Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 69

Suddenly there was something pressing on me, but I struggled to put up with it. Should I just throw the handkerchief at him and run?

It was a gift from me, but I hated my dad, who stood there without another word or reply. Bastard. I would have you payback for this humiliation one day.

At that moment the shadow in front of me had suddenly turned smaller. Huh? No, the shadow wasn’t getting smaller. It was Caitel who’s getting close to me.

“You have to tie it on me yourself.”

Huh…? Huh?

It’s Dad. My eyes widened. My dad was back!

“Are you not going to tie it for me?”

Where was he all this time!? He was so in trouble now! Just where was this nice Caitel all this time? He’s not the same person from yesterday. His face and body, the way he looked at me were different. The man I was gazing at the moment was really my dad.

I was very emotional for a moment, but I forced myself to hold back my tears and move my small hands. I tied the handkerchief Serira gave me to his arm. Even though my hands were small and clumsy and slow, Caitel waited patiently.

I tied it all up and when I lifted my eyes, I faced his crimson eyes again. It wasn’t that cold look yesterday, but it seemed a little empty. I liked it anyway. It’s his eyes; the eyes that I know. When I stretched out my arms, Caitel held me like he used to. I felt like I was about to cry.

Yeah, he’s already accustomed to me. It’s not just me! He’s already my slave! It’s clear because it’s already so natural for him. Didn’t he think so? I was proud and sad. Frankly speaking, it was an unknown feeling and a strange emotion.

“Was it 3 months?”

Huh? What three months?

I opened my eyes wide and Caitel smiled.

“Fine, I’ll end it.”

Caitel put his hand on my head. The warmth of his large hand was most pleasing.

“Just wait 3 months. You hear me?”

What about waiting…?

Oh, was he talking about how children could only remember for three months? However, three months? Serira said I wouldn’t be able to see him for at least six months.


When I called Caitel as he rode his horse, he looked back at me, following my voice.

That bastard, if he would be like this I could forget about how cold he was to me yesterday. Now I couldn’t hate him even if I wanted to. I must have grown to like him already.

“Don’t cause any trouble.”

I was not the one who causes trouble, he did. I shouted as hard as I could, at Caitel as he rode on his horse.

“Take care!”

At the same time, the sound of a horn filled the area. Seeing the ladies crying from one side, I looked back at Caitel. Suddenly, I felt the pressure. I see I wouldn’t see him for at least 6 months. With the voices of the people who sent their children and husbands to war, I shouted hard even if he probably couldn’t hear me.


I didn’t think he’d hear it, but Caitel suddenly looked back at me. I wanted to show him a smile, but I couldn’t; I wanted to send him off with a smile, but I just couldn’t. As I frowned, Caitel smiled at me.

His smile at that moment was so dazzling to my eyes.


There were only four people in this palace who called him that way. The first was his close friend and superior Caitel, the second is his close friend Assisi, and the third was Dranste, the teacher of Caitel, whom he saw from time to time. The last one was a new blessing born in this imperial palace.

Princess Ariadna.

He didn’t get used to her at the beginning, but now he smiled brightly and turned his back to that little child’s voice. As he expected, It was Ariadna, the only princess of Arigent.


She’s so cute while she’s running from a distance.

Ferdel swallowed his breath. The child was so cute that everyone would give her a big smile. She’s just so adorable that everyone was almost tired of saying how cute she was. Obviously, Ferdel was one of those people drenched in that cuteness.

“My princess, now you’re running so well!”

“Yes. I’m a little good at running.”

Even that pretentious look was cute. Ferdel wanted to cuddle her and smile at her delightedly. The child was tired of lifting her head, so he lowers his body. Their eyes were now facing at the same level.

“What were you doing?”

“I was about to go back now.”

The child nodded at Ferdel’s smile. He then suffered an impulse to pat her head. ‘I want to pat her so bad.’ He stared at the child’s small head.

‘I want to pat her, too!’

“Where’s daddy?”

“Oh, Your Majesty?”

Ferdel thought for a moment, calming his hands from shaking to bear the urge to pat her.

‘I sent him documents for payment after lunch with him, but I’m not sure if he’s in the office. The radius of Caitel’s actions is obvious, so it’s probably either his office or drill hall, but he’s probably now in the office since the princess was here.’

“Maybe he’s in the drill hall?”

Ria looks back to ask about the word she didn’t know about. Serira, standing behind her, smiled and patted the princess on the head.

‘That’s what I wanted to do!’

His eyes glisten with envy.

‘I’m holding back even though I want to do it!’

He didn’t hate Serira, but he hated her for doing what he couldn’t do right in front of him.

‘I can’t do it even if I want to…’

No, in fact, he could have done it if he wanted to. He could just close her eyes and pat her head. Pat her hair and run away!

However, the real problem happened next.