Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 55

At the age of two, I finally realized the truth of life.

Caitel called me like a dog, but in fact, I was actually worse than a dog. Because even dogs didn’t get a cold in the summer! How did this happen!? A dog wouldn’t get cold. I said that I wouldn’t catch one either. Oh, my head was in a daze.


I was sure I came out of the bathroom myself and couldn’t stand on my own feet. When I came into the room and finished showering, my body suddenly got hot. I felt as if I was getting steamed by the heat of my own body. I held Serira and breath.

Oh, it’s so hard to breathe. I felt like something was holding my neck. I opened my mouth wide to catch my breath. However, I still couldn’t breathe.


I guessed it seemed pretty serious. Serira held me and her face turned pale. Serira’s skin was cool, and I felt good for some reason. Oh, but I seriously thought I would die. My head was burning with fever. My throat was burning too. I didn’t think this was just regular fever. Was a fever always this bad?

“She’s burning up. What should I do?”

My breath sounded rough even on my ear. Oh, I didn’t know what to do either. I wanted to lie down first. My head hurts. Why did I get a headache suddenly!?

“What is this about?”

Caitel stepped into the room after taking a bath. Serira bowed her head in surprise. She was so surprised I thought my father was naked, but when I opened my eyes I figured out he wasn’t. He was wearing his nightwear, and what’s wrong? Oh, was the nightwear the problem?

“Y, your Majesty…”

With a pale expression, Serira showed me to him in her arms. At that moment, I could certainly see the change in Caitel’s expression.

‘Dad, I’m sick!’

He must have been surprised. He dropped his towel right away. He came toward me and touched my forehead. His big hand’s coolness made me feel cold. Oh, it’s cool. I thought I was getting a little better. However, I felt heavy. It was as heavy as a thousand pounds.

“Why is she suddenly like this?”

His voice was fierce as if he would gobble Serira up in one bite. I’d like to open my mouth so he wouldn’t be too hard on Serira. However, I could only muster to release a soft gasp. I was in such a painful situation that even breathing felt like torture now. My head was hot and my body was suddenly heavy. The world felt like it was burning me. Oh, would I die like this?

“Bring the royal doctor!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The servant ran out and the maids scattered in haste. Serira had to go out as usual, but she stopped and looked at me in the arms of Caitel.

“What’s wrong with her? She was fine just a moment ago!”

I thought he was angry. His voice was disconcerted, and the situation seemed like it confused him even more. Yeah, that’s the same for me.

“It seems like she stayed outside for too long…”

Oh, stupid. I was still thinking like I was 25 years old. That’s because I had never been sick with this body. I had been drinking and walking around all night, but it was fine. I thought this body was the same.

However, I was only two years old, and I had forgotten that this new body was as fragile as a sand castle. If I had known this would happen, I would have listened to Serira. I hadn’t been sick in a while. Not because I was good, but because Serira took care of me so well. Oh, my head hurts.

“Why is she burning up like this? Damn it, why so suddenly…”

Caitel was so flustered more than what he needed to do. I didn’t know why he was so embarrassed. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time I had ever been sick. Even so, that’s just overreacting. Oh, I didn’t know anymore. I should just stop thinking about it altogether.

“She must have caught a cold, your Majesty. You must stay calm first…”

“What should I do? Tell me what I have to do now!”

I grabbed his cloth because he was about to grab Serira by her throat. Caitel looked straight at me.


Stop yelling. My head was ringing because of his voice. Nothing’s gonna change even if he was mad.


Fortunately, it seemed like he calmed down a little after I grabbed him. Well, he had to stop when his sick daughter asked him to stop! If he didn’t stop, then he’s just a son of a bitch. Well, he was already a son of a bitch anyway. He’s a bastard and a punk. Nothing would change about that. Ah.

Suddenly, I felt the strength in his hand as he held me. Holding my little hand, Caitel turned around and yelled. Ugh, I asked him to shut up, yet he’s still yelling again. My head was ringing!

“Where in the world is the doctor!?”

“The doctor will be here soon. Please do not worry.”

“Who said I’m worried? Why is the doctor so late!?”

This guy. He got a really bad temper. He’s barking like a crazy dog. Oh, my God. I thought my fever had gone up too fast. I was going crazy. It hurt so much I even shed tears. I was losing my mind. I didn’t think I would be this miserable…

“Your Majesty, you should lay the princess down first…”

“What about the doctor?”

However, as I listened to Caitel getting angry, my eyes finally closed.

Oh, God.

After that, everything was an endless void. I felt like something cool touched my head, and maybe someone patted me. Soon, darkness took over me.