Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 65

I felt nervous without realizing it. I stood back and looked up at Caitel, but I couldn’t laugh easily as usual. It felt like the air had changed. Yeah, that’s how it felt like. The air I breathed now felt different. He seemed different from all the other days. Caitel’s eyes looking at me were much colder than usual.

Was it just my feeling? No, I didn’t think so. He was so unfamiliar, more than ever.

I felt weird. It felt like we had never met before. After all, we weren’t very close, but it was weird. It was so much weirder than ever. We were kind of close, weren’t we? I thought the distance between the two of us had narrowed, but…

Now, I’m not sure anymore.

“Where are you going?”

I can’t stand the silence. He looked carefully up at the gaze that stared down at me, swallowing his dry saliva. I grabbed him by the hem of his dress. Normally, he would already be holding me in his arms. However, right now, Caitel looked so cold.

He usually didn’t treat me like that, as if he’s facing a stranger. What was this feeling? I feel weird. My chest hurts.

“Who brought her here?”

I should have run away. I should have just run when I had a chance.

I regretted right away when I heard his low voice. There was no place for me here. I bit my lips carefully. I couldn’t help my face stiffening as if I had suddenly become homeless. Did I really do something wrong? I didn’t think I did anything wrong, but I guessed I was wrong.

“I was told that your Majesty called for…”

The little voice of the maid barely answered. Caitel turned to her without an answer. He wasn’t looking at her with aggression, but the maid who led me shook her whole body as soon as she was caught in the eyes of the Caitel. Well, he looked scary. Oh no, she would faint for sure.

What was I supposed to do? Should I just say I was here because I wanted to? I think I was interfering too much, but I should help her. If I acted as cute as possible…

“I did!”

When I was about to open my mouth, Ferdel came up this way. Had he cleaned up the conference room already? I closed my mouth in surprise, Ferdel winked at me. What the hell?

“I called her.”

His simple word made me speechless.

What? So it was him!

Although Ferdel said like it wasn’t a big deal at all, it was a big deal for me. I didn’t like his behavior because a woman almost lost her life because of him. He should have told me that he called me. Why did he say he called me?

“Under whose command?”

A low voice was flowing out of Caitel’s teeth. Yeah, under whose command!? Caitel’s intent was threatening, but Ferdel smiled grabbing me. Why, why was he grabbing me! He wanted me to die with him!? Ferdel looked in my eyes. He brightly smiled. Although his smile were cute.

“Dear, princess Ria, you missed your daddy a lot, right?”


Why did he keep asking me obvious things? Of course, I couldn’t speak that out loud, I just took off Ferdel’s hand grabbing me without my permission. No one allowed him to touch me. When I pushed his hand, Ferdel lowered his head in a gloomy face.

“My princess is ignoring me!”

It’s not my first time ignoring him. It’s rather surprising that he continued to stick to me even though I ignored him. I pulled my hand and turned my head, and how unlucky I was. I met his crimson eyes right away, but that’s for a moment. When the color of the eyes seemed to fade, Caitel turned his head first.

… I felt like I got ignored. I frowned.

“Take her back.”

Low-sinking voice. After that command, he left without saying goodbye. His followers passed me by after him. My eyes frowned.

Oh, shit. I didn’t know if my frowning face could grin again.

Hmmm, what the hell was this nasty feeling? I didn’t know what it was, but I felt really dirty.


Ferdel’s face also slightly stiffened. Since he was always smiling, I thought I’d feel better if his face crumpled, but I didn’t feel any better when I saw his troubled face. What’s this feeling? Suddenly, I feel irritated.

“I thought he’d like it…”

Who the hell would like this? When I looked at Ferdel nervously, he tried to make me smile.

“I apologize, my Princess. Perhaps his Majesty is not in the mood to see you.”

“Not in the mood?”

What mood? Who would make up for my ruined mood? Regardless of my mood, Ferdel seemed already having a hard time just dealing with Caitel. He touched his head and sighed.

“Well, he’s been doing that shit all night.”

He sounded sick and tired, but I didn’t feel so good to care about it. Go play by yourself. I turned back irritably, and Ferdel was baffled by my reaction.

“Princess, are you angry?”


“Oh right, Princess! Shall we go see Silvia?”

No, I don’t want to. I know he’s trying to make me feel better, but my body wouldn’t listen to my head. What the hell was this feeling? Suddenly, I missed Serira so much.

Serira, my nanny, my mom.

Mom, I wanted to be in her arms right now!

My desire soon spread beyond my control. I suddenly started to run. A maid shouted at me. I heard a voice calling me. Also, I heard Elene, who came with me cheers Ferdel, who was devastated by my ignorance.

“Cheer up, Chancellor!”