Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 56

I was dying.

Someone forced me to open my mouth and feed me something. It was so bitter, my nose was burning. That was the kind of level of bitterness it had. If I wasn’t sick, I would never eat it.

Ah, this was so not appetizing. I wanted some pudding, okay? A pudding.

I really liked that wiggly, bouncy texture. The jelly was good, too. However, right now, I myself felt like a pudding, melting away. No, my whole body felt stuffy. I was so hot. Someone took the blanket away from me…

“That won’t do, Your Majesty.”

That’s Serira’s voice. However, your Majesty…? Ah, was she with Caitel? Somewhere next to me, I heard water. My eyelids were too heavy for me to open them. I wanted to open my eyes.

“Isn’t it fine to walk a little bit?”

“We must keep her body warm.”

Why was this two arguing in front of a sick patient again? Serira would lose if he fought anyway, but I never wanted Caitel to hit Serira. Of course, I didn’t believe Caitel was a madman who would beat or rape a woman.

“Give that to me.”

My throat was burning. I wanted water. I was thirsty. Why was my body so hot? Every muscle in my body ached and my nose was stuffy. Everything was driving me crazy. Look at how bad I was suffering from not listening once. I should do as Serira said from now on…

As I swiveled around, my forehead suddenly felt cooler. I thought it’s the wet towel. Someone’s wiping my head. It was much better when a towel washed my face. I felt comfortable breathing. Next was the neck, then the arm, then the forehead.

“How unsightly.”

Well sorry about that. However, his voice…sounded a bit hoarse. I wonder if he knew. I tried my best to open my eyes. Oh, no. I couldn’t open them.

My eyelids really were really heavy.

“How can such a small child become so sick?”

His frown glided before his eyes. It was the face of Caitel who came into my eyes. Besides, I was the one who’s sick. Why was he making a face as if he’s the one suffering?

Still, the towel on my forehead was really cool.

“She’s small, but she is still a human being. She can get sick and even cry.”

“Do not lecture me.”

He replied to her in a very sharp voice. This punk, even if he was my father, he shouldn’t dare talk to Serira like that! He shouldn’t say anything to my Serira! I wanted to stand up and give him a kick in the leg, but, oh, my f*cking body hurts so much. Anyway, he’s the enemy. I hated cold. Sob sob.

“You’re really just like your husband.”

Huh? Serira’s husband, meaning that dead count? It seemed like they knew each other. It was a bit of a surprise to hear that Caitel knew the Count very well. Come to think of it, it was Caitel who recommended Serira to be my nanny. It’s natural for them to know each other well.

“Thank you for that compliment.”

“Even that just now, you’re alike.”

Why did he sounded uncomfortable when he was complimenting her? How dishonest of him. Somehow, Serira seemed to be smiling, and she felt strange. I didn’t know if she’s really smiling because I couldn’t see it. Oh, I didn’t know anymore. I was going to sleep anyway. My mind was slipping down there again.

“You may leave. I’ll stay here.”

What would he do to me in his lonesome? I wanted to tackle Caitel, but Serira unexpectedly stepped down.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

A deep silence floated in the room. At the moment, I shook myself with a cough that burst out of my neck. Oh, my throat hurts. I felt like my throat was about to rip apart just from coughing.

I could feel someone was moving next to me. However, something in my throat disappeared behind the neck and what came out was a cough.

Sob Sob.

“There is simply nothing…”

His sad voice was running in my ears.

“That I can do.”

He’s blaming himself.

“Even though I said I would take care of you.”

A little whispering voice. I felt sorry for him. It’s my fault that I’m sick right now, it’s not right for him to blame himself like that. I was hanging around that cold winter tree all day long, so it’s not a surprise I was sick right now. This happened all because I was being stubborn. I was so stupid.

“Damn it.”

That little curse was the last thing I heard… I was sucked back into the realm of dreams.