Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 89

I felt somehow offended when they suddenly laughed at me, but none among Silvia, Ferdel, or Serira was making fun of me. If they were not making fun of me, then why were they all laughing?

“He must like you, princess.”

How would a baby that was just born know anything? I hope that’s true though. They were so cute. I was still a baby too, but they were just so cute. These guys were just adorable.

“Princess, we should go back now. Your godmother needs to rest.”


I was here to congrats her than to see babies.

I got off on the bed after without forgetting to kiss Silvia’s cheek. Silvia opened her eyes wide after my surprise kiss. Hehe.

“See you again!”

“Princess, me too!”

Ferdel shouted, but I didn’t want to give him a kiss. As I left the room before Serira, I heared Ferdel’s voice panting at me from behind.

“He’ll get upset.”

“But he got a hug earlier.”

He didn’t get any. Since he might die from a heart attack due to so much joy.

When she heard my thoughts, Serira burst out laughing. Why was she laughing? I was serious. If I did too many things at the same time, he might get a heart attack. I should give him goods slowly one after another.

I took Serira’s hand and climbed into the carriage. The soft, soft sofa greeted me.

Bolcena was not far from the palace, but from a child’s perspective, it was as far as Busan. The sun was gone from a long time ago, and only the view of the cold winter night was spread out of the window. Snowflakes piled up on the city, not knowing when they started to fall. It was a magnificent view.


“Yes, Princess.”

I felt as if time has stopped. That’s probably an illusion.

“I wonder…was my mother that happy when I was born?”

It struck me that way. Even though I never met her, I couldn’t help but feel instinctive feelings toward her.

I knew that I was born from a marriage without love. I never mentioned it, but I wanted to ask it because I saw Silvia giving birth to a child. I wanted to know more about the woman who was my mother. Was my mother in this world ever loved me?

“The lady fell in love every single day during the nine months she carried you in her womb.”

Serira’s voice spreading quietly inside the carriage was like the sound of a bell in the winter mountain. It’s cool but calm.

“And she probably fell in love at first sight all over again when you were finally born and heard your first cry.”

I asked back without realizing it because she wasn’t guessing but concluding with such a strong voice. Why did she think so?


Serira smiled quietly. It was her usual smile, Serira’s smile at the moment resembled the of Silvia’s.

“Because that’s how I was.”

Was that how my friends felt when they had children? I didn’t know. I had never asked them. All I could think of was that my friends who had already had children at that age were amazing. I was still so young. I heard that a woman became a mother while raising her children.

“It’s all right, Princess. You are born from love.”

Serira seemed to know me and my fear better than I did. Something in my heart just melted away at the touch of her hand. Serira smiled as I jumped into her arms.

“That’s why you are loved even now, or is it that my love for you is not enough?”


I shook my head.

Of course not.