Demon’s Diary

Chapter 680: Besiege the Queen Bee

In the black mist, the injured bee starred at Liu Ming with bloodthirsty eyes. The pair of mutilated wings stirred up gusts of wind from time to time to prevent the mist from getting close to it.

After they confronted for a few seconds, the bee suddenly made a strange cry and took the lead in attacking. The stinger on its tail trembled and was launched. It turned into hundreds of inch-sized light yellow sting that blasted at Liu Ming.

At the same time, another stinger was spawn again after a flash of yellow light, and another wave of stings was launched again.

As Liu Ming made a gesture, the Nine Skull Shield immediately appeared in front of him. With a green flame attack, it melted most of the stings into ashes.

Then, he channeled his spiritual power, and black gas rolled out. He transformed into 3 black phantasms and blasted out.

“Bang bang“, 2 phantasms were pierced through by the stings, turning back into rolling black gas. The 3rd phantasm flashed and appeared behind the bee. Liu Ming lifted his hand slightly.


A thick silver lightning arc was launched from his palm. It burst apart in the air, turning into silver lightning sparks that shrouded the bee.

Although the bee was injured before, it was still a Real Pellet State beastkin after all. It suddenly flapped its wings, and a layer of five-color aura burst out of its body surface. It actually blocked all the silver lightning sparks. It turned around and shriek furiously, its stinger turned into a huge cone phantasm and blasted at Liu Ming fiercely.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was shocked. He tapped his forehead. After a flash of golden light, a small golden sword rolled out silently. With another flash, it slashed on the giant cone phantasm.

There was a muffled sound!

The cone phantasm was instantly slashed into pieces, then a 10 meters huge giant golden sword appeared on top of the bee and struck down fiercely.

A hint of fear flashed in the eyes of the bee. The pair of antennas suddenly moved up, turning into 2 giant shadows that whipped up; its forelimbs suddenly moved up to block; a blood red stringer was launched at Liu Ming in a flash.

Obviously, this bee already knew the power of Liu Ming, so it burst out all its skills.

The bloody light was extremely fast. Before the giant golden sword in the air had struck down, it came to Liu Ming first as if it was teleporting.

Liu Ming’s pupils shrank. Without any movement of his feet, his figure had retreated in a series of afterimages. His figure turned into 3 phantasms again.

However, the bloody light ignored the other 2 phantasms and pursued the 3rd phantasm like the bee could automatically identify Liu Ming’s true body.

Liu Ming was horrified. Without saying a word, he used the ghostly movement he learned in the illusion and loomed in the black mist. The bloody light couldn’t really catch him for a while.

At this moment, the bee shrieked painfully after a golden flash. The 2 antenna phantasms and the 2 giant forelimbs were slashed off by the giant golden sword.

Then the golden giant sword slashed fiercely on the body of the bee without any obstruction, cutting off its tail and lower half of its body.

Even Real Pellet State bee had a sturdy body, how could it be compared with the sharpness of the true spirit flying sword, not to mention that it had already been seriously injured.

Liu Ming, who was still using the Three Shadowy Mirages Technique to avoid the bloody light, was delighted to see this, but his face changed slightly the next moment.

The remaining half of the bee flapped its wing and soared into the sky in a buzz. It actually wanted to escape.

But the next moment, Liu Ming sneered. His figure was still moving like a ghost, but he made a gesture a tap at the mutilated bee in the air.

“Puff puff puff“, after a frantic burst of black mist near the demon bee, 9 skull phantasms rushed out and bit the mutilated bee to death.

The bee struggled desperately in shock, but it couldn’t break free for a while.

At this moment, a golden light flashed from below. The small golden sword danced and attacked with a dense cold sword light, slicing the bee into pieces. Before its soul managed to escape, it was melted in the golden light.

At this time, the bloody stinger that pursued Liu Ming collapsed and disappeared after a whine.

Seeing this, Liu Ming flashed a look of surprise on his face, but he immediately moved with one hand.

The Void Sword hovered in the distance before blasting back.

