Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 79

If I knew it would be this difficult, I should have limited the areas where they could hide. Shoot, I felt like I was looking for socks in the drawer before I leaving. I still sucked at searching for something. I remembered my past life when I couldn’t find my pair of socks. No matter the day or the occasion, my mom would find my socks for me.

“Where should I go? Should I go to the winter tree?”

However, there aren’t many trees there, so there’s no place for them to hide. If they’re hiding there, that’s just foolish.

Still, I turned to the place where the winter tree was, thinking that maybe there was such a fool who would hide there. If I couldn’t find them, I would do it again next time.

I was relaxing and walking to the winter garden, and surprisingly, I found Elene walking towards me. Uh, it’s Elene!

“I got you!”

To the delight of my heart, I ran to her and grabbed Elene’s clothes. Hey, now she’s it! I thought I wouldn’t catch anyone, but I was glad I caught her. However, I soon had to harden my face to a serious voice.

“Princess, something happened!”

“What’s going on?”

Why was I suddenly in trouble? It was questionable, but seeing Elene’s urgent look, it didn’t seem to be a lie. I waited for Elene’s next words with a stiff face.

“Graecito, he…!”

As soon as I ran towards them after hearing what Elene said, there was a scuffle between Graecito and Serira. Once I was running, I picked out the short breath and figured out the situation.

According to Elene, Cito climbed up a tree by himself, and Serira got hurt while trying to catch him. Yet he’s still just as stubborn!

“Let go!”

Elene was restless, unable to tell Serira to go to the nurse. While looking at Graecito, who was twisting his whole body to take Serira off him, I turned to Serira. I could see Serira’s clothes ripped off on the arm. The branch must have broken and fallen off.

There’s a scratch on her cheek, too, on that pretty face!


“Let go of me!”

It was the first time for both of them to shout together. Even if this happened every time, Serira tried to calm herself down and soothed him.

Yeah, she had had enough. Although Serira was like a saint, Grecito’s actions had been very serious. However, they shouldn’t be so upset.

“You should listen to me! Didn’t Grandma tell you not to do things like this?!”

“I don’t care! I’m going to Grandma!”

“Let go! You are not my mother!”

Just for a moment, Serira stopped and stood still with a panicked expression. Serira’s face hardened. Uh, huh?

“Get away, you monster. Bring grandma here!”

That must have been the decisive one, Serira let go of Grecito’s arm. She couldn’t speak any words. Seeing the hurtful look in her eyes, something suddenly snapped inside me.

“Hey, you idiot!”

It wasn’t the first time they were fighting, but it was the first time Serira had heard such harsh words. Seeing a face completely hardened and turned into a pale complexion, I got so mad. There’s something one could say and couldn’t say. His mother always missed his so much, and what did he give him in return?

“Serira is mine! Don’t touch her!”

When I suddenly rushed in, Graecito opened his eyes wide. That expression was so innocent that it made me angrier. How dare he persecute her in front of me?!

“If you don’t want her as your mother, then let her go! She will be my mom from now on! Don’t you dare talk to my nanny like that! You Idiot, dumb, stupid, idiotic, blockheaded, fool!”

Graecito’s eyes opened wide, surprised by the words. When I saw him hiccup, I felt pity for him, so I shut my mouth. Reason warned me that I should not be emotional this way, but I couldn’t stop my mouth from moving freely.

I didn’t know what else to say.

“Sniff, since I don’t have a mother…”

Something popped inside of me. I was a little flustered when tears came out of my eyes. I didn’t mean to cry. What’s wrong with me?

Graecito was still looking at me surprised. His gaze shook for a moment, and he lowered his head. The unbearable silence subsided within this space.

Where was he going all of a sudden?

There was a voice from behind me as Serira anxiously called his name, but Graecito ran out nonetheless. What’s wrong with him!?

When Graecito disappeared, I suddenly became embarrassed for being so furious. I didn’t know why, but I also cried.

Oh, I had no idea anymore what to do.