Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 76

I would love to stay at Bolcena every day, but I shouldn’t bother Silvia, who’s pregnant, too much. Therefore, I had to stay at the royal palace once or twice a week.

It’s not easy to take care of a baby while pregnant. It was the same even though I was a cute and a good baby.

“So, Princess, what should we play today?”


“Then what kind of game should we play?”

I didn’t know. Honestly, shouldn’t she be the one coming up with ideas? Did I have to invent new games at this age? Well, we did have to play every single day, so Serira must be out of ideas… I understood that much.

“Since Graecito is here, how about we play hide and seek?”

Hide and seek? He was startled after hearing what Serira said. He seemed to hate it so much. Ugh, it wasn’t enough to hate me for two days? Well, it’s not like I could ignore him now.

I didn’t want to hang out with him too!

I got tired of this fight we had been having over and over. Sinc he’s so young, he showed his hate in such a straightforward manner.

It’s all Serira’s fault!

“Then, I’ll be it. Elene, Rabbit, and Serira can hide.”

Serira turned her head in my answer. She was looking at Graecito. It made me felt sad to see that again.

Oh, yeah, what could I do? I was born as someone weak to Serira. I would have to sacrifice myself for her. They suddenly became a loving mother and son, hiding in the same place, but it’s better than being apart.

“Then let’s go play in the garden!”

Elene seemed excited about the hide and seek. When would she grow up? However, I liked how innocent she was, so I wished she could keep that. Well, I would be a little annoyed if she actually did that.

“Let’s go to the garden!”

As I came out dressed warmly so as not to catch a cold, I immediately felt that winter was approaching. Of course, the winter tree’s protection did not make it so cold, but should I say that the scenery was different? Dry branches were all rancid except for winter trees and a few coniferous trees. Among them was a hot-tree that was the best firewood in the winter. When I brought my hand to the tree I could feel warmth in my hand, and looking at it, I shouted at the top of my voice.

“Now, I’m going to begin!”

I heard the sound of movement behind me, so I put my hand on the tree and counted the numbers. Did I have to count from 10?

“Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!”

I was such a genius for memorizing numbers already. Although nobody noticed. Anyway, to think that I’d have fun playing old games like this. At this rate, my mind would slowly degrade, and I might really become a child.

“Six! Five! Four!”

However, the big problem was something else, and it was the fact that this old game was as much fun than when I initially remembered it.

“Three! Two! One! Done!”

When I was young, I used to play with my friends like this. When I was a high school student, I spent the rest of my lunchtime playing like this. One Card, statues, and so on. The nostalgia I felt after playing this game just got me really excited.

I turned away from the tree.

“Ready or not, here I come!”

Due to the rule that no one should go outside the garden, there was a limited number of places to hide anyway. Where should I go first? I was about to go to the river, but I just moved my foot.

I would go where I had never been to before!