Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 74

“… if you ask Owen, he’ll probably bring it over.”

“All right. That’s all I need.”

Huh? Was she sure she would hang up? I wasn’t the only one embarrassed by this. Beyond the phone call, Ferdel also seemed flustered.

“S, Sil? Hey, honey? Hold on! Are you just…”


“Sil, Sil!”

Silvia, I didn’t know she’s like that…

As soon as her business was over, Silvia just hung up. Wow, she’s cold.

“Tell Owen to bring it.”


At Silvia’s command, the maid bowed her head and disappeared. I looked at her as I called her name.



“What is that?”

What I pointed to was that pyramid-shaped thing Silvia was still holding. She smiled at my question and gave it to me.

“Oh, Princess, have you never seen one before? This is a telestone. It’s made by cutting two spirit stones with the same energy wave, but there’s only a few of them because it’s too expensive.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“The more transparent it is, the more expensive it could get. Its transparency also dictates the distance it could be used.”

The telestone sat on my little hands; it was smaller than I thought. This made the call possible? I had no idea how it worked, but it was just amazing. I meant, they just made the call to each other… With this!

“It’s a very rare spirit stone only Agrigent make.”

“So a spirit is sending voices inside it?”

“Perhaps you’re right.”

Really? I was speechless of Silvia’s acceptance. I was just saying what I wanted to say, but was it really true? No, no way.

At a time like this, I realize that ‘I am really living in a different world’ and that I was really reincarnated to a whole new world. Just looking at the summoning sword of Caitel, the winter tree, and this… This world was filled with strange things foreign to me.

“I heard you called.”

It’s the butler! Owen, Bolcena’s butler, was a curious man to see from time to time. I didn’t know there was such a young butler like him. When I heard of the name Owen, I thought he would be an old white-haired gentleman, but Owen was a 20-year-old young man.

“Oh, Owen, come on in. Did you bring that?

“Yes, here.”

However, what’s that? What Owen handed over to Silvia was a large frame. What about the frame? My head tilted in wonder. At that moment the door opened and a totally unexpected man came into the greenhouse.

The person who burst into tears was…


Yeah, it was Ferdel. What??

I was surprised by his sudden appearance and pulled my upper body back, but Silvia frowned with a disapproving face. As soon as Ferdel came, he sat down in front of Silvia and wept.

“Silvia, how could you cut me off like that!? You’re so cold! We weren’t like this before!”

“Did you abandon your duties to come here at this time?”

“That’s not the problem here! Sil, how could you treat me like that!?”

“Do you need to be scolded again?”


Silvia’s victory!

Ferdel shut his mouth like a clam and puffed up his cheek. Was he a baby or an adult? It was a little pathetic, but at the same time, I envied Silvia a little. Why did I envy this couple every time I saw them? Even though Ferdel had so much power outside, he’s useless at home. Besides, he treated her as if she would blow up when the wind blows, or if he squeezes her she’ll pop…

Women need to marry men like that. Our Sil was a very happy woman.

“I postponed all government meetings. I’ll go back later in the evening.”

“Oh dear.”

Shaking her head, Sil laughed. Ferdel smiled brightly as she smileed. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t stop looking at this. As expected, a quarrel between a couple was like cutting water with a knife. Oh, this filthy couple.

“Huh? So you found it?”

Persistent in their own world, Ferdel approached me with a bright face. No, please don’t mind me so much.

However, my wish was shattered. Ha, this rotten world.

“Princess, this is your father. He’s crazy.”

I knew. Did he think I was that stupid?

It was a portrait of Caitel that Silvia was looking for. Honestly, the painting doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the real thing, but it’s great if it’s this much reproduction. Still, I couldn’t deny that a real Caitel was way better.

“Princess, do you remember him now?”

“He’s the emperor. Your father!”

“Yes, I know.”

If I said I didn’t know him another time, they would probably take me to the war. I should give up here.