Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 946: Dragons above the Golden Estate

That night, Samuel returned from the Kemplot Family and was officially expelled from the family. Then, he came to the lord’s mansion and brought back a large number of people. To be more precise, this was the ‘separation fee’ between Samuel and the family.

In the future, Samuel had nothing to do with the Kemplot Family, regardless of life or death. However, there was 1 thing that could not be changed. The blood flowing in his body belonged to the Kemplot Family.

Even if one day, Carlo and the Kemplot Family was destroyed, Samuel could regain his surname and continue the true bloodline of the family.

Do not put eggs in one basket. This was the usual method of big families, which was equivalent to a disguised investment.

This group of people was specially selected by Samuel from the family. They were by no means old or weak but rather capable and reliable talents. Some were good at government affairs, some were good at business, some had excellent combat power, and some were engineering professionals who were suitable for solving the current crisis – After Chen Rui showed Carlo his astounding scheming and courage, the quality of the ‘separation fee’ had undoubtedly increased several times.

Soon, Joanna staged a similar scene in the Philip Family, bringing back not many talents, but a lot of money and materials. Unlike Samuel’s situation, the Philip Family took the initiative to show good will.

With the 2 justifiable ‘capitals’ of the Kemplot Family and the Philip Family, plus Samuel’s activities in the Golden Estate, Chen Rui finally had more resources and could take drastic actions.

As the first assistant, Ms. Yini started to shine.

Isabella used to be an important minister in the Obsidian era. She was in control of the business and intel of the Fallen Angel Empire. Although she was in a semi-retired state after devoting herself to Chen Rui, her ability still won Shea’s trust. Shea would ask her to solve some difficult problems from time to time.

Looking at the entire Demon Realm, Ms. Yini was a rare talent for internal affairs, let alone dealing with such an estate.

The first thing to solve was those job issues. Although the newly appointed personnel also had some unavoidable shortcomings, the overall framework of the estate had stabilized, and the stagnant and damaged projects had begun to be restored and rebuilt.

Samuel was most familiar with the situation of the Golden Estate. Although he broke away from the Kemplot Family, his prestige and connections had risen instead of falling. He was currently serving as the sheriff and legion commander of the Golden Estate. Joanna was a high-achieving student specializing in agriculture and animal husbandry at the Imperial College as well as a well-known botanist. With rich management experience in the Philip Family, she was appointed as an administrative officer specializing in agriculture. Compared with Samuel and Joanna, Ina could be regarded as a person with various experiences. She had worked as a seaman, scout, mercenary, businesswoman and so on. The highest achievement was the commander of the ‘Iron Shield Mercenary Squad’, but now this ‘highest” had to be replaced by the chief intel officer and city defense leader of the Golden Estate.

With the efforts of Isabella and others, the intel department was quickly established. After a decisive thunderbolt, a family that tried to incite the riots of the people was uprooted as a typical example. Rumors said that the Royal Highness ‘Arthur’s’ strange ‘guardian’ slaughtered all the enemies with zero casualties.

The next day, bloody human heads were hung on the city walls, causing a commotion in the entire estate.

This time, the bloody repression of killing examples completely overwhelmed the ill-intentioned people. Those who were tempted to make a move became obedient, improving the security of the estate.

Next, Chen Rui abolished more than a dozen strict ordinances originally set by Garfield and issued new decrees, among which measures such as reducing business taxes and encouraging agricultural production caused cheers from the entire Golden Estate.

After this series of actions, Chen Rui basically controlled the main vein of the Golden Estate. The entire estate did not appear as chaotic or out of control as some people expected, but instead showed an atmosphere of unity and stability.

This kind of means and the time taken to solve the problem deeply attracted many observers’ ‘eyes’.

Lex the Great immediately got the news, and he was sitting alone on the throne for a long time, just like when he had heard that ‘Arthur’ had only chatted for an hour at the Shion Palace before leaving.

Garfield looked at the intel in his hand. In the midst of his surprise, there was more of a creepy sneer. The battle has just begun.

The many eyes that paid attention to Golden Estate were more surprised, and relevant intel was constantly being passed on in all directions.

Soon, new troubles for the Golden Estate arose – A large number of merchants in the original estate suddenly withdrew. Many trade channels were sealed or blocked by various means. For the Golden Estate which was mainly based on commercial taxation, it was a huge loss.

At the same time, rumors of various lords going bankrupt and refusing to pay salaries were spread everywhere, causing the sub-venue projects under construction to stop one after another. Under the instigation of the ill-intentioned people, the minds of the people who settled down began to fluctuate again. The workers whom Garfield owed their wages had gone on strike one after another, setting off a wave of wage disputes.

A series of signs of slow-moving products, unemployment, and inflation had also begun to appear.

As the property of the Golden Estate was evacuated by Garfield previously, even with some external assistance, the funds in the hands of ‘Arthur’ had almost been exhausted by now. The quickest round of received taxes wouldn’t be recorded until next month, so it simply couldn’t solve the urgency right now. The only way was to levy the most hurtful tax in advance. However, Chen Rui just announced favorable policies such as tax cuts. Once he did this, it would be self-contradictory, and his prestige in the estate would be greatly reduced.

