Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 54

There was no moon gazing upon the world. The sky was clearer than the one I had always seen. The numerous stars were sewn into the clear, cloudless sky, all shining in their own way. It was so pretty.

Looking at those lights, I was relieved since I felt like my knowledge from my previous life about space and the universe could still be applied here. Relieved that even though this was a different world, it’s not completely different from the world I knew.

Oh, when I had come to think of it, it wasn’t exactly that there was no moon.

“When will Acclise rise?”

I stopped walking and looked back at Caitel. I was looking at the sky, then I was looking at a person. However, my neck was hurt since the distance of the skies and his head was not much different in my perspective. Maybe I had to wear a cast around my neck.

I walked ahead, and Caitel followed me. That’s how the two of us took a walk. Well, what I wanted to do was to walk with Caitel while holding his hands, but there was a sad fact lurking behind it. It’s that he was way taller than me.

Damn, the walk I wanted was probably possible after I was a little taller. Sob sob, I wanted to be taller.

“The last one went down around May. That was two years ago. It should rise around June next year.”


Therefore, I had to wait for quite a long time. It’s like waiting for the Olympics.

Acclise. It’s a moon that stays in the sky for three months every three years. Then, the sky would turn dark for another three months.

However, it was a little different from the moon I thought. Acclise was huge enough to cover the whole sky, and the nights were bright just like a white night phenomenon. A festival would be held during the three months when Acclise was in the sky. During the rest of the three months when even the stars hid away, people prayed for peace. Well, it was the same as waiting for the Olympics. When the Acclise came up, all kinds of international academic conferences and competitions would be held all over the country.

“Do you want to see it?”


Of course, who wouldn’t want to see a moon that huge? I’d like to see it even if it meant I would forget my previous life. I heard it’s such a big moon. How big was it to look like that? I was curious. I just couldn’t imagine it.


I was holding my hand on my lips in agony. Caitel’s big hands dug in. Oh, it’s cold. The temperature below my body made my forehead frown.

What the hell was he doing?

Despite my scary face, the hand glanced over my lips and touched my forehead. Then he patted my hair. A hair a little over the shoulder caught the tip of Caitel’s finger.

I raised my head so I could see Caitel’s eyes, who lowered his body in front of me. Bloody red. Crimson’s red eyes. It was as if someone had carved a ruby into pieces.

You hadn’t done it for a while, and now he was doing it again.

What’s the matter with him this time? Well, dad?


Huh? Why was he calling me all of a sudden? Caitel stared silently at me, and my head started tilting. Maybe he wanted to do that ‘talk with eyes’ thing… but hey, dad, I couldn’t read people’s minds. Why don’t we have a good conversation then? I could talk to people now, couldn’t I?

“Your name is too long.”

‘You named me, you punk!’

I wouldn’t be angry with him if this was the only name I had. What was it again? Damn, what was my full name again? Oh, shit, I totally forgot!

“Ariadna Lereg Ilestri Pre Agregiant.”

Yeah, that’s the name. I was nodding my head, and suddenly I felt a sense of hypocrisy. Oh, my God. Wait, Caitel! This guy, he memorized my full name? Really?!

Oh, it just happened in front of my eyes, but this was a little surprising. I thought he didn’t know my name because he didn’t love me enough to remember that since it was so long. I couldn’t even memorize it either.


I shouted. That’s what everyone called me. It sounded like a common name, so I didn’t really like it though. However, everyone called me that. Elene, Serira, and even Ferdel.


Yeah, Ria!

I nodded as Caitel’s hand touched my head. Wait, it’s too damn heavy.

I was not just saying that to mock him either. It really was that heavy. Oh, even hands are heavy to me. Children, tsk tsk. I complained in the inside but didn’t express it. That was because of Caitel’s depressed eyes made me mute.

When I saw someone who looked like that, I really didn’t know what to do. I felt like crying. I really, really didn’t know anything. What did he wish to do? What did he want from me? What was it that he wanted to do? Life was better when he’s fighting with Ferdel, or going on a rampage with his sword. When he signed like he already lived his life and gave an empty look, then I didn’t know what to do. What should I do for you, you damn father of mine? Huh?


I thought he’d never show me this face again. I wonder if I felt this way because I couldn’t see him often now? I felt pity for something. As I pointed at him and smiled, Caitel lowered his gaze to my finger. I turned my finger and now pointed at me.

I then gave him a big smile.

It’s not easy to pretend like I didn’t know he’s wearing a mask to cover his expression, but I smiled at him. Just like a baby who really didn’t know anything. Therefore, Caitel could relax in front of me. He smiled. He barely made his lips move, but it seemed like a smile to me.

“You mean I’m Tel?”

Yes, I was glad he understood me.

Since my father’s name was Caitel, if I wanted to call him by his nickname, it should be either Cai or Tel. Cai sounded too sharp, and Tel was simpler and shorter. Caitel Reshu Bivizel Rouan Agregiant. This long name wasn’t even my name. Why did I memorize it so well?


He patted my head gently though his hands were heavy. I smiled brightly, bringing my head to his touch. Caitel smiled quietly as usual.

“You were like a dog before, but now you’re more like a cat.”

“A cat?”

A dog sounded like an insult, but why did a cat sound like praise? I was a little embarrassed. What was the difference between a dog and a cat? I just knew they were different species.

“Does that mean I’m pretty?”

“Says who?”

‘Hey, you punk!’

Then what did he mean? This guy! Tell me the truth!



I asked him again, but Caitel clenched his mouth tight. Really, he closed his mouth like he wanted to be mute forever.

Huh, look at this guy?

“Then what?”

I asked with a frown, but Caitel just shut up. Hey, why wasn’t he answering? He said I was like a cat! What the hell did that mean? Why wasn’t he answering? Oh, he shouldn’t tell me it was swearing again. This punk! A sudden surge of sorrow came to me. I loved this guy because he’s my father, how miserable life was.

However, Caitel stood up since he couldn’t ignore my gaze. Hey, hey, did he just ignored me? I grabbed Caitel’s clothes as he looked back.

Then he said, “Let’s go back.”

… hey.