Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 275 Breakthrough

Vigorous and ferocious Genesis Qi swept out from Lu Feng’s body like massive plumes of smoke as a domineering pressure engulfed the entire golden stone platform.

On the Genesis Qi clouds above, Snow Lotus Peak master Liu Lianyi’s eyebrows knitted together when she saw this. “To think that he has even used a blood burning secret art. Lu Feng seems to be really unwilling to it let go.”

A blood burning secret art was technique that could temporarily raise one’s strength through burning one’s essence blood. However, the repercussions were extremely serious. The fact that Lu Feng had used it was a clear indication that he was willing to do anything at this point.

Sect master Qing Yang, the white brow elder, and Gu Hongtian also frowned a little. Although there were no restrictions in the peak selection ceremony, it was after all a competition between disciples, and Lu Feng’s actions were indeed rather unsightly.

“They’re youngsters after all who are prideful and eager for victory. It’s difficult to avoid letting the heat get to their heads.” Peak master Ling Jun chuckled.

He seemed to be reproaching Lu Feng while also playing down his actions, turning Lu Feng’s unscrupulousness into being overly eager for victory.

Peak master Liu Lianyi’s red lips curled slightly, a trace of mockery flowing out in her eyes, evidently finding peak master Ling Jun’s explanation laughable.

However, she did not argue, but merely regretfully glanced at Zhou Yuan. This little one was truly remarkable to have fought with Lu Feng to this extent with just the strength of a first layer Alpha-Origin.

Unfortunately, he lacked a little luck.

Peak master Ling Jun’s gaze looked towards Lu Feng as the smile on his face slightly receded, before sweeping a glance at Lu Xuanyin, a faint sliver of anger in his eyes.

Lu Xuanyin’s pretty face paled slightly. She understood that peak master Ling Jun was already disappointed in Lu Feng’s performance. After all, now that he was forced to use a blood burning secret art by a first layer Alpha-Origin disciple, it would not look good even if he won.

Her hands clenched tightly, not daring to say anything to peak master Ling Jun. When she looked towards Zhou Yuan, her gaze was filled with hatred.

“Filthy peasant!”

She cursed in her heart. Lu Feng should have been able to beautifully take first place. It would have made him highly valued by peak master Ling Jun when he entered the Sword Cometh Peak, allowing him to become an important candidate for grooming, and eventually turn into one of the core members of the Cangxuan Sect.

But who could have foreseen that this beautiful future would be ruined by that dirty peasant. Even if Lu Feng won now, his victory would already be sullied.

“Lu Feng, you must cripple that peasant. Make him pay the price!”

Under the countless shocked gazes that could fill the sky, Lu Feng sinisterly stared at Zhou Yuan. How could he not be aware that using this secret art would be a blemish even if he won. However, he had no choice. He could not let Zhou Yuan take first place away from him, or he would not know where to hide his face.

Therefore, even if he had to smear his reputation a little, he needed to succeed today.

In response to his sinister gaze, Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. Soon after, he said in an indifferent voice, “If you want first place, come and fight for it. Don’t bother with such childish threats.”

Lu Feng’s laughed in anger. “Excellent. Since you wish to die, I will grant your wish!”

Genesis Qi exploded from his body without reservation, the Genesis Qi pressure directly making Zhou Yuan’s body feel akin to lead.

If Lu Feng was still at the fourth layer Alpha-Origin, Zhou Yuan would have been able to close the gap between them through various means. But now that the former was at the fifth layer, the disparity between them was far too great.

Lu Feng’s figure slowly rose into the sky as if riding the violent winds.

Genesis Qi spread behind him, turning into a green starry sky.

“Star Scripture, Green Comet!”

Genesis Qi frantically converged, ultimately transforming into an enormous green comet. As it slowly rose, extremely astonishing Genesis Qi undulations pulsed from it.

This green comet was basically the entirety of Lu Feng’s Genesis Qi. He clearly no longer had any patience left, and intended to end the fight with a single attack.

In the face of this gargantuan green comet, the expressions of numerous disciples changed, and even Yang Xiu, Gu Hongyi and the rest could not help but tremble. No one under the sixth layer Alpha-Origin could block an attack of such proportions.

