Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 99

-End. Serira

The sound of winter coming was quite warm.

Firewood burned and warmed up the room. Serira left the knitting in her hands for a moment and stood from her seat.

The child who fell asleep after lunch was sleeping well. Her hand touching Princess Ariadna as she lay on the cradle seemed very friendly.

“Our lovely princess.”

Serira Ivilast Peistrille. Now the princess’ nanny, but before that, she was the wife of a man and a count.

Count Peistrille was an honest and good man. She fell in love with his great personality and married him. She was happy for the rest of the six years she lived together with him when she was sixteen. She still missed her husband because he loved her so much, and she loved him just as much. If there was no child between them, she would have followed him right after his death.

“It’s stupid, but….”

It was still a bit difficult for her to live without him. There was a gloomy smile at her lips.

Originally, her husband was a baron in the village of the downtown area around the south. Since the land was so small and most of them were almost desert, her husband had no choice but to work to make the land prosperous. It was the biggest luck of their life that he saved a man vomiting blood on the street.

“Sorry. He was collapsed on the road, I couldn’t just leave him there.”

It was a rainy day when her husband brought a young man who collapsed on the street to the castle.

“No, you did the right thing.”

Serira was surprised when she saw her husband was not wearing his shirt and got surprised again when she heard that the young man was almost dead.

“He seems to be heavily injured, but we already saw a doctor. He should be all right if we look after him.”

“Good job.”

Her husband smiled lukewarmly at Serira’s praise, but she didn’t criticize him. He spent all of his money to help a stranger, but that money he used for that young stranger wouldn’t return.

He brought the young man to the castle and left again to earn the money he spent. Back then, they just thought that they spent some money on a poor neighbor.

“Why did you save me?”

“Because you were lying there.”

“Is that all?”

“What other reason could I have?”

It was only later when they realized that the young man was actually the missing 14th prince, Caitel. The future Emperor. They just thought the man was a very strange person.

“Since you saved me, I shall repay you. Is there anything you need?”