Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 71

“What were you doing?”

When Caitel asked her, Ria handed over the pebbles in her hands.


Caitel looked back at his daughter with a smooth pebble in his hand. Ria smiled broadly at his confused expression.

“Gift for you!”

Ferdel, who was watching it to quench his envy, smiled despondently.

‘I don’t need anything. Having a daughter is the best.’

Even corners of Caitel’s lips rose at how cute she looked.

“Is it a bribe?”


In the conversation between two father and daughter, Ferdel was momentarily dumbfounded. What bribe was he talking about to a pure child like her!? That man! Both father and daughter weren’t interested whether Ferdel got angry or not. Ferdel fell alone and cooled down.

‘This is all because I don’t have a daughter!’

“That’s pretty.”

With an emotionless voice, Ria opens her eyes wide.


Her grinning face made Ferdel speechless. My princess was an angel.

Still, it was refreshing to see him. When she was a little younger, he always thought Caitel might kill her soon. However, now they just looked like a perfect family. He who’s holding her and she who’s being held by him looked magnificent. Caitel really did become a father.

Ferdel realized this casually.

‘Now I could laugh at him even if he insisted he’s not a father. The problem was that it was not something to laugh at, but something to envy. I want a daughter too! A cute and pretty daughter like that! A cute and pretty and lovely daughter like that! No, it’s good to have something envious in your life. It’s really desirable to develop yourself and try to have it.’

In fact, Ferdel also agonized over whether he’s too perfect. After all, he has a good family, harmonious family members, an outstanding political ability, a brilliant brain, and a beautiful wife. There wasn’t anything that’s lacking.

‘Of course, this is proof that God loves me too much. He loves me so much that I was tired of it. I wish I could have a child soon.’

However, if the one had a daughter, it’s a different story.

It’s very different. Even if he tried, it would have been in a muddle if his luck didn’t. Where should I put with my efforts in the first place?

The problem was with Ferdel, who wanted to be the father of the child right away. ‘Daughter! I want to have a daughter! Oh, shall we just adopt one?’

At that moment, Caitel twisted his lip. A charming smile caught his lips.

“It’s pretty, unlike the person who brought it.”

A pretty playful voice made Ria’s face crumpled.

“I’m not ugly!”

“I haven’t said anything yet.”

Ria was impressed at how Caitel feigned his innocence.

“You just said I’m ugly!”

Caitel responded with no expression at her complaints.

“I didn’t say that.”

‘Are you a baby?’ Ferdel’s face is frowning with shame. ‘No matter how much fun you’re having, you can’t just make fun of your daughter, it’s a shame, tsk tsk.’

However, since he’s envious of him, Ferdel silently swallowed his tears, sob sob.

“No. Daddy you just said I’m ugly!”

Even though Ria tried hard her best to argue, Caitel’s indifferent response remained. Caitel answered quietly.

“I said it was different from the person who brought, but I didn’t say you are ugly.”

Ria shut her mouth as if she was speechless. Ferdel wanted to help, but he couldn’t help her since Ria’s facial expression as she bit her lips was just too cute and pretty, so it was impossible for him to think straight.

‘Oh, that’s how you raise your daughter. Damn it, I’m so jealous!’

“No, you said I was definitely ugly.”

Caitel smiled at her murmur.

“Yes. You’re ugly.”

The remark crumpled the princess’ face. Ferdel, who had been watching them from the side finally couldn’t take it anymore.

‘Who dares to say she’s ugly?’

“Are you a child? What are you doing to a princess?”

Caitel turned his eyes on Ferdel’s break-in.

“Why are you here when you said you were going back?”

“The princess found me and we were chatting.”

Then, when he looked at Ria, she smiled. Caitel’s eyes sharpened.

‘How dare you doubt me?’

“Don’t worry. I didn’t touch her.”

‘Do you know how much I wanted to touch, pet, and kiss her!? I can’t praise myself enough for enduring all those impulses, but having such a treat made me feel a little sad. Maybe it’s just wasn’t enough.’

Caitel sees the princess in his arms.

“Did Ferdel really not touch you?”


‘Hey, you bastard!’

“You don’t have to double-check, you prick!”

The Caitel caustic eyes returned to Fertel’s as he cried. Ria tilted her head in his arms, but at that moment, Ferfel could only see Caitel’s smile.

“If you’re jealous, get one.”

He was poking at where it hurts the most. Ferdel renewed his determination he struggled to renew tens of thousands of times everyday.

‘I will have a daughter.’

“I will have daughter! I will definitely have both sons and daughters, so I’ll bite them and lick them and love them! I will love them!!”

Caitel laughed at his terrible reply. It was a real sneer.

“Do that. Who said you couldn’t?”

That son of a bitch!