As the green comet steadily rose higher and higher, Zhou Yuan naturally felt a suffocating pressure, causing his expression to grow increasingly grim.

He knew that he would not be able to withstand this attack with his first layer Alpha-Origin strength.

Since that was so...

Zhou Yuan’s eyes slowly closed at this moment, causing many gazes to look over in bewilderment.

While they were trying to figure out why, someone suddenly sensed the Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan’s body begin to ripple.

The rippling started out weak, but after a dozen breaths, it became akin to boiling water, shuddering volatilely.

“What’s going on?!” Numerous gazes flickered in confusion.

“His Genesis Qi is growing!” Cried out someone.

They had sensed the Genesis Qi inside Zhou Yuan’s body gradually begin to strengthen at this moment.

“Is he also using a secret art?”

“It’s different. His Genesis Qi growth is extremely stable and natural, unlike how Lu Feng had forcibly raised his earlier…”

While numerous whispers spread, Zhou Yuan’s clothes flapped as the Genesis Qi undulations grew stronger and stronger. In the end, it suddenly rumbled with a violent shake!

Golden Genesis Qi exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body, dashing straight into the sky. The silhouette of a giant python formed within the golden light and hissed at the heavens.

A hiss like thunder while also bearing resemblance to a dragon’s roar.

His Genesis Qi undulations forcibly broke into the second layer Alpha-Origin stage at this moment!


Countless cries of alarm and surprise rang across the area.

Face after face was filled with shock and astonishment. No one had expected Zhou Yuan to have a breakthrough at this moment, stepping from the first layer Alpha-Origin stage into the second layer!

Zhou Yuan’s lightly shut eyes slowly opened, golden light swimming within them.

He could feel the drastic increase of Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling, causing him to laugh softly. The truth was that after three months of tough training in the outer mountains, he should have long stepped into the second layer Alpha-Origin. However, he had repeatedly suppressed it in order to better stabilize his foundations.

His original plan was to ascend after entering the inner mountains, but it seemed that now was also an appropriate time.

As golden Genesis Qi surged, the pressure from Lu Feng’s body unknowingly weakened substantially. Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi cultivation had clearly soared after stepping into the second layer Alpha-Origin stage.

In the air, Lu Feng had naturally also sensed the changes in the Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan’s body, causing the former’s face to distort. He never imagined that this peasant would surpass his expectations time and time again.

Intense envy and anger bubbled out in his heart.

“God damnit!”

“I am a genius of the Lu clan. How can a peasant like you possible compare! Won’t you obediently let me crush you under my feet, and become my stepping stone?!”

“Why, why are so intent on death!”

“Since that is so, die!”

Howled Lu Feng in his heart with scarlet-red eyes. With a shriek, he spat out a mouthful of essence blood which landed on the titanic green comet, immediately causing the Genesis Qi on it to grow exceedingly berserk.


The gigantic green comet plummeted towards Zhou Yuan, bringing with it an impossible large shadow and destruction.

A dreadful pressure descended from the sky. Zhou Yuan raised his head, revealing the indifference on his face as he suddenly sucked in a deep breath.

His hands came together as his body trembled faintly. Several breaths later, everyone saw a pillar of Genesis Qi light abruptly fly into the sky.


A deafening roar thundered from within the Genesis Qi.

Countless gazes shot over. Everyone watched as an enormous beast swiftly began to form inside the Genesis Qi, while a dreadful aura of ferocity unfurled across the land.

This beast for surpassed the three from before, reaching over six hundred feet in height!

Gu Hongyi gasped as she gazed upon the Genesis Qi beast, evidently having recognized it. It was the grade 5 Genesis Beast essence blood she had given Zhou Yuan previously.

However, for some unknown reason, the savage aura from this beast was extraordinarily powerful!

“Nine Dragons Canon, Fourth Dragon!”

Countless shocked gazes watched as Zhou Yuan suddenly stomped the ground, while a deep voice emerged from his mouth.

The over six hundred feet tall Genesis QI beast roared like a dragon as it charged forward. In the end, it slammed into the giant green comet that was falling from the sky.

Everyone was glued to this scene. They knew that this was the deciding moment.