Not only that, the forced taxation could only barely cope with the ‘wage’ crisis, and couldn’t do anything about the follow-up expenditure. Now, due to the heavy blow in the business aspect, the main income of the Golden Estate had dropped significantly, and there were still so many projects to be built. Not to mention the sub-venue to welcome the trade fair, even maintaining the entire estate was very difficult.

‘Arthur’ had been missing for 7 years. Although he had the title of grand master, his current network foundation was too weak. Even if some families had the ability to lend a hand, considering various factors, especially the secret warning of the second prince, they didn’t dare to make a move easily.

What everyone didn’t expect was that the commotion in the Golden Estate subsided in only half a day. What happened was very simple. Lord ‘Arthur’ took out hundreds of boxes full of black crystal coins and piled them in front of the workers. He said 3 sentences, “Those who complete the work ahead of schedule with guaranteed quality and quantity will be paid double! Those who delay their work will be paid half! Those who spread rumors will be executed on the spot!”

The light of those black crystal coins almost dazzled the eyes of the onlookers. After the Royal Highness Third Prince showed astonishing financial strength and courage, many rumors were immediately subverted.

This wealth was certainly not from the external support but from ‘Arthur’ himself. However, the biggest income of the estate itself was now destroyed. If this problem was not fundamentally solved, even if Arthur had considerable financial resources, he couldn’t fill this bottomless pit.

In the eyes of the ‘experts’, this move had not solved the root problem. The crisis of the Golden Estate had not been fundamentally resolved.

In fact, Chen Rui’s real financial resources were beyond the imagination of the ‘experts’. If the Kemplot Family was rich enough to rival an empire, then Chen Rui’s wealth was comparable to that of the entire world. It was not a problem to sponsor a mere estate for nothing.

After calming down the wage turmoil, Chen Rui not only did not go around to attract merchants or open up business routes. Instead, he made a series of strange actions in the estate, such as stepping up the construction of sub-venues, building new shops, repairing roads, and even punishing and cleaning up the relationship network of leaving the business. He showed a posture of preparing to welcome countless major customers, which rendered certain people’s secretly prepared means useless. Many people find it incomprehensible.

Instead of trying to fill the hole, he is digging a bigger hole, which will only make more and more losses. What is ‘Arthur’ trying to do?

No one knew that the Royal Highness Third Prince was actually a tycoon who held countless financial resources and was best at making money with money. This virgin land in the human world was a fertile land waiting for him to reclaim. How could he possibly lose money?

On this day, a huge figure appeared above the Golden Estate, almost obscuring the sunlight above. The farmers working in the farmland below looked up at this figure in surprise.

Giant dragon!

This giant dragon flew over the estate all the way, appeared in the sky above the city, then it descended and disappeared.

Giant dragons all had the ability to transform into human figures. Once they took on the appearance of human beings, almost no one knew where they went.

Since the Dragon Bright Empire itself had the Dragon Knight Legion, which was unique in the human world. As the people of the Dragon Bright Empire, giant dragons were not as rare as other empires or kingdoms. Relatively speaking, the degree of danger was much less. So, the appearance of this giant dragon did not cause too much commotion.

The next day, 3 giant dragons appeared again in the Golden Estate. 3 giant dragons were no trivial matter, and it attracted the attention of many people along the way to the Golden Estate.

On the third day, there were 5 giant dragons. On the fourth day: 7 dragons; on the fifth day: 9 dragons. Observant people had noticed that the giant dragons that fly over every day were different.

One giant dragon was nothing, but there were so many dragons for several days in a row. This was not a trivial matter. The dragons themselves were already the focus of attention!

Under the spread of some people, the news quickly spread throughout the Dragon Bright Empire, and everyone began to talk about it. Does the Dragon Valley have any new tasks to be completed in the Golden Estate?

Before they knew it, the Golden Estate had become the focus of the entire Dragon Bright Empire.

In fact, the Golden Estate was also the focal point of the Dragon Valley.

“Hey, have you seen the announcement of the magic game? If you go to the Golden Estate of the Dragon Bright Empire to drink wine, you have a high chance of winning the lottery. Just take the registration code on the cap of the aromatic millet wine bottle, enter it into the game and you will have the chance to open a special treasure chest!”

“That’s no ordinary wine, it’s called the yellow dragon wine! Your level of well-informedness should be despised, Flo! I’ve come back from that estate, and I’ve got 1 month extension game rights in the treasure chest. I can play extra 3 hours every day!”

“So good?”

“What do you mean good?! Little Anderlu of Pelin’s family is the lucky one. He got a golden dragon weapon and a dungeon treasure map!”

“It’s better than me anyway. Alec, I only got a bottle of black potion that can increase the speed by 4 points forever in the game, but speaking of it, the yellow dragon wine is simply a delicious gift from the Dragon God! After drinking that wine, nothing that I drink now tastes good anymore, but unfortunately, the number available is limited now. Each dragon can only buy 3 bottles! I really miss that kind of fine wine…”

“Me too. It seems that there will be an event next month. I must go ahead of time. Isn’t there a sentence in the announcement: First come first serve!”

“Ahhhhh! No, I have to go to that Golden Estate immediately!”

“Let’s go together!”