Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 87

How was his child gonna be my younger sibling? My ears start to hurt because he talked like rapid fire. Why was he doing what he shouldn’t do? I guessed he’s not exaggerating. I’d like to take off my clothes, but the first thing I needed to do was calm down Ferdel. I patted Ferdel’s back with my little hand.

“Don’t worry. She’ll have a pretty baby and be healthy!”

“Well, do you really think so?”

“Of course! Believe me.”

“Yes, I’ll trust anything you say.”

He looked like a fanatic listening to the gospel of God. he’s kind of scary today. Even though I was cute and lovely, he was too much. What’s wrong with him today? He was originally a weird guy, but he was even more strange today. No, I meant, he seemed like he has lost his mind.

“My lord!”

Ferdel was startled when someone called him. I got off his arms and made a puzzled expression.

“You must hurry!”

An urgent voice called Ferdel. He then ran straight ahead.

What the hell was going on? I took off my coat and handed it over to Serira, and we slowly went in, following Owen’s directions.

I heard a baby crying in the distance. The child was born! Oh, so that’s why they took Ferdel. However, something was a little weird. Why did I hear more than one cry?

“Congratulations! They’re twins! Two healthy young masters were born.”

She had twins?

As soon as I entered the room, I ran straight to Silvia who was lying on the bed. Silvia was smiling dimly, looking exhausted. All her hair and face, as well as her clothes, were soaked in sweat. Her face, which had always been filled with life was very thin as a sign of her hours of struggle. With chapped lips and swollen eyes, she somehow looked even more beautiful than before.

“Oh, can I hug them?”

“Of course you can. Now, hold him like this.”

Silvia held one child in her arms while Ferdel held the other with the help of a maid. Ferdel was dumbfounded when he saw the tiny creature coming into his arms. His eyes glared at the child. I knew since his eyes got teary, when he saw a baby in his arms, he couldn’t hold it. He bit his lips and bent his head.

What I heard was a little sobbing.