Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 73

I took my cup from Elene, leaving the two panicking people alone. Lemonade was better when you drink it in winter.

“Oh dear, what should we do? It’s only been two months. At this rate when the emperor returns…”

“S, stay calm, Serira. We can’t panic like this now.”

“Ha… but…”

I kind of felt guilty… but that’s because they’re asking me to remember when he treated me like a bug! I wanted to forget about that time!

“We shouldn’t get embarrassed. You have to think about the princess.”

They didn’t have to think about me, man.

I was surprised that Elene was the calmest in this situation, but I soon found out why by looking at her. Ah-ha, I had been playing with Silvia lately, and she felt sad that I didn’t play with her.

Oh, did you feel sad? Why on earth did she loved me so much?

I reached out and grabbed her finger, and Elene smiled brightly. Ugh, there’s one more fanatic here than Ferdel.

“Ah, right!”

Silvia stood up as if she got a good idea. I was frightened. Huh? Why was she standing up?


“Yes, my Lady.”

“Please bring the telestone linked to the royal palace.”

“Yes, your grace.”

When the maid went out with her head down once, Silvia sighed and sat down again. Even though it was a simple move to stand up and sit down, Silvia seemed very tired. However, now that it’s almost over, Silvia’s belly was so big. What kind of kid was sitting in here like this? I patted her belly like nothing. Her belly was so big, but I was a little scared since she was so skinny on my arms or face.

“Her belly is like a mountain!”

“Do you think this is that big?”


How could anyone live like this? Some of my friends got married at an early age and became mothers, but it’s still amazing to see them. When the child grew up, they got constipation, slept poorly, and had many inconveniences. As expected, a mother was always great. I was a woman, but not a mother, so it seemed amazing.

“Princess, godmother is tired. Now, come here.”

I wasn’t that close. I poked my lips with a discontented look as if I had bothered Silvia. She was treating me with a smile, but… Yeah, I was sorry. It’s my fault for not having enough consideration in the first place.

I sat on a chair as Serira directed me to, and finished the lemonade Elene gave me. Just in time, the maid who had gone out came back soon.

What the maid brought was something small that was the size of my palm. It was a pinkish stone. The three-cornered thing looked like a pyramid, and Silvia fiddled with something I had never seen before.

“Yeah? What is it?”

Wait, that voice is…?

Surprised by the sudden sound of his voice, I dropped the cup I was holding. Serira was surprised and took the cup. I almost ruined my dress. No, but more than that!



“Where is that thing?”

That’s Ferdel’s voice!

If my ears weren’t broken, that must be his voice, indeed!

I opened my mouth wide. What was this? Could I talk to you on the phone? Of course, I didn’t have a phone, and I didn’t think I had a number, but I was surprised to hear it was a basic communication such as a paper cup phone. What would they do with this sound quality? It’s so high-quality!

“Did you suddenly just call me about a thing? What thing? Oh, do you mean, me? Did you miss me that much?”

“That’s not it. That one. That.”

“What’s that? You have to tell me little more specifically. Sil, I’m in the middle of the business, so I can’t talk long.”

She shouted as if she was frustrated, but Ferdel seemed upset when she said she wasn’t interested in him. ‘I’m in the middle of my work, so I can’t talk long.’ To say so in a sulky voice, it was no credence.

“I’m not thinking of talking too long. That thing you’ve been carrying around all the time lately.”

“Oh, that? It should be somewhere, but I don’t carry it with me all the time. Am I some pervert?”

“But you are a pervert.”


Every time I saw this couple, I always found it amazing. Most amazing of all was that the fiery Ferdel of the Darkness was totally powerless against Silvia. Was this the true power of love? However, I thought I could only see it in classical literature because it’s always the opposite.

“Oh, anyway!”

The voice-only Ferdel replied in a disheveled manner.

“What’s going on? What is my dear Sil planning to use it for?”

“Don’t ask, just tell me where it is.”

“Gasp, you’re so cold! My angelic Sil would never treat me like this!”

Silvia now seemed to be getting irritated. I didn’t think I had ever seen that expression from her before. No matter how nice she was, Ferdel was a Ferdel. What sort of man would he have to become in order to piss off an angel from heaven?

“I don’t have much time to talk to you right now.”


Even this seems to be a dirty couple’s spleen. Sob sob. I would grow up fast and make a boyfriend.

With firm determination, I took a bite out of the cookies Serira gave me. Nom nom, It’s delicious. Only a few months ago, I couldn’t even bite anything! I felt the preciousness of my teeth once again. Yeah, even when I was old, I wouldn’t do the implant. I should take good care of myself, so I wouldn’t get cavities.