Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 276 Champion of the Ceremony


An earth-shaking explosion unfurled high up in the sky, the berserk shockwaves that swept outwards causing the sky to slightly distort. Even the air in the vicinity was unable to bear the force, multiple explosions booming one after another.

Every gaze was tightly glued to the sky, not daring to even blink once.

They knew that it was finally time to decide the winner.

Everyone wondered who would be the one to remain standing till the end.

Under the attention of countless gazes, the destructive energies in the sky gradually began to dissipate after some time. The golden platform was finally revealed, now full of holes and cracks, as if it had undergone a terrifying impact.

However, no one paid any attention to the damage. Every gaze cast towards the two figures atop it instead.

Two figures that were currently frighteningly still.

A breeze blew past, rolling up the dust.

Lu Feng’s eyes were red as he stared at Zhou Yuan and said in a hoarse voice, “How… how can your Nine Dragons Canon be so powerful?!”

He had undoubtedly bought up all of the grade 5 Genesis Beast essence blood in the Glittering Jewels Pavilion. Zhou Yuan’s Nine Dragons Canon had surely been limited, but the earlier move had shaken even Lu Feng’s heart.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm as he let loose a long, drawn out breath. The golden light in his eyes gradually receded as the Genesis Qi around him shrank back into his body.

He slowly said, “It seems that you can’t take first place in the peak selection ceremony.”

He had no choice but to admit that Lu Feng was indeed very powerful, and the battle could be considered a bitter struggle for Zhou Yuan. Unfortunately for Lu Feng, Zhou Yuan’s preparations had been more thorough this time.

Lu Feng’s eyes were dyed red, unable to accept this outcome.


A mouthful of fresh blood was abruptly vomited from his mouth as he body slowly fell face flat towards the ground, causing him to fall unconscious due to his heavy injuries.


The moment Lu Feng touched the ground, the entire world around them seemed to fall silent. The mouths of countless disciples slowly fell open as shock and amazement gathered in their eyes.


In the next moment, a torrential wave of noise that filled the sky exploded, so deafening that it could probably turn over a mountain.

No one had imagined that Lu Feng would lose the contest.

“Little Yuan bro is too damn amazing!” Shen Wanjin and the rest were dumbstruck as they gazed upon the only standing figure on the golden stone platform. Although they had hoped all along that Zhou Yuan would win, they did not truly understand his abilities, making them feel rather awkward and uncertain even when supporting him. After all, Lu Feng’s reputation was just far too overwhelming.

Hence, when Lu Feng finally fell, it had been a pretty huge blow to them.

Xiao Tianxuan had a complicated look on his face, fear in his gaze as he looked towards Zhou Yuan. At this very moment, all he felt was admiration for his father’s judgement.

Given the talent Zhou Yuan had displayed, there was no doubt that he would become a core member of the Cangxuan Sect, and have an extremely bright future. When that time came, his name would likely be known even in the entire Cangxuan Heaven.

Such a person was someone you would absolutely not want to hold a grudge with.

Gu Hongyi raised her clean, bright and pretty face, an exceptional splendour in her eyes as she gazed at Zhou Yuan's figure. This result had likewise also shaken her.

Although she was not fond of Lu Feng, she had no choice but to admit that he was indeed a capable individual. At the very least, the current her would not be able to take the upper hand against him.

However, Zhou Yuan had defeated him.

She clearly understood that Zhou Yuan was from some remote continent, and naturally could not match the cultivation resources of people like them from the prestigious clans of the Shengzhou Continent. And yet, the latter had still managed to grasp victory in the end.

Just how amazing was he?

Gu Hongyi's pursed her red lips, recalling the first time she saw him. Back then, he had been mocked by many because he had used the back door to become a first class disciple. Everyone had thought only disdain for him then. However, who could have foreseen that the one they looked down on would stand at the pinnacle of the peak selection ceremony three months later, becoming an existence they now had to raise their heads to look at.

“Looks like you saved me.” Yang Xiu suddenly let out a bitter chuckle.

There was wariness in his eyes as he gazed at Zhou Yuan’s figure and sighed. He knew that if he was the one fighting the latter, his defeat would have been even swifter and more miserable.

As such, Gu Hongyi’s obstruction had ended up saving his face.

While the numerous disciples were practically in frenzy, there was also a little disturbance in the Genesis Qi clouds above.

Sect master Qing Yang looked at the youthful figure and nodded his head with a smile. “Not bad. As expected of the one who obtained teacher’s Saint blood baptism.”

A soul stirring smile appeared on peak master Liu Lianyi’s gorgeous face. Her eyes turned as she looked towards Ling Jun and grinned, “It seems that your Sword Cometh Peak miscalculated.”

The smile on Ling Jun’s fair as jade face receded slightly. One could tell that this outcome had exceeded his expectations. However, he was after all a hegemon and someone whose thoughts were pretty much impossible to read. Therefore, he responded in a nonchalant voice, “This young one is extraordinary, Lu Feng’s loss is not without reason.”

He deeply looked at Zhou Yuan, before turning to the rubble where Lu Feng had collapse, taking a mere glance before withdrawing his gaze, evidently extremely disappointed in the latter.

Beside him, Lu Xuanyin’s pretty face was deathly pale. She gazed at the golden stone platform in a daze, before suddenly feeling a wave of humiliation drown her as she lost control of herself and said, “How can Lu Feng have lost to him? Zhou Yuan must have cheated!”

The moment these words left her mouth, she sensed Ling Jun’s stern and powerful gaze sweep towards her, causing her to instantly clamped her mouth in fear.

“This is no place for you to speak. You will seek punishment after returning to the Sworth Cometh Peak.” Ling Jun’s tone was one of indifference.

Lu Xuanyin trembled, not faring to object as she hurriedly lowered her head and acknowledged.

Sect master Qing Ying’s deep as the night gaze looked downwards. All of the 9999 placings had already been decided, the peak selection ceremony clearly already near its end.

However, he was a little surprised that six of the top ten spots came from non Shengzhou continents, an event that rarely occurred. After all, the disciples from the Shengzhou Continent had many advantages over those from other continents.

As for first place, it would go to a Shengzhou disciple eight out of ten times. Zhou Yuan’s strong showing this time was truly akin to a stunning dark horse.

Sect master Qing Yang waved his sleeve, causing specks of light to fall from the sky, like dew as it landed on everyone on the stone platforms.

The specks of light submerged into the many disciples bodies, and they were pleasantly surprised to discover their Genesis Qi instantly recover. In addition, their numerous injuries were now fully healed.

“We thank sect master!” The numerous disciples cupped their fists together.

Sect master Qing Yang chuckle softly, before his grand voice rang out, “Starting today, all of you will be part of the inner mountains.”

Joy was revealed on the faces of the disciples on the 9999 stone platforms upon hearing this, as if a burden had been lifted from their shoulders.

Sect master Qing Yang’s gaze turned towards the top ten figures as he continued, “The top ten may choose their peaks, and will also be bestowed the status of a gold sash disciple, allowing them to enjoy the cultivation resources of a gold sash disciple.”

Before the many disciples gazes could shoot over, his gaze had already paused on Zhou Yuan’s body as a smile emerged on his face, his voice also growing much warmer and kinder.

“Zhou Yuan, as the champion of the ceremony, you may also select your peak.”

“I’ll ask you now, which of Cangxuan’s seven peaks do you wish to join?”