Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1879: Icy Beauties (R-18)

Davis began moving his hips slowly while holding her shoulders, having his arms wrapped around her in a loving embrace. Her plump jade white breasts with a bluish tint kept rubbing against his chest, bouncing and swaying with a soft firmness against him when he moved inside her, in and out.

“Mhm!~ Mnn~ Nnn~”

The newfound pleasures made Iesha crazily drool in both her upper and lower lips. Erotic squelching sounds kept echoing as Davis rammed her with immense force, and needless to say, Iesha moaned into his mouth with her sweet voice, giving him more of her yin essence to plunder.

Iesha wiggled her butt up and down, craving his seeds in an instinctive manner. The searing rod that continuously penetrated her and rubbed her insides, filling her with his endowed thing, made her feel unbearable that she fell into a trance of making love with him, reacting to his movements as she adapted and accommodated as though her yin nature allowed her to be malleable.

“Aaah~ Feels pleasant… Davis… but I feel… strange!~”

Davis let go of her lips as he pounded her hot pussy, his eyes narrowed ever so slightly from the pleasure trying to overwhelm him. He was already at his limit, but her words made him go all-out that he began to thrust into her, rapidly pounding her bubble pale bluish-white butt as his rock-hard dick entered in and out of her cave, making her moan crazily as she shook her head.

“Ohhh, little ice fairy… become mine!”

Davis’s expression became sexily feral as he rasped.


He thrust one last time inside her slippery cave hole with utter force and buried himself deep inside her, letting out loads and loads of yang essence while Iesha twitched underneath his embrace, her icy yin essence also flooding his member, making the both of them enter an otherworldly world of ice and fire brewing in their bodies, its intensive shock reaching their hearts and brain as it made them heavily quiver.

Iesha already had her head up, her eyes rolling back in pleasure as she orgasmed before he even ended his thrust. The newfound pleasures rocked her mind, causing her thought process to become chaotic. She could not think anymore, but Natalya’s words that it would feel like her soul would fly out of her body reverberated in her.

Her lips curled into a silly smile as she enjoyed this feeling, holding Davis as she wrapped her arms and legs around him, keeping him close to enjoy more of this warmth. The limp and numb pleasure also caused her to orgasm a second time, but as she could feel her womb being filled up.

It wasn’t until four minutes that Davis stopped releasing his yang essence inside her, and by this time, Iesha looked at him with trembling eyes, her pupils looking full of love for him. She leaned closer to his face and began kissing his entire face, leaving her drool all over him.

On the other hand, Davis’s brows were furrowed as though he looked like he held back something. He captured Iesha’s nape and forcefully kissed her for a few seconds before moving his rock-hard dick out of her. Warm fluids connected their separation, but he hurriedly walked away with gait before pouncing on Natalya.


Natalya, who remained entranced over their dance, suddenly found herself pinned down by Davis. A searing rock-hard dick forced entry into her needy and sultry cave, causing her to release a pleasurable moan before she appeared confused, looking at his sapphire eyes that seemed to be concentrating on something.


“Natalya. Iesha’s primal yin essence is beneficial for you, but I can’t suppress it for long. I’ll refine it, turning it into yang essence before I spurt it inside you…!”

Davis appeared constrained as he grabbed Natalya’s cheeks and forcefully kissed her, exploring the insides of her mouth with his tongue.


Natalya found herself suppressed by Davis as she moved his hips and began to pound her. His member that was still drenched in Iesha’s primal yin essence entered her and began coating her insides, making her completely wet and slippery.

He hadn’t even cleaned his rock-hard dick, but… the force he came at her with completely overwhelmed her, letting him do whatever he wanted to do with her body, allowing him to pound her wantonly with zero resistance. It was like a continuation of the role-play that they had done earlier, causing her mind to flip into a lusty self as she hurriedly wiggled her butt and tongue to force him inside her more.

