Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 86

I often wondered what he’s doing now. Anyway, I heard that Praezia was in the south, so there were dry and rainy seasons, and there was no winter. Was he conquering South Praezia well? I hope he came back without getting hurt.

It reminded me of my childhood. I used to wait like this when my dad went on a business trip.

When I became silent, Graecito looked at me. I didn’t know why he’s so scared of me. Sometimes he seemed to notice my feelings better than Serira. He might become a womanizer when he grew up. Thinking that I should educate him in advance, I caught Graecito’s eye.

“But sometimes I’ll let you borrow my mom.”

“Are you sure you use your heart and mind?”

What the heck was he saying?

This was the leisure of one’s who had a mother. I wanted to hit him. Should I hit him or not? Why would he say he’ll let me borrow his mom? Graecito inflated his cheek when I rejected his ‘favor’.



If it wasn’t for Serira calling me, we’d already been beating each other and fighting. Serira came up urgently.

“You’ll have to go to Bolcena.”


Bolcena was the mansion of Silvia and Ferdel.

Why were we going there right now? It was more doubtful since the sun was about to set. Serira explained in a serious voice under my sharp gaze.

“Her labor began in the morning, and she’s just about to give birth now.”

“But it’s not her due date yet!”

Her due date was supposed to be next week! By the way, I was worried about her since I heard that having the first child was so difficult. However, if one’s labor started this morning, and they’re having a baby, how long must one endure the pain of labor? I was so worried about Silvia.

Oh, damn it, I should hurry.

“Let’s go!”

I put on another coat Elene brought, and I looked back at Graecito, who was still standing there.

“See you later!”

As soon as I arrived at Bolcena, Ferdel hugged me in his arms even before I unclothed my coat. I couldn’t tell him to let go of me while he’s welcoming me as if I was a lifeguard.

Hey, let me take my clothes off!

“What should I do, Princess? My Sil is in so much pain! I want to go in there and hold her hand, but they won’t let anyone inside. What if she dies during labor? My wife is about to die while giving birth. I feel like she really might die. Princess, what if something happens to your younger sister or brother?”