Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 75

When I said I’d recognize it, two women sighed in relief, sweeping down their chests. Ignorant of the situation, Ferdel looked at both of them and smiled at me.

“Our princess is looking pretty today as well!”

No thanks, you fanatic. He said I was pretty even when I just woke up. He said I was pretty even when I didn’t take a bath. His eyes were unreliable. He was the one who would say I was pretty even if I were a monster.

“But… is it alright to have this here?”

“I wonder. I thought it was forbidden to take portraits of royalty outside the royal palace.”

Huh? Forbidden? Surprised by the fact that I knew of this information for the first time, I looked back at Ferdel. What’s going on here? The mysterious eyes of the two women were also caught together, but Ferdel nodded with a look of complete indifference.

“That’s okay. I’m the chancellor.”

… Is it okay to allow him to live just like that?

I stared at Ferdel with cold eyes, but he shrugged as if there was nothing wrong with that. I was facing corruption right in front of my eyes. I wanted to be a member of the police force right now. How was he a chancellor and that’s it? Tsk tsk.



“Why did you marry Ferdel?”

Yeah, why did you marry that guy? There would have been so many cute, lovely, and obedient men for Silvia. I really felt bad for Silvia. Ferdel couldn’t repress his astonishment.

“W, what’s so bad about me!”

“You’re weird.”

Yeah, you’re really weird.

“Sil is like an angel, but Ferdel is ugly.”

“That hurt me real deep…”

Hurt? Yeah sure. You already lost enough credibility with me. I turned away from Ferdel coldly.

Now, I wanted to know… How did she end up marrying someone like him?

“I wonder.”

Silvia nodded in a curious tone.

“I always wonder about how I ended up in this marriage as well.”


I was expecting some big answer, and I was even willing to have the patience to put up with any kind of love story they were hiding from me! It was an unexpected answer. What’s the reason for their marriage? Did Ferdel threaten her? No. Then she would have told me that she got threatened. What’s the reason then? Was it because Ferdel got that mojo…?

No, not at all. Then what the hell was it?

“S, Sil!”

It was a trivial answer for me, but it didn’t seem like it for Ferdel. He was crying with a stern expression. His pained expression surprised me so. He looked like a puppy. What was he, a dog dedicated to Silvia?

Silvia smiled and held Ferdel’s hand.

“I’m just joking.”

“T, there are things you shouldn’t joke about. That really scared me!”

“Oh dear, gonna cry?”

“I’m not crying! Who says I’m crying!”

Was he seriously not crying? I saw his teary eyes.

I was a little surprised. I thought he would be cool with love because of his image of iron blood, but that was not the case. That was more unexpected. I heard he knew what’s in the water, but he didn’t know what’s in people’s mind.

“It’s just a little surprised.”

However, he’s sniffling so much.

Well, I was nice and generous, so I would pretend I didn’t see that for both their sakes.

This cookie was delicious though.

“Now, you should go back. Did you think I’d be glad if you came home to me after postponing your work?”

“N, no.”

“If you do this again, I’ll get mad.”

“A, alright.”

People said a wife should be wise. Men could live with a fox, but not with a bear. Ferdel couldn’t even argue properly.

“I will see you later.”


After they bid farewell, Ferdel stood up and left a short kiss on Silvia’s forehead. Silvia smiled brightly and kissed Ferdel on both cheeks. They never forget to publicly display their love. They’re an overly sweet couple.

“I’ll see you later, princess!”

Yet still, I couldn’t deny they were lovely together. I couldn’t help but be jealous. I turned my head from Ferdel.

Please, hurry up and leave.