Demon’s Diary

Chapter 1170: Final War (4)

Seeing this, the Big Dipper Pavilion Master not far from Grand Elder Mu Kong showed a dignified look. He took out a seven-color cloth bag, threw it into the air and spat out a seven-color rune into it.


Immediately, a steady stream of colorful light streams poured out from the cloth bag, whipping the black flame dragons.

Even though these black flame dragons were extremely ferocious, under the impact of these light streams, they shattered inch by inch at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Within 3 breaths, more than half of the black flame dragons were defeated by the colorful light streams.

But these black flame dragons did not completely disappear after they collapsed. Instead, they turned into black mist and merged with the black vortex around the young woman in a black robe.

Seeing that Grand Elder Mu Kong and Big Dipper Pavilion Master were barely evenly matched with the Mother Hellish-Insect avatar after joining forces, the rest didn’t dare to be arrogant. They fought against the Mother Hellish-Insect avatars in 2vs1 or 3vs2.

All kinds of radiant magic weapons as well as many brilliant halos could be seen in the sky. Bursts of spiritual power fluctuations spread with the black vortexes as the center.

When these Mystic Comprehending States fought against each other, the entire sky suddenly darkened. After a while, the surrounding space becomes distorted, emitting bursts of breathtaking aura.

A Mystic Comprehending State powerhouse could collapse a mountain and make the river flow backward with a move, not to mention dozens of Mystic Comprehending States fighting at the same time!

Fortunately, the combat range of these Mystic Comprehending State powers was no longer within the reach of everyone present. Except for the earth-shattering vision and movement, it didn’t have much impact on the battlefield below.

But many human cultivators still couldn’t refrain from looking at these spectacular scenes. All of them show horrified looks.

Just as the Mystic Comprehending State, Celestial State, and ordinary armies of the two sides were fighting fiercely, nearly 200 human cultivators began to act on their own!

At this moment, Liu Ming was covered in the billowing black air. He looked calm being surrounded by millions of Hellish-Insects.

He turned into a black light stream and advance in the Hellish-Insect Clan army. With Bitter Wheel Sword and Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, he killed his way through the army while spreading his Divine Thought to the surroundings.

Although the battle between the Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses was the most intense, it wouldn’t end for a while.

Although the Celestial State powerhouses seemed to gain an advantage, it was still difficult to kill the dozens of Celestial State Hellish-Insects in a short time.

In the army at the bottom, the situation could only be described as chaotic.

The Taiqing Sect’s cultivator formed a group, constantly channeling various spiritual weapons and sword techniques to deal significant damage to the Hellish-Insect Clan army. They were the most steady team.

The Sky Beastkin Valley army separated into several battle groups under the lead of the 4 Celestial State ancient beastkins, but the various battle groups maintained close ties. The Hellish-Insect Clan army was divided into several groups. Due to the huge combat power of the high rank ancient beastkins, the Hellish-Insect Clan army was rendered chaos.

Although Nature Work Sect’s Mystic Sky Battleships were destroyed a lot, the Nature Work Sect disciples started manipulating battle puppets of different sizes. They were running rampant in the Hellish-Insect Clan army with an astonishing momentum.

Compared with this, the Demon Mystic Sect army suffered many casualties.

Although the Demon Mystic Sect disciples formed a neat formation at first, these disciples were bloodthirsty. They often rushed out of the formation and were immediately surrounded by the Hellish-Insect Clan army. In the end, they were separated from the formation and killed one by one.

The rest of the forces were also fighting on their own at the moment. Both sides had suffered casualties, generally presenting a stalemate.

This was the perfect time!

An imperceptible look of joy flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes. He released billowing black air and was ready to go deep into the Hellish-Insect Clan army.

Suddenly, he disappeared on the spot with a flash.

As he disappeared, dozens of clusters of green liquid exuding a rancid smell shot from all directions, covering his original location. The corpses of the Hellish-Insects were turned into a pool of green liquid after emitting green smoke.

Immediately afterward, black Hellish-Insects rushed here from all directions. At the same time, countless flying Hellish-Insects dived down.

There were even more than a dozen Real Pellet State black Hellish-Insects rushed here.

Liu Ming’s expression changed. The black mist around him turned into a light curtain to cover his figure, then he slapped his chest with his right hand. After a few soft pops, a set of silver armor instantly wrapped his entire body.

