Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 81

Sitting there peacefully, something suddenly popped out in front of me.

“What is this?”

It was a flower. A white rose. When did he picked this up? I didn’t like flowers that much, but since I was a woman, I still enjoyed it.

Geez, this boy knew how to rattle a girl’s heart. He’s so young, yet he already knew how to appeal to women. When I accepted the flower, his face slightly brightened.

“I’m sorry.”


“… I’m sorry.”

He couldn’t look at my eyes directly, and he kept squinting at me. He must be very sorry, huh? I didn’t answer him, so he kept biting his lips and tearing up. A drooping puppy’s ears would be perfect for him.

He’s kind of cute when he’s all upset like that.

“Why did you do that?”

Yeah, since I was generous I could forgive him this time. Actually, he should ask for Serira’s forgiveness, not mine. Graecito’s expression brightened up whether he understood my gesture of reconciliation. However, he shouldn’t be too excited, because I didn’t want him to be happy yet.

“Because… Grandma is sick.”

Oh, was she still sick? I knew she wasn’t born healthy, but it made sense considering how old she was. Of course, I didn’t know what made her so sick. That’s because either Serira or Elene didn’t tell me.

However, what’s everything got to do with his grandma being sick?

“If I get close to mother, grandma might leave me.”

My throat choked up for a moment. I meant, he really was a kid. How could he come to that conclusion? It’s ridiculous. At the same time, I envied his naivety and his purity.

“Why would your Grandma leave you?”

“Because I’m annoying.”

Graecito spoke seriously. At the same time, I sighed because of his sullen look.

“Why are you annoying? You’re her only grandson.”

“Do you really think so?”

“Of course.”

His eyes glowed with a small consolation. For Graecito, his grandmother seemed like Serira to me. She’s not his mother, but she more important to her than a mom. However, I heard it was his grandmother who raised Graecito instead of Serira, who became my nanny. I felt even more strange because I knew how he felt.

“Do you think your grandma is annoying?”


“Then your grandma wouldn’t think that you’re annoying either.”

No wonder to me, but not to Grecito, a real child. He responded to me as if he heard it for the first time.



“Really? Is that true?”

“Oh, yes. Of course.”

How many times did he intend to ask that? Graecito frowned his forehead as if he was unsure even after receiving affirmation from me again.

I just stared at him. Being young was really good. Even this idiot looks so cute. I wanted to pinch his cheek. His chubby cheeks look like it came from a real rabbit.

“I see…I didn’t know that.”

Somehow his voice as he said those words sounded like they were drooping. Hey, man, at this age, it’s natural for him not to know this. It should be impossible to understand the behavior of adults when one was so young. Except for me.

“Mother keeps me from visiting grandma, so I thought grandma was leaving me.”

Grecito’s eyes are filled with tears. Was he crying about this? Maybe that’s not because adults didn’t like Graecito or because they hated him, but because they didn’t want him to see her sick.

“It’s because grandma only wants you to see her when she’s healthy.”

“I don’t mind if she’s not healthy.”

It’s just him.

“Your Grandmother doesn’t.”

Graecito flinched at my firm words. I put my hand on his head. Pat pat. Now, he looked like a good boy, right?