Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 70

“Daddy, Ferdel patted my head!”

‘I was so afraid of that sight that I fell back into silence. It was a crazy thing that couldn’t be easily done considering what will happen afterward.

Ferdel had to suffer for a week after patting her head once. Memories of the document that had been constantly on the rise. Ferdel couldn’t return to his home and had to read the documents for several days. He did it on purpose to fuck me; he’s such a bastard.

He’s not helpful at all in my life.’

Caitel has been like that since they were children. He had been a bastard since they first met. Ferdel had hated Caitel ever since then. He could confidently give several reasons for it.

Yes, for all these various reasons, Ferdel hated Caitel. He hated him with a burning passion. Sure, he admitted that Caitel was truly his friend, but still. He hates it!

‘My enemy and a constant hindrance to my life.’

Caitel made fun of him, abused him, and ignored him all the time.

‘Sadly I can’t kill that guy. Besides, who is Caitel? Isn’t he the emperor of this country? Also, it was me who helped him get on that throne. After all, everything is my karma.’

“I should have just raised the hand of the 6th prince.”

As he muttered with a dejected expression, Ria’s head tilted. Even that look was so cute that Ferdel sobbed inside.

‘Please me too! I want a Daughter too!’


“Uh, huh?”

“Can’t you give me a kiss?”

He yearned hard with his eyes bright, but her reply was cold. Ria grimaced right away.


On top of that, Ferdel was slightly more hurt since she looked as if she had seen a pervert.

‘Why am I in such a poor position?

‘At the age of 20, I became the country’s prime minister and completely changed the system that I didn’t like, and implemented new and efficient policies like this to make this country strong and solidify its inner world! A nation’s Chancellor, a political genius! Since I don’t have a daughter, this is what happened to me! What the hell is this? How sad to live without a daughter.’

“P, Princess.”

“Daddy’s in the drill hall, then?”

Ria said, waving something in her hand. Ferdel realized that there was something in the princess’s hand.

“What’s that?”

“Gift for Daddy!”

What gift? A gift for that kind of man?

His growing envy was likely to paralyze his reasonings. Oh, I couldn’t believe I would ever envy someone in my life. It was unexpected. I always thought people would envy me!

“What’s that gift?”

“I found it in the garden. Do you want to see?”

It was a pretty pebble that Ria took out of her little red pocket.

‘Maybe it’s a stone that’s been sprinkled on a garden for physiognomy. How much was this? Oh, hold on.’

Ferdel felt the ridiculousness of what he was doing. After all, why was he was trying to figure out how much a pebble was when he saw something like this for a moment? With that in mind, Ferdel soon smiled broadly.

“How pretty!”

Ria smiled broadly.

“Right? That’s why I picked it up as a present.”

However, Caitel didn’t like that kind of stuff.., Maybe his aesthetic appreciation was already paralyzed, Caitel was extremely cold in his assessment of pretty things such as pretty women, pretty jewelry, and so on.

He didn’t feel like a human being, anyway.

Ferdel disliked Caitel, but that was the part that he hated the most. He didn’t hesitate to kill innocent children, and commands to not give mercy to the elderly. He also hated the way he would torture a woman or a man to get the information he wanted.

In the first place, there was a reason why Ferdel kept scratching Caitel’d temper. How funny it was that such a guy like him would scowl because of him. Of course, such fun came with the threat of death, but wonderfully, Ferdel always survived. Everyone thought Caitel wouldn’t hurt his friends, but that was not it.

‘It’s just that when I disappear, he can’t take care of everything by himself!’

In fact, it was amazing that Ferdel was still alive.

‘But if I pat the princess on the head here, there’s no tomorrow for me, right? Sob sob, that bastard.’

“What are you two doing there?”

He heard a familiar voice. Ria looked right behind her.

Ferdel also looked where he heard the voice. As expected, Caitel stood with a simple cloth and a sword. Ferdel got up from where he was sitting.


As soon as she found Caitel, Ria smiled brightly and runs away. In that natural look of holding that child, Ferdel swallowed a groan.

‘I wanted to do that too. I wanted to hold her in my arms If I wouldn’t get a daughter who looked just like Silvia, I would die soon.’ Ferdel thought.