Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 944: How to Save You

After a long time.

The 2 of them finally separated, and they seemed to have regained their composure. There was no emotional movement. They just looked at each other and sat down on the only 2 stone benches in the flower garden.

“Little Arthur, all these years… where have you been?”

“I accidentally… went to a dangerous place” Chen Rui calmed down and quickly organized the words in his mind, “Fortunately, I was lucky and finally survived until I was able to leave that place…”

“Accidentally?” Veronica looked at him with concern, “What happened back then?”

Chen Rui shook his head, “At that time, I fell into a dangerous place. Although I woke up, I lost a lot of memory.”

Veronica looked at Chen Rui deeply. There were inexplicable emotions flowing in her blue eyes. She reached out her hand as if she wanted to touch his face, but she put it down again, “Perhaps, you shouldn’t have come back.”

“Why? Teacher.”

“This is not a place that can make you happy. Perhaps it is more dangerous.” Veronica’s gaze became gloomy as she lowered her head and sighed softly, “Teacher may have said something that shouldn’t be said, but in front of Little Arthur, who is like my own younger brother, teacher can’t control my emotions. It’s still the same to this day.”

Little Arthur? Younger brother?

In Chen Rui’s mind, some scenes from Starlight College involuntarily appeared in his mind. This mature and beautiful teacher had always been the sister who adored Arthur the most. Unfortunately, in Arthur’s heart, she was not only his sister.

Veronica should know this too.

“Teacher…” Chen Rui looked at Veronica. He pondered for a moment and spoke up, “Do you want to leave this place?”

Veronica raised her head and looked at him in surprise.

“I’ll take you away if you want.” Chen Rui’s expression and tone were extremely firm, “The ‘Arthur’ back then didn’t have that courage or ability, but now I do.”

To make her truly happy and give her real freedom should be Arthur’s greatest wish, even more than his possessive desire for her. His Highness Third Prince was really a pure and innocent boy.

If I can ‘rescue’ Veronica, I can completely unravel the final knot of the ‘Arthur’ part. For Chen Rui, if he could take the most critical step in the perfect fusion of the soul and the spiritual realm, his state of mind would become truly perfect.

“Leaving? Back then…” Veronica seemed to have thought of something, and her hands trembled along with her body. Her eyes were red, and the tears were rolling in her eyes.

All of a sudden, a look of hatred flashed across the blue eyes.

Although the hatred was only fleeting, with Chen Rui’s current strength, he could see it very clear. He couldn’t help being shocked.

Like an oven lava, suffocating and almost breathless, even his vision and soul were twisted.

What abhorrence and resentment this is.

Veronica’s violently heaving body gradually calmed down. The tears in her blue eyes disappeared little by little. She shook her head and said, “In those days, it was really not your fault. You don’t have to blame yourself. By the way, it’s not right for you to come here. You should go back earlier.”

“Actually… I came here today with permission from His Majesty.”

Veronica was startled and seemed to think of something, “The other morning, the Shion Palace was sealed by the imperial guards, did you return at that time…”

“En. At that time, I rushed to the conference hall and cleared the accusation of my friend, Samuel.”

“Samuel turns out to be your…” Veronica looked very guilty, “The knight has helped me many times. He even found the Holy Marrow Fruit to save my life. He was even imprisoned in the Thunder Prison for avenging Garfield who wanted to harass me. I once pleaded to His Majesty and explained the reason at the time. Unfortunately, His Majesty… Later, I heard that Garfield wanted to harm Samuel’s wife, so I sent someone to inform her secretly. As a result, it was noticed by His Majesty, and I was ordered not to go out from the Shion Palace, not even to participate in the trial. He even sent a large number of imperial guards to seal the Shion Palace… to this day.”

“It turned out that it was teacher who warned Joanna!” Chen Rui suddenly had a realization. Garfield once set a trap to lure Joanna in order to retaliate against Samuel, but Ina got the warning and rescued Joanna in time, avoiding a terrifying crisis. It was actually Veronica who notified Ina.

“For Knight Samuel’s favor to me, what I have done is only trivial. However, it is only today that I know the real reason why Samuel helped me.” Veronica finally revealed a smile. Although there was a veil, it gave a kind of tender feeling, “I should be the one thanking you, Little Arthur, but you really should go…”

“Today I can stay here for 1 night. This is the permission of His Majesty.” Chen Rui’s face had a cynical expression, “After I showed some value, I got this’ reward’. However, only 1 night. “

Veronica was shocked, and her facial expression suddenly turned pale as never before, “You, you want to…”

“Don’t worry, teacher.” Chen Rui smiled and pointed to his head. “Although Arthur has lost a lot and changed a lot in order to survive, some things will not change. “

Veronica looked at Chen Rui’s sincere gaze, and her facial expression finally returned rosy, “I’m sorry, teacher shouldn’t have misunderstood you…”

“Teacher, take a good rest.” Chen Rui stood up, “This communication badge is for you. You can notify me through it if anything happens. If there is ignorant people who tries to harass you, I can guarantee that he won’t leave in one piece. Your younger brother and student is no longer the coward who was incompetent back then. With me here, no one can hurt you.”

