Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 67

There was something in my heart I didn’t know. It could be my mistake, though. Maybe it’s just a moment of disagreement. There must be some reason why Caitel did that to me.

One could describe this feeling as hope.

However, it broke apart as I greeted the morning.

He didn’t come to bed. I thought I’d see him when he came to bed.

When I checked the empty seat where his presence had disappeared, I feel uncomfortable. Even though I felt awkward thinking about him, I thought something would happen when I see him in person.

There’s no such thing though. My mood was falling apart once again. A short groan came out of my mouth. This felt a little different from the dirty mood I had yesterday. I felt really pathetic.

“Princess, you’re already awake!”

I wasn’t happy at all when Serira opened the door and appeared. I spent the day whining on Serira’s arm yesterday, but I couldn’t do that today too. No, my situation was something she couldn’t solve in the first place.

“Now, let’s take a bath. You have to look especially pretty today!”

Huh? Why?

As I leaned my head, Serira held my cheek with her hands.

“His Majesty will be going away for war. You have to see him off, don’t you?”

I didn’t want to. Did I have to go?

I curled my lips to tell her I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t make a proper sound because my cheek was caught up on her hand. What’s this?

Serira smiled. It seemedas if she was doing that on purpose.

What was she doing!?

“You have to go no matter what. Let’s go wash up. Shall we?”

I really didn’t want to!

However, my opinion was always ignored! Always and as always! Damn, everything would change if I could speak properly. What’s good about learning how to talk? Oh, there’s one. Only then would I become human. Yeah, well, that’s good for me, too. However, as it stands now, everything else was still the same!

“Now, Princess, brush your teeth, wash your face, too!”

“No! I don’t want to!”

If I did this, then I have to go see Caitel. I didn’t want to see him!

“Then I’ll do it for you.”

I had no choice. Serira smiled and began to wash my face with her hands. Plus, she even brushed my teeth too. Oh, this made it hard for me to resist.

While I was frowning with embarrassment, I had already finished washing my face and brushing my teeth. Now, I had to go and see Caitel like this. Oh, no. I doidn’t like that thought. I really hated it.

Then should I run away like this? If I ran away and hide somewhere…

“Come on, Princess, it’s over. You’re clean.”

At that moment, my heart melted away because Serira smiled brightly at me. Oh, no. I was screwed. Frankly speaking, I didn’t care what happened to anyone else, but Serira was different. If I ran away, she would definitely get in trouble, and maybe she’ll get punished.

Sure, Serira was my nanny and the one who oversaw everything about me…

Ugh, but I really hate it!

“Come on, it’s time for a delicious meal. You like this princess, don’t you?”

I had been making an ugly impression since a while ago, but Serira still touched my cheek and smiled.

What the hell’s so good, Mom?

Of course, the food was delivered to my room. I knew I would not have breakfast with Caitel, but I thought maybe I could see him during breakfast.

… Unfair. It’s so unfair.

He shouldn’t be nice to me in the first place if he would be like this! I felt terrible if he suddenly ignored me. Wait, since when was I so docile?

“I’m not eating!”

“It’s your favorite meal. Do you really not want to eat it?”

“I don’t want to eat… Ugh!”

When I opened my mouth, Elene threw a spoon into my mouth. I grabbed the spoon and glared at her. What was she doing to a princess?

“You shouldn’t refuse food like that. Do you know how many people waste away if the princess goes hungry?”

I didn’t know anything about that! Still, it was a success to tie my feet.

Elene smiled and brought another spoonful of food into my mouth. I didn’t want to eat it. Oh, really. Why was I born as a princess!? It was such a dumb thing to whine about; I bet someone would flip if they heard it. Well, yeah. I knew it’s annoying. That’s why I’m sitting here like a good girl and eating my meal.

“She ate well. How pretty you are.”

“Now let’s go pick out your dress. A pretty one!”

What dress!? I just want to go back to sleep! However, as always, regardless of my opinion, I was already going to the dressing room in Elene’s arms.

‘I’m not your toy!’

“I think the blue dress would be good since it symbolizes peace.”

“The decorations are too colorful. How about this white dress?”

“Don’t you think it’s too dull?”

“Then what about this one?”

“Isn’t it too colorless? How about this?”

Pick anything. Why did they have to take so much time and energy to choose a dress? Of course, I knew they were trying to make me look prettier than anyone, but now everything just felt awry to me. Oh, am I even a real kid?

I felt pathetic about myself. I was sorry for being so uncool.

“Oh my princess, you are so pretty—”

I was not that pretty.

The clothes I had on were neatly designed and a little frill on the sleeve was pretty cute. Yeah, well, this was pretty. However, I was scared now that I was all dressed up.

Did I really have to see him? His face?