Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 83

When I tried finding them, it’s easy to look for Graecito.

Graecito, who was standing nearby, held the rose in his hand and looked around. It looked like they were looking for me.

I tried to reveal myself, but when I saw that, I found myself hiding even more. I would stay here for a little bit more. Fortunately, he couldn’t find me. Graecito was bowing his head with a serious look. I guessed he was really feeling sorry. I thought he’d just go and force his gift to her.

“Okay, let’s try this!”

Huh? Suddenly, Graecito shouted loudly and strode into the pavilion like a man. However, his brisk walk fell just as Serira looked at him. There’s a stray puppy right there. Oh, what was I supposed to do with this kid?

“I, I’m sorry.”

He stood there, and with a saddened tone, he held out the rose, and Graecito closed his eyes tightly.

“I’m sorry! I’ll behave from now on.”

Serira stared at Graecito in surprise, but Graecito was restless to see if he thought it was a rejection. Looking at his face with a grimace, I suddenly overlap my past self. However, it was kind of serious back then. Tears welled up in Serira’s eyes. The wound was still untreated.

Idiot, she should have healed that first.

The scene was stuck in my eyes when I saw Serira controlling her emotions with her eyes closed for a while, whether she was going to cry or not. Soon, she accepted the rose from Graecito’s hand. After spending a long time in front of her, Graecito looked up at Serira’s face with courage and soon opened his mouth blankly with Serira’s bright smile.

“Now you have to be a good boy. Okay?”


I didn’t know what came between the two of them in that short moment, but I thought that it’s a good thing. It’s so much better. Now that Serira didn’t have to worry too much about Graecito anymore. That’s a relief, really.

“Now, shall we go and take a bath, young master?”

“What, but mom…”

She only said a word with a stern look to Graecito.

“You’re not going to listen to me?”

Just like that, mom won. I felt pity for him.

Graecito, he had already lost. Serrira would use this to tease him for the rest of his life. It’s usually what all mothers did. Unaware that his unhappy future was waiting with a wink in front of him, Graecito took Elene’s hand and stepped out into the pavilion.

“Come on, let’s go.”

For now though, the misfortune of others was other’s, and I held my breath. Oh, that’s killing me. Should I just go and die? When Graecito disappeared, a suicidal impulse inside me suddenly started raging.

How could I see her!?

Still, I crawled into the pavilion. Ugh, I usually saw her without thinking about it, but now, I felt like I was dying. It’s better to be the one who got the punished first. I should’ve just come in before Graecito? Oh, whatever, I was already here.


Serira’s face suddenly darkened when I gave her the rose I brought.

What’s this reaction? Was he upset that we used the same way to make her happy? Was that it? Fortunately, that was not the case. What Serira did before she even got the rose was to open my hand.

“Your hand…”

“Here. Take it.”

What’s that face?

She looked so mysterious. Should I have brought something other than flowers? I couldn’t read Serira’s face. I wanted to know what she’s thinking! Did she not like it? Was he very angry? However, from the sound of her voice, she didn’t seem so mad.

“Thank you. Did you cheer up Graecito?”


Serira laughed at my curt reply. I felt a little relieved by her smile I had always seen. It was her ordinary sweet voice.

He’s not mad. Just one minor problem was her deep-sunken eyes.