Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 92 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 92

I was walking with snow in my hand when suddenly, I saw a familiar face.

“We meet again.”

It was Layla. She didn’t look surprised, but I looked like I saw a dead man walking. Why was she here?

“Because you’re in my path.”


Still, I had encountered her in this garden from time to time since I met her the day I forgave Graecito. Of course, it wasn’t enough to say that I had seen her often.

“What are you doing? Reading again?”

Every time I had seen her, we would have a brief conversation, and afterward, I would go back to the palace. Was she reading outside in such a cold day? She’s such a bookworm. Layla laughed when I raised my head in amazement.

“Just watching the snow.”

It was really weird when a blue woman smiled, beaming pale like snow. Should I say it seemed mysterious? I would believe if someone said she’s the snow queen instead of a normal human being. Layla stared blankly at the scenery filled with longing.

“It doesn’t snow where I used to live, so I keep looking at it”

“Where did you live before?”

I asked without any thought, but she didn’t reply. I looked up at Layla since there was no reaction, and I saw her face stiffened slightly. Oh, I was sure Layla wasn’t here because she wanted to be here.

Ah, that wasn’t polite, but the moment I realized my own wrongdoing, it was already too late. Oh, I felt so regretful for what I had done. I didn’t know. I should just go back to the palace.

“Are you just leaving?”

I didn’t look at her face since I felt apologetic and tried to head back to the palace, but Layla stopped me for a moment. I looked back in wonder. I saw her usual expression. She wasn’t always friendly, but that didn’t mean she’s being cold to me. I was a bit curious.

“Why? Do you have something to say?”

Why was she stopping me? It was the first time Layla had done so. Since it was our routine to always say a few words between one another and return. She didn’t start the conversation, and I was always the one who greeted her first. Layla smiled when our eyes met.


It was a smile that was particularly filled with melancholy

“I’m just a little bored.”