Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 77

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

Where the hell did they all go? I thought I’d find them as soon as I moved, but it was just my illusion. Graecito was just a child, but Serira and Elene were just too serious about this.

“Be sure to hide, I see your hair. Where did you hide? Did you hide here?”

The scenery was unfamiliar since I came to a new area. I should have just went where I used to go. However, I crawled all the way here with a pioneering spirit that couldn’t be used for anything. I didn’t see any people, and neither did I find Serira or Elene. Graecito, too; I didn’t see this rabbit. This garden was a really big garden, indeed.


At that moment something was caught in my peripheral vision. Was it a person?! It seemed like Elene or Serira from their height or silhouette.

I got you!

As soon as I ran to her, a figure of a woman really came into my eyes. Yay!

“I found you! You’re it!”

Now they’re it! I ran with confidence and shouted, and at the moment I was embarrassed by the eyes that came into mine. Ugh, huh?


This wasn’t Elene or Serira.

“I’m not hiding.”

She smiled softly as she swept her long hair behind her ears.

“I know.”

She was a stranger. She had a pretty smile and a pleasant eye, but definitely stranger. No, I had seen her before, but being a stranger to me didn’t change anything much.

“I see, we’ve met for the first time.”

The blue hair was giddy among the tree roots. Her eyes were blue, too. Except for holding a book in her hand, her appearance wasn’t particularly attention-grabbing. Was she taking a walk?

However, she was definitely a beauty. She was a neat and innocent beauty rather than something splendid. Oh, wait, I thought I had seen this person somewhere. Wasn’t she the one who showed me the way before? I thought that’s right.

What the hell was she doing? Suddenly, I wondered who she was.

Now that I thought about it. If she’s staying here, she must be a princess from some country. Was she also one of Caitel’s accessories?

Caitel’s accessories… It was a joke people used to refer to princesses and royal ladies living in the harem. Accessories displayed in the king’s harem. It was also a derogatory remark to refer to Caitel’s cruel hobby of collecting princesses, but it was also derision of those princesses who had been captured. Well, it wasn’t totally wrong.