Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 94

I knew I shouldn’t do this, but I couldn’t help feeling curious. It’s like even though I was going to work tomorrow, I wanted to start another game. I knew I shouldn’t ask, but I had a sudden urge to dig into it.

“I can tell you if you want to know, but once you know the truth, I won’t take responsibility for what happens afterward.”

Look at her. She seduced me first, but she said she wouldn’t take responsibility. That’s funny. Why wouldn’t she carry the same burden she had placed on my shoulder? However, if I thought about it here, I wouldn’t get to hear what she wouldn’t tell. I certainly didn’t want that. Oh, life was truly a series of hardships.

Yeah, even if all the terms and conditions on the sites were fraudulent, people would still press the “agree” button. After all, they hadn’t read it in the first place.

“I want to know.”

Layla smiled after hearing my reply. Her smile felt a little strange as if she were laughing contently knowing that her trap had caught me. Was this a trap?

“Lady Jereina, the daughter of ice from the North.”

Huh? I automatically tilted my head after hearing what she had said before I even thought of anything else. What did she just say?

“That’s how everyone called her.”

“Why ice?”

Layla nodded. I couldn’t push her hastily because she seemed to be struggling to dig through her memories.

“She was a cold woman. She didn’t get along with anyone.”

If I understood this correctly, she was telling me that they treated my mother like an outcast.

When I heard that she didn’t get along with anyone, it suddenly occurred to me that she stayed at Ecelone alone to give birth. After all, she didn’t have anyone she could rely on around her.

“Nobody knew that she would die after giving birth to you.”

However, that was something my father didn’t know. That’s why he only realized she was pregnant right before she gave birth to me. I was curious about needless things. Why did she give birth to me? Did my father rape her? It’s kind of weird to try so desperately to protect a child created from a rape incident. Was my mom a weird person? Oh, that couldn’t be true.

Layla smiles and continues her word to solve my question.

“The Emperor never sleeps woman unless that woman asks him first.”

Huh? What are you talking about? I was surprised. He never sleeps women until they ask him to do so? Which means, my mother asked the Emperor to sleep with her first.

What is going on?