Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 97 - The Emperor’s Daughter

At that moment Layla’s hand patted my head, a white and small hand. However, it was cold because she was out for too long.

“You must become very happy. Since it would be another tragedy for you, who was born from thousands of tragedies, to be unhappy.”

Was this a blessing or a curse? Layla smiled, leaving a vague remark about how I should be happy or unhappy. She gave me a white, winter-like smile.

“Someone’s coming. I’ll leave now.”

I sighed heavily when I looked at Layla’s back gently walking away. Soon, as Layla said, Elene appeared from where I had walked.

How could she know when someone was getting closer? She’s a scary woman.

“Why are you here, Princess?”

“Let’s go back.”

Even though I already knew that didn’t mean I wouldn’t feel shocked. A part of me was saying that what happened was already in the past, but I could not deny that my mind had been heavier than before. Because my reason, my values, and my belief, said that what Caitel did was not acceptable.

Still, I guessed I had some expectations in my mind that he was not the mad monster he’s always known for since we kept seeing each other constantly.

“Please come, princess. I made some scones for you.”

“What about pudding?”

“Here you go!”

I felt a little better now. It really was a tough time for me.

I was lost in thought while I was eating pudding. Well, maybe Caitel wasn’t that crazy from the beginning, or was he? Usually, a villain was not a villain from the beginning. It’s true that he’s insane, but maybe there’s a reason why he’s like that. Whatever the reason might be, it wouldn’t justify his actions…

However, I wanted to take his side.

I wanted to tell him to ask for forgiveness, apologize, repent, and stop doing those things again. Was I wrong for thinking this way?

“Is everything all right, Princess?”

“Huh? Ah.”

Serira looked at me with a serious expression as if she realized how unusually low I was feeling at the moment. She was surely a mother, a mother indeed!

“No. I’m fine.”

Still, I couldn’t say what I was thinking out loud, so I muttered grimly. Elene and Serira were also feeling a little depressed because I was depressed.

“When will be my father come back?”

“Well, we cannot guarantee.”

How could they answer so insincerely?

I was not sure. Maybe I would know the answer when I saw him in person. Oh, I didn’t know. My head hurts. It was a story with an answer I couldn’t come up with anyway. In the first place, only in fictional cartoon movies would villains actually pay for what they had done. The reality was really rather dirty. It’s always filled with strokes of bad luck, but I hoped Caitel would start to become a better man.

“Do you miss him?”


I replied in my “What are you asking?” face, but Serira just smiled. Why was she smiling? Oh, so was Elene. I was at a loss as to why they were laughing.

Did I make a funny face?