At the same time, the nearby black mist rolled and returned back into a bone shield.

Liu Ming only flicked his sleeves and put away the shield.

At the next time, he took out another storage talisman, collected the small half of the corpse of the demon bee and the flesh before turning his head to look at the battle on the other side.

Explosions still sounded continuously from the green mist. They were apparently still fighting.

Obviously, the other unharmed bee was very difficult to deal with. Even if the 3 of them joined forces, they couldn’t kill it in such a short time.

And from Liu Ming casting the mist to trap the bee to killing it, it only took a dozen seconds.

With a slight contemplation, he took out 2 Heavy Water Droplets and rushed into the green mist…

At the same time, dozens of miles away, in the array where they had set up the totem pillar.

The brawny savage tribe man, who was closing his eyes in cross-legged, suddenly opened his eyes suddenly and looked toward the distant horizon.

A bright light over there was flying toward him quickly. Behind the light, a purple escape light was chasing tightly.

The savage tribe man looked solemn. The light in front was naturally Wu Kui, and the purple escape light at the back was undoubtedly the five light queen bee.

With a move of his expression, he waved his hand, sent a symbol at the brown-gray incense in front of the totem pillar, and lit it up.

Suddenly, a faint fragrance spread through the entire array.

Then, he launched a symbol into a light blue disk array that he had already held in his hand.

At the same time, with a flash of brilliant light at the corner of the array, an opening of several ten meters in size appeared after the faint golden light curtain rippled.

Seeing this, Wu Kui, who had just reached, made a gesture, dived down from the air and flashed into the opening.

As soon as the escape light faded, Wu Kui’s figure appeared next to the brawny savage tribe man.

As for the purple escape light transformed by the five light queen bee, it accelerated and entered the array through the opening without any hesitation.

“Hurry up and close the array.” Seeing that the queen bee was lured into the array, Wu Kui immediately instructed the brawny man delightedly.

The brawny savage tribe man made a gesture, as the faint blue disk array flash, the opening was instantly closed again.

As soon as the five light queen bee entered the array, it seemed to perceive the strange fragrance permeating in the array and the restriction of the totem pillar. After a few strange shrieks, it turned around abruptly and crashed toward the light curtain.

“Bang bang bang!“

Under the violent crash of the five light queen bee, the pale golden light curtain swayed continuously.

“What are you doing in a daze?” Wu Kui roared, then he charged toward the queen bee. Simultaneously, he spat out the golden feather fan. He waved and launched a burst of golden qi at the five light queen bee.

The brawny man also dared not neglect. He slapped his waist, and a green light rolled out accompanied by a roar of beasts. When it condensed, it turned into a green one-horned rhino. It stomped and charged at the five light queen bee.

At the same time, the battle on Liu Ming’s side was also coming to an end.

At this moment, under the siege, the remaining bee was extremely fierce, but its aura had already weakened. Its black and yellow body was covered with scars of various depths.

Just when everyone was planning to combine their forces to kill it with 1 blow, the bee suddenly made a strange cry.

A burst of buzzing sound came not far away from the cave entrance. A chaotic aura came from the cave as dozens of inch size bees swarmed out.

“You all quickly kill the bees, I will try to hold them temporarily.” Hua Qingying’s expression changed. After saying this, she turned around and flew toward the hive.

The woman in a mask chanted as she flew over quickly. The black ribbon was released from her hand. It rolled and turned into a hundred meters in size giant black flower.

This giant flower had five petals. Each petal was black as ink; even the roots were black. As it trembled, several clusters of black air rolled out from it.

Suddenly, at the entrance of the hive, a thick black mist quickly spread away, enveloping all the low level bees in an instant.

These bees were at most at the early stage of the Crystallization Period. Although the number was huge, in this thick black mist, they seemed to have lost their direction and flew around cluelessly.

After Liu Ming glanced at it, although he was a little surprised by the woman’s strange skill, he was relieved to see that. He combined the Heavy Water Droplets again and smashed at the bee with a hill phantasm.

TL: Can they successfully kill the queen bee in the end?