Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 88

I looked at Ferdel in amazement, but Silvia just smiled.


“Yes, Ferdel.”

I had never seen a man cry before. That was the first time I had ever seen a man cry like a child. I thought he was just a weird guy, but when I saw him so moved that he cried, I felt pity for him.

He couldn’t help but sob tears away as he alternately looked at the child in his arms and Silvia who gave birth to babies. His feelings of gratitude, apology, and love seemed to have overwhelmed his senses. They got married because they really loved each other. I did know it, but somehow, I was touched all over again.

“Thank you so much.”

Silvia laughed at his crying voice. She had just finished giving birth, so she looked worse than usual, but she was just as beautiful as she had always been. I was so touched at that moment.

“Don’t cry.”

“I just can’t stop the tears.”

“Dear, you’re not a child…”

Ferdel grumbled at Silvia’s mistreatment, but soon forgot all about it and laughed as she smiled. Gosh, what a doting husband. I forgot about their public display of affection for a second. I wanted to get married too! I would grow up and meet a man like that! A man who was devoted to me!

“Silvia, congratulations!”

Two people looked back at me in my voice. I smiled using my most confident pretty smile. Ferdel grabbed his child and wiped his tears away with his sleeve. Still, he couldn’t hide his reddened teary eyes.

I wanted to see the babies, too. She showed me her baby when I tried to sneak out my head and saw the baby in her arms. Maybe because he was just born, the baby was redder and dingier than I thought.

“So red.”

Come to think of it, it was the first time for me to see a baby who was just born because no one close to me had ever given birth, so I went to see them a long time after their birth. This was how newborn babies looked like. I thought I knew why Caitel looked at me and said I was ugly. I didn’t mean to forgive him for calling me ugly.

The child who couldn’t even open his eyes was really small. What a life this was.

“Hey baby, it’s me.”

I didn’t expect any reaction, but the baby wriggled in my voice. Could it perhaps hear me? No way. I didn’t even think that’s possible, but it was still surprising.

“Grow fast! Let’s play together!”

Adults in the room laughed at my words at the same time.

Why? What’s the matter with these people?