Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 90

The garden looked quite different now that it’s the middle of winter. Maybe it’s because the maids and servants weren’t outside? I liked being outside, but everyone wanted to stay inside since it’s cold. If I stayed close to the winter tree, I would feel rather hot.

“You said you would be back in three months… liar.”

Well, it wasn’t a war that would end in three months, to begin with. I heard Caitel was on a rampage like a mad dog there. Due to that, it’s pretty much guaranteed that he would conquer Praezia this year or early next year.

That’s why Ferdel got so much work than ever; all the nobles were afraid of Caitel with his action. They said that uniting the whole continent wasn’t particularly impossible. The problem was that Caitel didn’t have any ambition as honorable as that. I couldn’t seem to find any of Genghis Khan’s ambitions in his eyes. This was not all about uniting the continent.

“I’ll be ruined before that. Because excessive land picking leads to division.”

It had historically been seen in Rome or Mongolia. It sparkled only in its heyday, and it’s a different story to make the land entirely of itself. If Caiatel died anyway, Pretzia would be independent. Of course, it’s only possible when more independent fighters bled before that day.

“Well, that would fail. Too much conquering makes too much trouble.”

Rome or Mongolia were great examples. It’s good for only a short time, and it’s harder to unite its citizens as one. Well, after Caitel’s death, Praezia would be its own country again. Of course, before independence, many people would bleed to attaint that freedom.

“I can’t tell if it’s lucky to be born here or not.”

I realized how great things were in my previous life before I was born here. Democracy, the right to vote for the nation’s president. Small but important things.

Suddenly, that word came to mind. The freedom we enjoyed today bathed in the blood our ancestors shed.

“It’s not my country anymore, but I still thinks of Korea as ‘my country’. Tsk tsk, I’m still a long way off.”

Still, if I thought of my mother, I thought of Serira more than my previous life’s mother. It’s a natural step, but it’s a little bittersweet. To forget the past and let it go. Of course, I had to make up my mind, but I didn’t want to leave it out yet.

“Probably because it’s where I came from.”

My thoughts, my beliefs, my values, my country that molded me into who I was. Because it’s the foundation of my feet, the root of all my thoughts; it was natural in a way that I could not let go of such a place. I thought I would probably carry it for the rest of my life. Now that the times were different, the world was different, and the values were different, how could I integrate the thing I knew with the new things I learned?

“I think having a memory of my past life is more damaging than good.”

What kind of two-year-old child considered these things? Well, of course, even though I was going to be three soon, it’s still the same thing.