Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 57

I used to sleep deeply, but I could sleep like a corpse this time. Probably because I was sick. I almost woke up several times in the middle of sleep, but something helped me sleep comfortably each time so I could sleep some more.

When my body got too hot, something cold took away the heat and cooled it down quickly. It really made me sleep in comfort.

Since it was such a deep sleep, when I woke up again, it was so easy to blink my eyes. My body felt much lighter too. I opened my eyes by moving only my eyelids. Ugh, huh? Huh? It’s down. My fever went down. I didn’t have a fever anymore. I realized that it’s morning.

It’s morning already. I thought It’s only been a few hours. Anyway, I was glad my fever was down. I thought I would die.

Anyway, I was so thirsty. I want some water? Water!

I turned my head to look around for water. At that moment, I shrank back in surprise because I touched something. Oh, my god. I was surprised to find something strange, but it’s not something weird…

Why was he sleeping like this?

It was Caitel.

Why was he sleeping here like this? I was used to seeing that pose, lying on the bed in a chair. When I was working late in my previous life, I often fell asleep like that. Of course, it didn’t make sense for Caitel to work overtime and fall asleep in here. What the hell?

I wanted to lift up my body, but I wasn’t in perfect condition. Besides, being strangely tired meant I still had to sleep some more. However, even if I went back to sleep, I should at least know why he was sleeping here like this.

I twisted my body somehow, and I could find something Caitel was holding.

A white towel. My eyes opened wide.

Was it Caitel who took care of me up all night? I thought it would be Serira or Elene. It’s not easy to take care of others, and it’s harder to take care of a patient. Of course, I heard him telling Serira to leave. However, wasn’t that all a dream?

I felt a little strange. It was really strange. Something churned inside me. I didn’t know what the name of this emotion was. Why was I tearing up?

I guessed he really was my father.

I felt pity for how he was sleeping in such an uncomfortable way. I stretched out my hand without even realizing it. Caitel’s cheeks were warm. It’s also soft. What kind of man had skin as good as this? Looking closer, I didn’t even think he had pores. Although I firmly believed this was all in the power of skin care and not something engraved in his DNA. However, after a closer look, I thought it really was in his DNA. Oh, why was I crying all of a sudden?


No matter how much I tried to deny him and ignore him, we’re still a family. I really couldn’t help it anymore. Besides, this distance that used to keep us apart was slowly deteriorating, so what was I supposed to do?

It was so far from perfect.

In the past, he wouldn’t care if I was sick or not. Ha.

Somehow the small steps we took every day piled up to create this very moment. Though I was scared… I kept expecting. What would be at the end of this relationship? Would a day come when I could finally say words of affection to this man? I didn’t know the answer to anything right now… Would there be a day when he would really think I was his daughter?

I didn’t know.

I really didn’t know.

It was just so complicated. It would have been better if I had forgotten all about my past life.


I breathe low and closed my eyes. Still, it was totally incomprehensible for me to be unable to take my hand off as I stroked him. He must have been very tired. He had a lot of work lately. However, he had still taken care of me all night. No other man but the Caitel did it. I felt somewhat grateful and apologetic to him at the same time. I stroked his cheek again and his red silver eyelashes trembled. Huh?

His eyelids soon rose. What was revealed was the same color as mine. Blurred vision focuses on me. As soon as our eyes met, I laughed again today, brighter than any other sunshine.

“Good morning!”

My voice was cracked. Still, I laughed, thinking that today really was a good day. Laugh and laugh. Like I was the one who had all the joys of this world.

Caitel gazed at me with sudden bafflement in his expression. Somehow, his face seemed pallid. The mask that never fell off his face fell a little bit off today. A low voice spoke to me as he laughed with me.

That was Caitel’s answer.

“…Good morning.”

It’s another good morning, Dad.