Veronica stared at Chen Rui in surprise. She felt the kind of tenderness and firmness, and her blue eyes showed a relieved expression as she nodded, “Teacher’s Little Arthur has grown up.”

“Teacher, tolerate a few more days. I will try to find a way to restore your freedom as soon as possible.” Chen Rui shrugged and waved goodbye to Veronica, “Teacher can make a good plan for an easy life in the future, such as where to go after leaving this pesky birdcage and so on. In short, don’t worry about anything.”

Watching Chen Rui go away step by step until he disappeared, Veronica’s gaze suddenly became gloomy. She sighed, “Little Arthur… you, you shouldn’t have come back.”

Chen Rui left the Shion Palace with a smile, but his gaze was unprecedentedly dignified.

Due to his own emotional fluctuations, he didn’t pay attention before. After feeling the terrifying hatred, he has subconsciously activated the [Analytical Eyes]. Veronica’s data was:

Race: Human (soul variant physique)

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: (D) SS

Physique (D-) SS-, Strength (D-) SS-, Spirit (D) SS+, Speed (D) SS.

[Analysis]: Becloud Eyes, Concealed Body, Blood Sacrifice Soul, Hatred Heart!

Veronica actually has the strength of the Kingdom level!

Chen Rui’s surprise was indeed no trivial matter. With this kind of strength, it is so easy for her to leave the palace! So, what is the purpose of her staying here? Garfield’s strength is only an early stage of the Demon Overlord; how could she be ‘molested’ by such a weak person?

Becloud Eyes and Concealed Body should be very powerful shielding abilities. If it weren’t for the [Analytical Eyes], even with the perception of Chen Rui’s peak stage of the Kingdom level, Veronica’s true strength could not be seen… So, does Lex know this?

Also, did Veronica acquire such power back in the Starlight College or she acquire it after being forced to marry into the Dragon Bright Empire? What is the soul variant physique? Is it her own power or is she controlled by some kind of soul?

Chen Rui suddenly thought of what Chief Bishop Wintour once said, “Some kind of blood sacrifice ceremony to increase strength exponentially.” When he linked it to the ‘Blood Sacrifice Soul’ displayed by [Analysis], he couldn’t help shivering, and a terrifying guess appeared in his mind.

“’Little Arthur’, your ‘rescue’ mission this time is really a difficult challenge…” Chen Rui said to himself and took a deep breath. He walked toward his residence, the Golden Cloud Palace.

3 days later, the Golden Estate held a grand celebration.

This celebration was to celebrate the return of the lord, the third prince of the empire, ‘Arthur. Roland’, who had been missing for 7 years.

Lex the Great and almost all the upper noble families of the capital attended the ceremony. Second Prince Garfield handed over the ring of heraldry representing the lord to the Third Prince ‘Arthur’ at the ceremony. It also represented Prince Arthur officially regained the control of the Golden Estate.

Over the years, Second Prince Garfield had maintained a tyrannical regime of oppression and exploitation of the rich Golden Estate. When a large amount of black crystal coins entered his pockets, it also caused the residents to complain. When there was a comparison, most of the people began to miss the relatively loose policy when Prince ‘Arthur’ was there. Now that they heard the third prince’s return to the estate, they were overjoyed.

This celebration also welcomed a special heavyweight guest, Grand Master Chique, 1 of the 2 major mechanical grand masters of humans.

Grand Master Chique attended with the genius apprentice, Pelucci. Grand Master Chique seemed to have a very close relationship with Third Prince ‘Arthur’, and the arrogant mechanic master, Pelucci, showed a kind of special respect in front of ‘Arthur’, like facing a teacher.

The answer was revealed: Grand Master Chique announced shocking news in public. The alchemy world had the third human mechanic grand master. He was also the youngest grand master in the history of alchemy. That was the Third Prince of the Dragon Bright Empire, ‘Arthur’!

All of a sudden, everyone was in an uproar – ‘Arthur’ is no more than 30 years old. He was unknown to public before. After missing for 7 years, he actually returned as a mechanical grand master!

The grand master is not a master. Even in the entire human world, there are only a handful of potion grand masters and mechanical grand masters. Before that, there were only 2 remaining mechanical grand masters of humans, namely Chique and Falaqini. ‘Arthur”s grand master identity should be true since it came from the most respected Grand Master Chique!

The eyes of the nobles looking at the Royal Highness Third Prince had changed again. The Holy Church Cardinal Gralin who attended the celebration was once again shocked. The future Holy Child and even the future His Holiness Pope Glorious, is actually a mechanic grand master!

At the age of ‘Arthur’, whether it is the empire, the church or the mechanic world, his future is immeasurable!

If the third prince can officially become the Holy Child of the Holy Church, not only will he be able to create the most powerful equipment for the Church, but the Church’s declining influence due to the Black Death Follower and other reasons will be raised again to a new height.

The most beloved prince of the Dragon Bright Empire, who had been missing for 7 years, reclaimed the Golden Estate as soon as he returned; mechanical grand master— The Blue Glory Empire envoy, Keene. Sherbert, secretly calculated several keywords belonging to ‘Prince Arthur’. Right… one more: the fiancé of the Blue Glory Empire Princess Pearl Landbis.

TL: Veronica is a Black Death Follower?