.

Even the likes of Zhou Tai and Lu Yan were a little wary of the former.

This individual was called Yuan Hong, and was the strongest disciple under elder Lu Hong. He was the one who was said to be ranked third even in Sword Cometh Peak, and was extremely powerful. He was also the strongest contender for this batch’s chief disciple.

These three individuals were the strongest amongst the numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

At this moment, Fang Zheng took a step forward, cupped his fists together towards the three elders and respectfully reported, “Elders, I have brought the new disciples.”

The solemn looking elder Shen in the middle nodded, before his stern gaze swept forth as he said in a low voice, “Since you’ve chosen Saint Genesis Peak, all of you will be disciples of Saint Genesis Peak from today onwards.”

“I’ll not waste any time. Our Saint Genesis Peak currently only has three teaching elders. In accordance to the rules, the disciples may choose who to follow.”

The place fell silent as the numerous disciples secretly began to size-up the three elders while their gazes flickered in thought, clearly weighing their options.

While they sorted their thoughts in silence, a figure suddenly walked out from behind elder Lu Hong. It was a golden sash disciple that gave off a sharp and formidable presence, pride visible in his eyes.

His gaze swept across all the disciples, before he faintly smiled and said, “I am Wu Gang, and I believe my fellow junior disciples already know that teacher Lu was originally from Sword Cometh Peak. We have come to Saint Genesis Peak bearing the heavy task of retrieving the peak master seal. It is an important mission that Saint Genesis Peak has yet to fulfil after many years, so it has now fallen on our shoulders.”

“If any of my juniors wish to take on this important task with us, you should join teacher Lu’s faction.”

As his words spread, the disciples of elder Shen and elder Lu Song began to stir, anger appearing on the faces of many of them. Wu Gang’s words were too obviously aimed at them.

Elder Shen Taiyuan glanced at elder Lu Hong and indifferently said, “Your disciple’s words are truly akin to a sword, no mercy at all.”

The clean shaven elder Lu Hong laughed as he nonchalantly replied, “Our Sword Cometh Peak cultivates sword Qi after all, and are naturally direct and straightforward, never hiding our blades. I hope that elder Shen will no take offense.”

Shen Taiyuan coldy snorted inside, but knew that he should not push the topic.

After all, it had been the sect master and the other peak masters’ decision to send Lu Hong and his group to Saint Genesis Peak. He too was rather helpless with regards to this, because Saint Genesis Peak had indeed never succeeded after so many years.

If the Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple position was to land in the hands of Lu Hong’s faction, and they managed to retrieve the peak master seal, the two original factions of Saint Genesis Peak would truly lose all face.

Shen Taiyuan looked towards Lu Song, only to see the latter helplessly shake his head.

Saint Genesis Peak was after all unable to match the other six peaks. All the better disciples would be taken away by the other six peaks, naturally leading to them growing stronger and stronger, while the Saint Genesis Peak disciples lagged further and further behind. Now, their Saint Genesis Peak was unable to produce even a single one of the ten great Chosens...

While they were speaking, Wu Gang’s words had already begun to work their magic. Most of the new disciples here had been forcibly allocated to Saint Genesis Peak, and were thus naturally overjoyed to see elder Lu Hong’s faction that came from Sword Cometh Peak. The Sword Cometh Peak was, after all, one of the most popular choices amongst the outer mountain disciples.

As such, the disciples stirred for abit, before nearly half of them began to flood towards Wu Gang.

The sight of this caused the expressions of the disciples from the other two factions to turn a little ugly.

The cold, arrogant young lady called Lu Yan clenched her teeth, seething as she viciously glared at the disciples that had moved and angrily said, “A bunch of favor currying fellows! We don’t want them anyways!”

A pleased smile was revealed on Wu Gang’s face at the sight of this, before he turned to the remaining disciples on the plaza. These disciples stood behind Zhou Yuan, evidently waiting for him to make his decision.

After all, Zhou Yuan was the champion the peak selection ceremony, and possessed a degree of influence. Seeing that he had yet to choose, the other disciples also decided to observe for the time being.

Wu Gang’s gaze swept across Zhou Yuan, an unknown light flashing in his eyes, before he looked towards elder Lu Hong.

The latter’s eyes cracked open slightly, and cast an indifferent glance at Zhou Yuan. However, elder Lu Hong did not speak, merely nodding towards Wu Gang.

Wu Gang chuckled upon seeing this, before he turned to Zhou Yuan and said, “This junior brother must be the champion of this batch’s peak selection ceremony. I’ve long heard of your famous name. Our teacher Lu also rather admires you, and although you only managed to by some fluke take first place from junior brother Lu Feng, given how open-minded teacher Lu is, he will naturally do his best to guide you if you join his faction.”

His tone was rather provocative, seemingly not caring much about the so-called champion of the peak selection ceremony. Instead, it felt as if it was Zhou Yuan’s fortune to be given the chance to join them.

Wu Gang grinned as he stared at Zhou Yuan. “What do you think about your senior brother’s words? Do you want to join teacher Lu’s faction?”

At this moment, Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song cast their gazes over.

Behind them, the numerous disciples, including Zhou Tai and Lu Yan also looked over. They had evidently also heard that the champion of the ceremony had chosen to go to Saint Genesis Peak.

This was a very rare occurrence.

Under the numerous watching gazes, Zhou Yuan smiled at Wu Gang and said, “There as many talented geniuses as the clouds cultivating under teacher Lu, and being able to join them is indeed an honor.”

Upon hearing Zhou Yuan’s words, Wu Gang immediately laughed as he smirked slightly, clearly feeling that there was nothing special about this batch’s champion. After the former joined them, they would throw him out at any time if junior sister Lu Xuanyin wanted to vent her anger.

A trace of disappointed flowed out in the eyes of Zhou Tai and Lu Yan when they saw this.

Lu Yan coldly remarked, “The champion of this batch really has no backbone. Humph, the champion of the previous generation was senior brother Chu Qing, who has now become the leader of the ten Chosens.”

“Zhou Yuan is a far cry from him.”

When she talked about senior brother Chu Qing, her eyes would ripple slightly in adoration.

“Not bad, your judgement is pretty good.” Wu Gang pointed at Zhou Yuan and nodded with a smile. “Since that is the case, in the future…”

However, just as he was about to wilfully appoint some silly duties, Zhou Yuan’s voice sounded again.

“But it is exactly because there are so many talented disciples under teacher Lu, that I feel that I would only be akin to a useless decoration there. That’s why… I feel that the other factions will suit me better.”

Wu Gang’s voice came to an abrupt halt, his finger still pointing at Zhou Yuan as the expression on his face turned stiff little by little.