Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 72

2. I’ll hold on

It’s been 2 months since Caitel left.

Time flies.

It felt so strange. At this rate, I’ll suddenly grow up, get married, and become a grandmother soon. How terrible.

“What are you doing, princess?”


A friendly voice spoke, as I was about to tremble at the terrible thing I was imagining. I looked up, and it was Silvia who spoke to me. I smiled at her.

Silvia smiled brightly at my smile. I like getting my head patted. More, do it more!

Oh, how could she be so pretty even when she’s already married? Was she an angel or a human? I bet she’s an angel without wings!

“You know how to act cute now. Our princess is all grown up.”

All grown up? Nah. It was absurd enough, but it was good to hear. Yeah, well, I would be generous to her.

“Yeah, I’m grown up. I’ll get married soon!”

Oh, Elene breathed in next to my voice. However, Silvia and Serira answered with a big smile. It was a bit of a surprise that Serira, who was doing other things in the distance, smiled too. No, mom, did I say something funny?! Why!? Did this country not approve of premature marriage?! I was old enough to get married at my mental age!

“Don’t you mind coming to Bolcena sometimes? Of course, I’m happy to see you, but…”

Bolcena was the name of the mansion of the Duchess of Vittervo in Girgento, the capital of Agrigent. Well, I was wondering why people would want to name their mansions, but Serira told me it’s their address. After all, all the palaces in Agrigentom had their own names. In fact, it was only recently that I knew there was a name for the palaces. Look at my ignorance.

“But the palace is boring.”

“You don’t really do anything here too.”

“But I’m playing with Sil!”

I raised my hands and held Sil’s hand, stroking my head. At the end of sight, Sil smiled.

Yes, for the past 2 months, I pretty much moved into Bolcena mansion here with Ferdel and Silvia instead of living in my home at the royal palace.

Originally, since there were previous assassination attempts and since it was absolutely impossible for me to leave the palace for a variety of reasons, I was free to do what I wanted thanks to the fact that Silvia was my godmother and that Ferdel was the Chancellor. Well, it’s fun to go back and forth and look around the capital. If one’s in the palace, they would have to spend a boring, dull, fruitless, dreamless, and hopeless day doing nothing. What, well, that’s what one would call child abuse!

Well, it’s boring to stay in the royal palace all day. Caitel was the only one who left, yet the palace felt so empty without him.

“Thanks to the princess, the palace doesn’t feel so lonely anymore even without the emperor. I was worried since something always happens when the emperor is away from the palace.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

I knew I was not lonely, but why did this conversation escalated into something terrible all of a sudden? Huh? What’s going on?

I tilted my head, but Silvia just patted my cheek without saying a word. I was offended. What, why wouldn’t you talk? I was just curious.

“You mean the rebels, am I right?”

If it wasn’t for Serira, I would be clueless for all eternity The rebels? I looked back with my eyes wide open at the first word I heared. Serira had a rather serious face.

“His highness has been capturing and killing them all this time, but I heard they’re still on the loose.”

“It will never end as long as the 6th prince is alive.”

Silvia shook her head with an awkward smile. By the way, who was the 6th prince? Oh, why did I have so many things in this world I didn’t know? Damn it! Just tell me all about it, you two! I didn’t know, I didn’t need it all, sob sob. You guys could talk, I would just listen to it. Yes, life was a sign. I had to be smart!

“I’m relieved that now the royal blood stays in the palace, but before that, I couldn’t sleep because I was nervous when his majesty left the palace for months after a chastisement.”

“Yes, it was so bad I thought he was doing it on purpose.”

“Well, Ferdel always said we shouldn’t worry, but how can I not worry? If something goes wrong, the whole empire will be overturned.”

Damn, I didn’t really understood. I guess I should just stay quiet.

It seemed that they both spoke a foreign language. What were they saying? What’s going on with Caitel? I felt like they were exchanging codes that only they knew. Excuse me, here’s an alienated neighbor. Please show me some warm affection and love.

Perhaps, like she could hear what I was thinking, Silvia suddenly turned to me. Huh? I naturally looked at her when our eyes meet.

It was then when Silvia smiled and grabbed my hand.

“Princess, don’t you miss your father?”


Ha, not at all.

Why would I miss him? I could breathe for two months because he’s not here. However, I wanted to see him a little…no! Why would I want to see him? I was fine even without him. I twisted my lips.

“Who’s father?”

In a flash, their faces become firm. Silvia, who was unable to clear her to look of embarrassment, asked me back.

“You… don’t remember his highness?”

The two people’s faces were changed as I replied. Something big dropped, and then it was all silent once again. At that moment, I just twisted my hair with my finger. I didn’t care about that man.

Suddenly embarrassed, Serira grabbed me by the shoulder. They both shouted urgently.

“You know, the man you always used to see.”


“Yes, and he called you a bug before!”

Hey, seriously? You had to remind me of that out of everything else? I was only going to pretend for a little while, but this won’t do. A bug? I want to forget about that time!

Yeah, I had been treated like a bug. Was it working?

“Don’t you remember the handsome man you always ate with and talked about? You also went to bed together every night. Right? ”

“I don’t remember.”

“Your father, the princess’ father.”

“Who’s that?”

The two of them tried hard to explain, but my mind was already closed. I didn’t know. If I said I didn’t know, then I didn’t know. Did they think I was gonna say I remembered him?