Meanwhile, Iesha appeared to be completely spent, looking tired as the new senses had overwhelmed her soft mind. She looked at the place where Davis and Natalya were interconnected and wondered if she was pounded the same, a red hue appearing on her cheeks as she blushed from the imagination.

Her cave lips twitched, wanting more of that lovely and pleasurable feeling before she slowly crawled towards them.

“Ahh~ Young Master… pierce this slave servant to death!~”

Natalya had fully integrated herself into the role, egging on Davis once her lips were let go of that; Davis felt a spark of lightning in his head, causing him to lift her up and begin pounding her into the air.

“Ahh!~ ahah! Aaa! Yes… like that…!”

Natalya had her arms wrapped around his shoulders. Her body flailed up and down as she rode on his thick cock that pierced her insides all the way to her womb before coming back to her entrance when suddenly his thighs slapped her butt again, his searing rod causing her to jump again in pleasure.

“Aah, no!~ Not there…!”

Davis saw the bouncing bosoms in front of him before he grabbed one into his mouth and began to suck, causing her to moan crazily. At the same time, he sent her a soul transmission.

“Get impregnated with my child, my little slave…!”

Davis tightly held her in an embrace and dropped her on his dick heavily, causing Natalya to throw her head back as she began crazily convulsing on him while receiving his seeds that were filled with yin energy covered within the yang essence.

The Yin-Yang Merit Sutra doesn’t just have chapters for a couple but one more person, specifically a woman. A man and two women. These chapters contained the knowledge of exchanging energy that was not specific to the man but to the women through the man.

That was what Davis did, transferring Iesha’s primal yin essence benefits to Natalya. On the other hand, if he decided to digest it, it might result in innumerable complications as ice and yin just wasn’t his forte, nor one of the laws he even had an inkling about although he had comprehended Water Laws.

Suddenly, Iesha appeared beside him and began to kiss his lips as though resuming where they left off. But on the other hand, Davis, who was starting to comfortably release his seeds in Natalya further, had a moment of shock that made his dick crazily tremble inside Natalya because of Iesha’s kiss.

This was just too good!

The pleasant sensation of Iesha’s tender lips and the warm fleshly cave walls of Natalya’s undulating on him. What more could he ask for at this moment?

After some time, Davis and Natalya naturally came back to themselves before he had his eyes on the both of them and asked.

“You two are okay with this…?”

“I’m inside Natalya’s soul all the time. I’m okay with her but not with anyone else.”

“This slave servant is fine with Iesha too.”

Iesha shyly lowered her head while Natalya grinned.

“Haha. Enough of that slave servant, Natalya. Let me make love with you while holding Iesha. You’ll know how it feels good to hold her.”


Natalya raised her brows as she appeared taken aback before Davis pulled Iesha closer, making her body brush Natalya, who suddenly flinched.

“Ah, so cold…”

However, her expression was soon bewildered as she felt Iesha’s warmth, making her mouth become agape.

“What is this…? This kind of lukewarm feeling that travels on both ends of temperature feels good…”

“I know, right?”

Davis reached out to kiss Iesha while he began plowing Natalya as his dick was still inside her, rubbing against her fleshly walls that tightly held onto him as though they would never let him go.

“Ah~ Shameless husband…”

Natalya sighed in pleasure as she fell limp on his chest while he had one of his hands hold her waist while it glowed with a grayish-white light.

She could sense that he was using his Life Laws to make her feel good, but she felt that she was not about to be defeated and began to lick his nipples.

Iesha had also become limp from the sudden surge of pleasure beside her waist. Such a thing shouldn’t be possible that she became bewildered but recalling Natalya’s advice of leaving her body to him, she let him do whatever he wanted as they continued to kiss.

Before long, their bodies intertwined into a more comfortable position as they began to dance on the bed, a harmony of moans resounding beside both of Davis’s ears as he enjoyed the taste of two icy beauties, a human and a spirit with utter satisfaction reveling in his heart while the two women were full of passionate love for him.