Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 84

I thought it was pathetic to see Graecito hesitating earlier, but this was a natural physiological phenomenon. I kept getting sore without even realizing it. Oh, it’s ruined.

“Princess, why do you think you don’t have a mother? I’m here for you.”

It was an abrupt remark, but I was not such a fool to the point that I didn’t know what she meant. I looked straight at Serira. I knew that she was here for me. Still…

“But you are not my real mother.”

No matter how close I was to Serira, this was true. A nanny was a nanny, not my own mother. I was not in a position to call her a mother officially in front of others. Well, I didn’t mean to hurt her, but sometimes it was not a good idea to spout the truth, just like now.

I should have not said that. For a moment, Serira was speechless.

I looked at her in the eyes. Was she angry?

I should sew my mouth or something. I kept saying things I didn’t mean. Oh, I was thinking about what to do with this troublemaker’s mouth, and suddenly, her soft hand clenched my hand. It was Serira’s hand.

“So you don’t like me?”

“… no.”

How could I dislike her? She’s Serira!

Serira pulled my hand and held me in her arms. Then, she patted my head. It was the hair she touched in the morning. Well, it’s a mess right now.

“I’ll tell you when you’re a lot more grown-up than now, princess. I’ll tell you everything about the beautiful and lovely lady who was your mother.”

The whispering voice was friendly. I was just surprised. Serira was paying attention to it too. Well, the lady was my mother. I already knew who that royal lady was, but in fact, all of that all came from what I heard in different ways, so I was excited that I would get to hear about my mother.

“Yes. Please tell me later!”

I wanted to emphasize one more time, but I couldn’t because Serira suddenly hugged me so hard. No matter how much you love me, I was surprised! I know how you feel about me, but it was true that it was embarrassing.

“I don’t know where these balls came from.”

A whisper in my ear is ever so soft. I felt tingly for nothing.

“I came from another world.”

“Then are you an angel?”

“Probably not.”

What angel. I was an office worker in my past life. All I learned at my company was how to tell if my superior was having a bad day. Of course I didn’t think it was pointless. Everything I learned at that time is good for me. I’ll use it someday if I remember it.


Her warmth warms my body. No matter how much winter trees heat me up, as the weather got cold, my body was colder than I thought.

“You know…I want Serira to be happy.”

Serira is too hot. I think it’s going to burn.

It was nonsense, but at the moment I felt like it was really true.

“I hope Serira is the happiest person in the world. Then I’ll be happy too. That’s what I want.”


I raise my head on her sobbing voice. I frown my face.

Oh, my dear mother.

“Don’t cry, Mom. why do you cry whenever I say something? I feel like I’m the one who made you cry…”

I want Serira to be happy. Really, that’s what I want.