Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 63

“Who would’ve expected Prazia would suddenly attack us?”

“I mean, of course, they would fight back after such attacks.”

“But that’s not the case for our country! We’re Agrigent!”

“Everybody, you are being too loud. What is going on since this morning?”

The sound of the ladies’ voices from the morning made my ears noisy. Everyone in the imperial palace seemed exited ever since this morning. It’s not something happy; it was a depressing atmosphere so I felt uncomfortable. Serira was quiet, but Elene was different. When I put down my toothbrush after brushing my teeth, Elene suddenly came in and began talking.

“Lady Serira, have you heard the news?!”

Oh, dear. There she goes again with her gossip. Although I did get to learn about recent news thanks to her. I got a water cup from Serira and washed my mouth.

“What are you being so loud about?”

“It’s a big deal! A big deal!”

Everything was a big deal for you. Serira seemed to think of a similar thing.

“So what is going on?”

“Lord Zavaikal has been greatly wounded!”

Elene, who broke off Serra’s words, spoke in a serious tone.

Zavaikal? Who was that? Though the Black Knight sounded familiar… Unlike me, Serira opened her mouth in surprise. It was a shock to me when I saw her looking like her soul had escaped her body. What, even Serira knew, and I was the only one who didn’t know what’s happening? After spitting water out of my mouth, Serira wiped around my mouth with a towel. She lifted the towel, and I turned to Elene right away.

“The Black Knight of his Majesty! The first knight of the Empire is wounded!”

Wait. I had heard a lot about the Black Knight. I narrowed my brow. Who was that? I’m sure I know…

“So, how is the knight Asissi?”

“I’m not sure, but he must be in a serious condition. His Majesty called for an urgent meeting last night. Even the chancellor was called in…”

“I hope he’s not hurt too much.”

I looked back at Serira for fear of her voice, but there was nothing I could tell by looking at her face.

What the hell was going on?

So the wounded knight was Assisi?

I sighed at the friendly name, even though I had never seen him. Then Caitel’s reaction last night was understandable. Assisi seemed like a very unusual knight. He and Caitel seemed to be bound by something special.

Although it’s not like we lost the war yet, everyone seemed so shocked about the news that the knight was hurt.

Was he that strong of a knight? It’s hard to grasp the mood because I didn’t know him.

“Our Black Knight has never been hurt before. Even if he was ambushed… the morale of our soldiers has fallen a lot.”

“Yes, I can tell by looking at you.”

“Huh? What about me, Lady Serira?!”

While drying my wet hair, Serira closed her mouth.

Listening to their story, I breathed a melancholic sigh, so is this world. People always said that humankind always behaved the same way, but I wished it to be different.

People do say that the history of humankind was the history of war. War was inseparable to humanity, and there were only 14 days that there was no war on the planet for 100 years in modern times. My shock when I first heard that was astounding. Even for me, who lived peacefully in Korean in the midst of a truce, war was very unfamiliar. However, at the same time, I’m used to it.

It’s like while I’m watching TV, the news about war is on it. I’m rotten.

“What’s wrong, Princess?”

When I pull her robe, Serira wondered. I didn’t feel like answering her, so I just hug her. My wet hair made my shoulders wet, but more important than that was that I felt like I wanted her to comfort me now.

I didn’t care who. I just wanted someone to tell me that this peace will never be broken.

“What’s wrong with you princess?”

“Princess, princess, what’s wrong with you? Why?”

“Do you want me to bring pudding for you?”

“It’s not a good time to eat pudding. It’s morning.”

“But wouldn’t eating sweets make her feel better?”

I could hear the voices of the two people who were talking about me. Listening to their worried voices didn’t make me feel better.

Let’s just go back to sleep. However, my plan broke with a small knock. The lady who came in with the knock said hello to me with a smile.

“Your Majesty requests your presence.”