Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 91

“Oh, it’s so warm.”

I wanted to head back to Solay Palace and to drink a cup of hot tea and a cookie. I wanted something sweet. Maybe it’s because I was thinking about something that didn’t suit me.

“I can’t visit Bolcena because of the babies, and Graecito is busy today. I’m the only one who’s bored.”

However, I could play in the garden like this because I was free. There was an unfinished snowman near the winter tree Graecito and I failed to make last time. Should I finish it by myself?

“Is it possible to finish it alone?”

However, Graecito and I started it together. I should finish it with him when he came back tomorrow.

When I had come to think of it, my previous life wasn’t that bad, and I was happy with how contended I was. It would not be enough for me to rip the guy who killed me apart, but I couldn’t take my revenge on him in my lonesome. I was not even sure that the god damn law would punish him properly. That’s also a concern of mine. They didn’t make proper laws; instead, they kept making some unnecessary useless laws.

“Maybe I’ll go back to the palace after going for a walk.”

I adjusted my clothes that Serira had dressed me up as I fell off the winter tree. By the time I did so, I stepped into a walkway that was now all too familiar to me. Now that I had grown up a little bit and loved walking around by myself, Serira wouldn’t fuss about me needing to come back to the castle on time. Of course, Elene was always with me.

However, today, Elene went to the doctor because she fell over the icy road. Even though she got older, she was still so clumsy. Tsk tsk.

All the trees were covered with white snow except for the fire tree, towering over the snow like an outcast. Look at these frozen trees. There were so many trees that I felt as if I was walking through a forest in the mountains. I heard there was a place called the Forest of Nightmare east of Agrigent, where once one entered within, they would end up committing suicide after their own nightmares plagued their minds. Ugh.

“I just can’t let my guard down in this world.”

This world was so similar to my previous world, but somethings were just so different that it would always catch me off guard. I heard there’s no such thing as a dragon here. I asked if there were any other species that were similar to humans, but Serira told me that they all disappeared thousands of years ago due to human oppression. If there were any left on this earth, they’d be in the Forest of Nightmares.

However, why were they in Forest of Nightmare? Nah, I would probably not live to see the day where I’d go to cuh a place.

I wanted to see other species.