He ignored the low rank Hellish-Insects and went at a Real Pellet State black Hellish-Insect. His left fist was wrapped in a circle of silver light as he threw it at the black Hellish-Insect.

The black Hellish-Insect only saw a flash of silver light, then its head was turned into a cloud of blood mist.

At the same time, Liu Ming’s body flashed with silver light again as he swept his sleeve at the surrounding low rank Hellish-Insects.

Dozens of purple sword lights swept out like a fan.

Immediately, within a radius of 300 meters with him as the center, there were dense purple sword lights.

Immediately afterward, crackling sounds came one after another!

The Hellish-Insects within the area were decimated. The severed parts fell from the air like a rain.

What’s even more surprising was that even though some Hellish-Insects hit the black mist around Liu Ming, their attacks seemed to be swallowed. After emitting a circle of green smoke, there was nothing left.

Liu Ming took this advantage to go deeper into the army.

Not far away, Qiu Longzi was dashing left and right among a group of green flying insects. A simple long sword exuding a golden light turned into waves of dazzling sword curtains that emitted layers of heat waves.

The surrounding attacks seemed to have evaporated when hitting the golden sword curtains.

The green flying insects shrouded in the attack range of the golden sword curtains could not retreat at all. Amidst the whistling of the sword light, the dismembered insects fell from the air. There was a strong smell of burning.

Immediately, the sword light flickered and turned into a light golden flying sword as thin as a cicada wing again. Qiu Longzi flickered and stood on the long sword, then he blasted toward another group of Hellish-Insects.

On the other side, a middle-aged man wearing a white scholar robe of the Haoran Academy was waving a pair of judge pens in his hand. Wisps of thin black silks sprayed out from the tip of the pens like a giant net. As silks retracted, many low rank Hellish-Insects were sliced apart on the spot.

Just when he was full of ambition and wanted to go deeper, hundreds of red spikes were blasted from a few winged Hellish-Insects from above.

A scream came!

Although the middle-aged scholar hurriedly released several defensive spiritual weapons, under the intensive sharp spikes, he was pierced through together with the spiritual weapons. Not even his soul could escape.

Similar scenes were repeated in several other battle groups.

About 200 cultivators in charge of the poisoning mission began to advance quickly to the depths of the Hellish-Insect Clan army ahead with a tacit understanding.

These Real Pellet State elite disciples selected by the Alliance had used their ultimate moves. Various kinds of light beams and sword qi were launched as incantation sounded.

The low rank Hellish-Insects were turned into blood rain when facing these disciples. They were unstoppable at all. Even though there were a few Rea Pellet State Hellish-Insects blocking them, most of them were killed swiftly.

But the Hellish-Insect Clan army was too large. There were still dreadful screams from time to time!

After a dozen minutes.

After paying a considerable price, nearly a hundred cultivators, including Liu Ming and Qiu Longzi, finally went dozens of miles into the Hellish-Insect Clan army.

In the depths of the army, the situation was more dangerous. All kinds of lights were launched, accompanied by endless explosions.

Liu Ming confirmed his current location before taking out a black gourd in his right palm. It was the poison prepared by Divine Farmer Valley.

Not far away, Qiu Longzi released dazzling golden sword light and divided the Hellish-Insects into pieces, then he took out the same black gourd and went to another area.

Liu Ming’s complexion turned gloomy. He gently stroked the gourd. After a few hisses, streams of green liquid spewed out from the gourd continuously.

Then, he turned into a black light stream again and dashed left and right in the Hellish-Insects.

The poison spread from behind Liu Ming like a rain. In a few seconds, the surrounding Hellish-Insects were shrouded in it.

Qiu Longzi and the other hundred cultivators also stopped rushing forward at this time. Most of them took out the same black gourd and started to splash green liquid everywhere.

All of a sudden, green lights appeared everywhere and spread with a strange smell, then they fell from the air like heavy rain.

Once those low rank Hellish-Insects touched the slightest bit of the green lights, their bodies twitched immediately. After a few painful struggles, they were all dead.

As for the Real Pellet State Hellish-Insect, after contacting these poisons, although they looked painful and their speed of movement was also affected, they did not die immediately.

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