Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 98

“Oh, princess.”


“Graecito says he really likes you, Princess.”


Why was I not surprised? He was being so obvious. Of course, I don’t like it, but oh well.

“Yes, he said it’s a secret which he’s only telling me.”

Serira whispered while winking an eye; something was a little suspicious to her behavior so I couldn’t believe her right away

“I don’t believe it! Tell him to say things like that to me directly.”

“Oh, princess. That would be too embarrassing.”

“Why? I’m so pretty!”

Two people laughed in my reply. What, why were they two laughing at me? I frowned and looked at them alternately.

“Why are you laughing? Am I funny?”

I feel offended when they started to laugh at my serious answer. Why the hell were they laughing? Did they think I was a comedian? You shouldn’t laugh at a princess like that! However, no matter how I frowned, they would not stop laughing.

… Yes, they should just do as they pleased. I guessed I was the punching bag!


I was skeptical about my life, wondering if I could continue to trust these people, but the door suddenly burst open and the maid ran into the room. What’s wrong with her? Just relax a little. I wasn’t running away anyway.

“The Emperor has returned!”

However, it was me who became impatient at the next moment when the maid shouted. I left the room in a flash and started running; I couldn’t pay any attention to Serira and Elene’s voices as they called me.

Where was he? Where was he coming from?

I just ran without thinking. He left from Estella palace, so he should be returning to Estella palace. Right? The maids and the servants who found me followed me by calling my name, but now I didn’t have any time to think. My brain was blank.


It was really in Estella palace. It was the same place where he left before. The aristocrats there were surprised to see me. I knew how rude I was, but I couldn’t afford to think about it.

Now I could see him from afar. The face I had seen every day since I was born came into my sight. I felt something spreading inside me. Was this what they called relief? All my fear melted away instantly.

I had been denying it all this time. I could never accept it. However, I couldn’t deny it now, not anymore. I knew once I saw his face just how much I’d been waiting for him.

As soon as he saw me, Caitel smiled. That smile was familiar to me as it always had been. I moved my body without realizing it when I saw his gesture telling me to come down. I realized when his two strong arms held me so tightly…

Only then had I realized…

How much I missed him.

“I missed you.”

Caitel stiffened his face at my small voice. Looking at his expression, I could feel tears in my eyes for some reason. He said he would be back in three months. This was pretty early too, but still…oh, I didn’t know anymore.

Caitel laughed as I burst into his arms with an embarrassment. He reached out to me and lifted my face. His long fingers swept away the tears around my eyes. Finally, I could hear Caitel’s voice that I missed so much.

“It’s been a while.”