Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 85

It’s already in November. Just two more months and I would be three years old. However, my dad who claimed to return in three months still hadn’t shown up. We had a birthday party in September without him, and it made me depressed. He had been gone for a quite long time, but I still haven’t heard from him. Judging from Ferdel’s calmness, he seemed to be playing well in Praetzia too.

“Your snowman looks weird!”

“Your snowman looks weirder!”

In my reply, Graecito swelled his cheek. We were both making snowmen with all the snow piled up in the garden.

When I first asked to make this, Graecito asked me what it was. I looked back at Serira because I was annoyed to explain it, but judging by her ignorance, there seemed to be no snowmen in this world. Of course, I couldn’t give up. It’s like every kid’s fantasy! Now that I was one again, I would love to be the founder of the first snowman in this world.


He rolls a little snowflake at my command. On one side, Serira and Elene were making warm tea and waiting for us to come back.    ( NovelFull )

“This is fun!”

“See? I told you this would be fun. If you listen to me, you’ll become rich even in your sleep.”

“Yes! Ria is a genius!”

No, I was not a genius. Still, Graecito, who touched his reddened cheeks with his gloves on, was cute. He’s really like a bunny. He didn’t like it when I called him a rabbit, but I was not the type of person who would quit easily.

After that awkward incident, Graecito and I got friendly really quickly. Well, yeah, in fact, the real problem was in Graecito’s attitude, so there was no reason for me to let my guard down and abandon the child who wanted to be a friend. More than anything, Graecito was a real kid. Since he was a boy, he was rather simple-minded. I’ had already forgotten what caused our fight. I felt that kids should play with other kids.

“So were you jealous? You were jealous of me hanging out with your mom, right?”

When I played with Serira, the time went so slowly, but when I played with Graecito, time flew in a heartbeat. Plus, I was happy because I thought I had lost some weight because I had been running around a lot lately.

“She’s my mother!”

“No, she’s not!”

The only problem was that we occasionally fought over who Serira favored; fighting over my nanny and claiming that she’s my mom. Strangely, everything else was easy to yield, but I couldn’t give this up so easily. My mom’s mine!

“Fine, she’s your mom; she’s not my mom!”

“What are you saying? She’s not my real mom!”

“She gets mad at me often, but she’s always sweet to you. She’s your mom.”

“You say that again.”    ( NovelFull )

I racked Graecito’s head. He let go of the snow he was playing with and grabbed his head. Stop acting like it really hurt. My fist was not that strong.

“Fine, she can be your mother. Because I have Caitel, and he’s the best in the universe.”

Though he’s not here right now. If this world was a pyramid, he’s probably at the top, preying on everyone below him.