Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 59


Ferdel called my father again in a serious voice. Why? Was he trying to ask him again if he could hold me?

“Why aren’t you going?”

However, this time my prophecy was wrong. What, was it because it wasn’t an ominous premonition? For some reason, I felt abandoned by my hunch, but I was fine. It’s all right. Really!

Ferdel spoke in a serious voice with an expression as stern as his tone. A new face I had seen him make for the first time.

“Surely, you must be stressed by now. The war needs you, so why…”

Oh, was it because of the war in the south? The date was heading toward the end of the month already, but it looked like Ferdel was still trying to persuade Caitel. Strangely, Caitel was a lot passive in war-related skirmishes this time. I heard Caitel was the first one who acted out with his sword.

Why was he doing this? Oh, I didn’t know anymore.

I just bit my dad’s hair for no reason, just wanna. Nom nom. First, I thought the war was happening, but as the war got serious, I also treated the threat seriously. When I had come to think of it, my dad seemed to be getting worse these days. Was this the stress Ferdel was talking about?

There was no reply from him for quite some time, so I thought he was ignoring Ferdel again. However, after a long time, the answer came out unexpectedly.

“I’ll be furious if she doesn’t remember me when I’m back from the war.”


Huh? What did he mean by that? Oh, but why did he look at me?

Ferdel’s eyes were directed at me too. For some reason, he embarrassingly answered.

“Uhm, like, really furious? Now that won’t do…”

“For now.”

Caitel cut off Ferdel’s words and handed him over the files he read.

“Tell me about the situation.”

Ferdel grimaced. He rummaged through the papers he had in his hands and sighed.

“We’re still standing our grounds. If this continueed, we would end up being the ones suffering. Things will get troublesome if we don’t vanquish the Jultos Dynasty of Ptaezia within a year.”

A year. It’s very short. It was too short compared to the wars from where I lived. However, if he’s saying it’s a year-long war then…

I guessed they’re that confident about winning this war. Suddenly, I remembered that war occurred better when one side was weaker than the other, not when each other’s power was similar and prevalent. It’s a little strange. Hmm.

“I think you’ll have to go eventually.”

“How long can a child at her age remember someone?”

I was smacking my lips in a subtle mood. Ferdel looked at me again after hearing Caitel. Why did he keep staring at me!? Did he borrow any money from me? I didn’t say anything because his eyes were so serious, but I was also tired of being noticed.

“I don’t know about that.”

Caitel frowned.

“Then what do you know?”

“My irresistible charm?”

Was he crazy?

As soon as I was in a fit of rage, Caitel threw his pen at him. Ferdel grabbed his forehead in pain.

Yes! It served him right!

“Hey, that really hurt!”

“A pen shouldn’t hurt that much.”

“No, I’m serious! Especially when you throw things at me! It hurts a lot! Are you sure you don’t have a murderous intent behind this?!”

Yeah, there were murderous intent behind that. Ignoring Ferdel who was making such a fuss, Caitel turned his head and looked at the maid.

“Where is her nanny?”

“I shall call for her now.”

The maid brought Serira right away. I knew she was waiting in the next room, but it was pretty fast. It’s weird to see her coming in with a serious face, thinking something’s gone wrong with me. Mom, I was okay.

“I heard you called me.”

When she came in, Caitel asked her right away the same question he asked Ferdel.

“For how long can a child remember someone?”

“Yes? Oh, even the brightest child would only remember up to a month at most…”

Negative answer. She mumbled her words saying that I might forget about him even before he finished with the way. Caitel stiffened his face at Serira’s answer.

Well, it looked like he couldn’t go to war after all, haha. At that moment, Ferdel made a silent roar. He gave Serra a hint. An unspoken request to do something. However, his desperate look was so serious it easily worked out for Serira.

“I mean, I think a child can remember up to three months at most… I think.”

Serira, why did you add ‘I think’? Was that your final bit of conscience fighting inside you? Ferdel asked Caitel with an excited look in his voice.

“So that’s how it is. Will you go?”

“Shut up.”

In a low voice, Caitel rammed him. Oh, what sad guy.

Ferdel was such a talkative, sad beast. Ferdel, who remained adamant, opened his mouth like a carp, but even that was soon condemned.

“I’m thinking. You are disturbing me.”


Ferdel fell quietly.

Tsk tsk, I knew that. I’d love to go and pat his shoulder, but I was in his arms as you can see, so… Yeah. Dad didn’t let me go in the middle of all this. He’s treating me I was his doll.


A very quiet voice called Caitel amid the downer mood. When Ferdel started to talk again, even though he was told to be quiet, my daddy stared at him, annoyed. However, Ferdel replied very upset voice.

“I still have more things to report.”

Silence. Serira stood there awkwardly, staring at the situation. Well, it’s rude to leave even though she wasn’t told to leave. Why were we doing this here when we’re not guilty?

“Do so.”

As soon as his permission was given, Ferdel asked Serira to leave. She bowed and quietly left the room. Immediately, Ferdel resumed his report.

“I found a strange incident in Langres. As you know, Langres is an alliance of tribes that gathered for their survival in the desert. But they are connected by blood, so their union among the tribes are tighter than other allied countries. Recently one tribe has been slaughtering or extorting other tribes.”

I was done!

A braid in the shape of a star was too much for me, so I just braid my dad’s hair normally. Oh, it’s pretty. It’s so pretty I wonder who did it. I thought it was prettier because it was Caitel’s hair.

When I finished braiding his hair, I clapped my hands in my lonesome. Caitel gave me a look strange look after doing sp. He then destroyed the art I made using his hair… Hey!

“So what?”

He was beautiful, but I hated it. Hey, I had made my own masterpiece with this little hand, and how dare he get rid of it all at once!

Damn, I was done. I didn’t have a dream or hope anymore!