Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1880: Make Them Yours

While Davis finally made love with Iesha while also dual cultivating with Natalya and kept on pleasuring them until the evening, the Seventh Stage Segment’s second round had already ended, and the winners had gained entry to the final round.

The first battle ended with two lucky people with Supreme Domain defeating two Soul Palace Supreme Soul Stage Experts. Nevertheless, one of the Soul Palace’s disciples decided to sacrifice the other, and so, three people crossed the second round in this match.

The second battle consisted of Sophie and Niera defeating Hayou Azureclaw and Islenn Quars, but since Hayou decided to eliminate his teammate, he made it into the final round as well.

Logan and Clara’s Soul Palace opponents had given up in the third battle, giving them both free entry into the next round.

In the fourth battle, Tanya Frostblight and Dalila Leehan won against Esvele Zelte and Verona Stein, yet in the fifth battle, both Claire and Nora gave up to stand up for Dalila Leehan making it so that two lucky unknowns with Supreme Domain managed to get into the final round.

After Davis entered the resting room, two Mystic Ice Sect disciples fought against two Burning Phoenix Ridge disciples. Both were able to battle with intensity with their Supreme Domains, but in the end, it was the two Mystic Ice Sect disciples who had lost because they had the lesser domain size.

In the next battle, Drake Blackburn and Kara Moonridge fatefully were matched against Ulyzen and Kritika. The former bullied the latter, but then, the latter ended up forming a team without backstabbing each other until the very end, actually becoming a couple as they held hands and looked into each other’s eyes with various emotions while their figures were battered and injured.

This kind of drama brought tears to the eyes of the crowd, but it also caused Drake Blackburn and Kara Moonridge to be stupefied. Why were they not cheered for when they were the ones who went easy on them and still won?

They almost called this bullshit out if it weren’t for their Dual Lotus Manor cheering for them, making them feel that it was enough.

As for the final battle of the second round, Mu Bing and her fellow disciple faced against two fellow disciples of the Mystic Ice Sect, making it an unfortunate yet freezing battle that gave the people what they wanted to see. There was no holding back, and Mu Bing wiped the floor with them in a minute, causing the crowd to become crazy as they saw her determination.

In the end, out of thirty-two youths, eighteen made it to the final round. Instead of the Top 16, it was the Top 18 that made it to the final round because of the two youths in the first two matches who eliminated their teammates.

To decide the winner of the final round, it was announced that it was going to be an all-out battle like the first round, but rules stated that no one could team up with each other, and the ranking was going to be based on the time of the elimination.

This was a test of individual might and wits, perhaps luck!

However, the match was scheduled to take place in the night, giving people ample time to go around, make acquaintances and alliances as well as gossip about the recent events, especially the confusing matter between the Emperor of Death and Dalila Leehan, although it was not even spoken in hushed voices soul transmission.

After all, they didn’t know that if the Emperor of Death was listening to them!

But in truth, the Emperor of Death was a debaucherous individual who spent time with his second wife and even a spirit on the bed that numerous people might frown upon, secluded in the resting room.

When Davis walked out of the resting room along with Natalya, the people beside them noticed and made a wry smile on their faces. Even if they didn’t notice it when they entered, it naturally became aware to them after a period of time.

However, they didn’t speak nor tease except an adorable Fiora who rushed their way and embraced Davis, hiding her face over his chest but sneakily grinned at Natalya, causing the latter to blush heavily.

“Husband, why didn’t you take me along? I’d be happy to spend time with you and elder sis, so next time, please do invite me.”

Fiora sent Davis a soul transmission, causing him to react as he raised his brows while caressing her silky black hair.

“Then I would’ve had to deal with three women.”

Fiora blinked before her eyes went wide, “So Iesha became one of us?”

“Indeed. Treat her as you would treat another one of your sisters, okay?”

Davis smiled, causing Fiora to nod.

“I will. However, Iesha is shy and rarely comes out to meet us.”

“That will change sooner or later now that she took a step forward in our relationship.”

“I understand. I will tell the others as well.”

“That’s my girl.”

