Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 96: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 96

"He executed all the nobles who committed treason and displayed their heads outside the palace. Then he confined his mother to Silentia Palace. As for his sisters… he sold them for a cheap price to greedy people in other countries."

It reminded me of why people called Caitel a tyrant. He had been more generous recently. That didn't erase his past actions though. What's the point of saying he's not a tyrant when he had been acting like this way? This was something that should be criticized.

"He rose to the bloody throne after stepping on many bodies. That's why your father is called the blood-crazed Emperor, dear lovely princess."

Her soft-spoken voice was as sweet as a winter melon; sweet, but cold. Although she showed in her smile how she adored my cuteness, I couldn't deny the fact that her eyes were as cold as jewels.

"Bulchi, Celinunte, Susa, Qusi, Tivoli, Parma, Ferrara, Kapua, and Mantova." It's the names of the dead kingdoms your father exterminated and incorporated into Agrigent in five years."

Layla smiled and added the names that were now used as Agrigent's territorial names. Her smile was so bright and that made me feel terrible. I didn't know why she was saying this to me. No, I knew, but...

"Now, do you realize what kind of person your father is?"

I already knew all of that, so it's nothing new. Anyways, Caitel's impression was the worst for me from the start too. The best one was when he tried to choke me to death when we first met. Well, I didn't die by choking, but still, he was such a man in the first place. I had nothing to be disappointed about. Here I thought he had turned for the better these days, but... Well, yeah. People wouldn't change that easily.

"Even your mother didn't come here because she wanted to be here. I don't know if you know, but most of the princesses in the Harem were most loved in their country; the princesses whom kings love the most. Do you know why they've been dragged into a place like this; stuck in one place together and treated like that? It's all because your father officially ordered it. He never took princesses who were being treated poorly."

Layla's cold voice was filled with deep hatred. It was a deep, sticky feeling that resembled darkness.

"I hate him."

She added a few more words after that with a smile on her face.

"Though that doesn't mean I hate you as well."

That's a lie. Normally, the enemy of a parent would hate the child as well. Of course, she would hate me. I would too. However, whether Layla hated me or not wasn't important. What's important was that I felt sorry. One way or another, I was also at fault.

I didn't do anything, but I was also sinner since my father was a sinner.

It seemed unfair that I had to deal with his mistakes simply because I was his child, but on the other hand, I gave it some thoughts. If descendants did not take care for them, then who's gonna have to take care of it? The reason why the descendants of pro-Japanese groups were frowned upon in society was because of this. Yes, if it felt dirty and mean, one would have to be reborn. What could I say? This was a fate I could never take away from myself the moment I was born as the daughter of Caitel. The fact that I was not free from his sins.

I was sure I would see more of these people in the future. I might be hated like this every time I met someone. Suddenly, I was getting a headache about my dark future.