Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 95

“Is this too hard for you to understand? It means that your mother wanted to have you. Not your father.”

It’s rather confusing to me because she talked so casually. I felt like my mind would collapse. It was a story I had never thought of. My mom wanted me so badly that she seduced my dad and slept with him; then afterward, she hid? Why though?

It didn’t make any sense. What was going on?

“Why? Were you surprised?”

I wasn’t surprised. I was just wondering. With the fact that I knew something I didn’t know and the fact that my mom really wanted to have me.

Wait, first of all, I frowned on something I couldn’t easily ignore. What the f*ck was on with that crazy guy? He didn’t sleep with women until they asked him to do so? With women? Wow, what was I supposed to feel about this?

Well, of course, sleeping with someone they hated was the most miserable thing for women. Still, wasn’t that what Caitel meant by staying as a virgin for life and rot in the harem? No, first of all, women seduced men first. No matter how high women’s rights might be in Agrigent, it was clearly a disgrace to women. No, It’s an embarrassment before disgrace.

I began to understand why there were so many women who seduced Caitel to become an empress. It was widely believed that Caitel’s princesses were not official but were treated as his concubines. Even if they went back to their own country, they would not be treated as virgins. Instead, their people would only curse them. It’s as if the princesses were sold and returned to the Yuan Dynasty during the Goryeo Dynasty.

Oh, why did he do that to make my head hurt? Just please stop bringing other country’s princesses here only to put them in that damn harem, madman!

Layla was smiling and appreciating my expression. I didn’t know her, but she had a bad taste. Was it so good to see me in pain, huh?!

“Should I tell you a secret?”



Still, I couldn’t help but get interested as to what sort of secret she had in mind. Shoot, why was I so easily influenced by others?

“About how the Emperor Caitel rose to his throne.”

Wasn’t that obvious? What I heard was that he committed a treacherous behavior. Maybe that’s why they called Caitel the bloody Emperor. Still, I decided to ask her just in case.

“How did he rose his throne?”

“He killed his father with his own hands by working with a traitor.”

That’s obvious. That’s what I had heard before. Well, I didn’t hear he killed his own father. I heard the previous Emperor was a rotten bastard. Wasn’t it a little bit odd to kill his father with his own hands? Of course, Caitel had his reasons, but it was still strange. Why did he kill him?

“Then, he gathered his seventeen brothers into one palace and burned them all. Their screams covered the royal palace like a deep, thick mist.”

This was also a story I heard before. It’s repugnant to hear it again.

If they were all alive, they were the ones I’d call Uncles. That made me it even creepier. I couldn’t be sure if my life wouldn’t end up like that way as well. I heard Caitel had absolutely no love for his family members.