Davis kissed Fiora’s forehead, causing her to smile more as she tightened her hold on him, taking as much warmth as she could before letting him go.

He then left Natalya with Fiora as the two sisters teased each other before he walked towards Dalila Leehan, who sat in a corner, looking determined as she watched him approach her.

Simultaneously, he couldn’t help but recall the words that Evelynn uttered to him after Sophie returned here with Dalila Leehan.

[I told you before, and I’ll tell you again. If you’re doing something luxurious for a woman who isn’t your mother or blood sister, such as putting your life on the line or spending enormous amounts of wealth for them without expecting almost anything in return, then make them yours. I fully support Sophie in this matter.]

Davis’s lips couldn’t help but curve as he arrived in front of Dalila Leehan.

Perhaps because the wealth he possessed reached the range of a thousand hundred and six Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Cores from his recent adventure to the spirit lands, he didn’t care for a meager fifty Peak-Level Spirit Stone Vein Cores, not to mention that he was of the mentality that he could be ascending within a year or two and gain vast resources.

His sights were already towards the future that he didn’t give two coins about saving Dalila Leehan just so he could have his second mother favor his mother, concentrating on her happiness.

However, he understood that his women were low-key pissed off with spending that kind of wealth on this woman that they all tacitly agreed that she was actually his without him even making a single move on her.

“How do you feel, Dalila Leehan?”

Davis asked, causing Dalila Leehan to stand up and look into his eyes. Her big bosoms heaved along with her movements, causing Davis to look at them, those twin peaks that always were his weakness.

However, Dalila Leehan didn’t notice as she had closed her eyes, taking a deep breath before she opened.

“Emperor of Death. I want to become your woman.”

Davis narrowed his eyes in response as he didn’t expect her to be direct.

“You do understand that if I were to accept you, you’d essentially be less loved than the others, a mere decoration.”

Dalila Leehan couldn’t help but smile, becoming ecstatic that she didn’t face instant rejection. She touched her bosoms and declared with a firm expression.

“I know. I’ll work hard to change that, but before you say anything, I’ll settle my debt and then talk to you about this matter no matter how many years it takes.”

She bit her lips as her lips quivered.

“Until then, can I be by your side… even if it is at the loneliest corner of your palace?”

Davis closed his eyes. It was just three seconds of contemplation, but to Dalila Leehan, it was an eternity of burning in flames that she couldn’t help but feel prickly all over her body before she heard his gentle voice.

“Yes, you can…”

Dalila Leehan bit her lips as her tears became misty.

“Thank you~”

She felt she was going to cry in joy, having a chance to prove herself to him. However, two hands clasped her cheeks before she could feel Davis’s warm lips connecting with hers, causing her to freeze in place.


Dalila Leehan’s soul flew out of her body at this moment, metaphorically. She could only look into his sapphire eyes as she felt his warm embrace over her lips.

“Ahahaha! I knew it! You two had an affair!”

An enraged voice boomed in the New Era Battle Arena, causing many people to look at the source and find that it was none other than Young Master Faus Lanate.

However, when they saw him pointing in a direction and looking at the Emperor of Death, and Dalila Leehan appeared so close as the former held the latter’s cheeks, their eyes went wide in astonishment, but they weren’t surprised.

Dalila Leehan was disoriented and currently present in the ninth heaven that she stopped thinking and didn’t even hear Young Master Faus’s angered voice, but Davis coldly looked at Young Master Faus before he smirked.

“I can swear that it’s not like that, but if that’s what you want to think, then go ahead. I cuckolded you fair and square, buying her way out from the power that nurtured you, really making one wonder what does that say about you?”


Young Master Faus’s expression became twisted. It churned with a type of suppressed fury that people were able to look at his quivering body, but before long, blood spurted from Young Master Faus’s mouth, causing the others to go wide-eyed before he became pale, collapsing to the ground as he fainted.

Davis couldn’t help but smirk at this scene while the millions of people in the crowd were utterly dumbfounded.

Did the Emperor of Death just say that he cuckolded the future Palace Master of the Glorious Pill Palace, fair and square?