Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 53

“So cool.”

It’s a heater in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer. Ah, winter tree, it really is so useful. If there were about a hundred of this tree, I would plant one wherever I went. Should I try cutting and planting another one?

“Looks like you’re tired from the heat.”

The low voice startled me. I turned my head to check who the voice was. As expected. The man standing in front of me was my father who was so used to me now. However, how did he know I was getting hot? I wasn’t breathing like a dog, right? That would be embarrassing. Well, I guessed it was obvious that I was walking around so energetically, but now, I’m leaning against Serira and just looking at the tree. Damn it.


Standing up grinning, Caitel’s face loosened slightly. He wasn’t as loud as Ferdel, or smiling kindly as Serira, but his tiny reaction was strangely more pleasing. Was it because he usually didn’t care?

“Welcome back.”

As I once did, I took the lower part of my dress and bowed before him once. This was a part of the etiquette a Lady in this country must abide. It’s the etiquette I was learning these days. The lady who sometimes took care of me instead of Serira taught me this, and it’s quite complicated. Ugh, I couldn’t believe I still had to learn etiquette when I was already 25 years old.

“Oh, my.”

Serra was covering her mouth due to how much she’s proud of me. I looked at Serira, who’s smiling at me with gleeful gaze, then I turned my eyes to my daddy again.

I wonder what my daddy thought about it? Did he felt somewhat proud of me?

Caitel’s hands touched my head as if to answer me. He was used to patting my head now. Ugh, I used to hate someone touching me. There were a lot of unexpected changes after I was reborn. I shook my head to the touch of Caitel and ran into his arm. I was still short, so all I could do was grab his leg, but that was enough. Rub Rub.

“What did you do today?”

While stroking my head, Caitel’s eyes suddenly turned to Serira. She still looked uncomfortable around Caitel. It’s scary. I opened my mouth instead of my mom who couldn’t give an answer easily.

“I ate pudding, rolled around, counted leaves, and watched the tree!”

I was basically just bumming around. However, I shouldn’t say that, right?

“I played like that today.”

In my reply, Caitel just patted me on the head without a word.

However, why was he standing there with no expression on his face? He’s not even replying. Well, I was starting to feel a little awkward now, so I should probably say something.

“Daddy, come over here. It’s cool.”

I didn’t know why I said that. If I could get out of this awkwardness, I would sell my soul for it. What? They wouldn’t buy mine? Damn it, now even the devil refused me.

“Look, it’s cool.”

Now say something. When I went near the winter tree with Caitel, I felt cold. Oh, but it’s really cool. It was colder than cool.


Seriously? That’s all he had to say?

As I looked up at him, Caitel looked down at me with no expression. Are we even father and daughter right now? At this point, he’s just confusing me. What did he want me to do?

Oh, my head hurt. My eyes were in pain too.

“Princess, it’s time to go back now.”

Since I didn’t blink, my eyes were burning, and I was wiping my tears with the back of my hand. Serira called me.

Ugh, already? The sun hadn’t even descended yet. What made her want to take me back as soon as Caitel came to visit! Did I really have to go back already? I didn’t want to go. I still wanted to play outside more. If I went back inside, I would just be an even worse bum. Did she knew how it felt like to be a pooping machine the entire day?

“Shall we go for a walk?”

Uh, really?

Why was Caitel being so nice right now? I nodded with a big smile. I then took his hand.


Oh, but his hands were up too high, damn it. It’s just that I was too short, but I wouldn’t admit it. His hand was too high! After all, the inconsiderate Caitel didn’t even give me his hand, so I held his cape and dragged him down.

“Papa, walk!”

Let’s hurry before Serira said anything. I really wanted to go for a walk.

“But your Majesty, she’s been staying outside for too long.”

I really couldn’t say no to Serira when she sounded so concerned. Oh, this was why I tried to hasten him while she’s not saying anything. How could I not listen to her when she looked so worried? She’s right, I should just go wash up and head to bed.

Yeah, let’s go.

I turned to the Solay palace with a depressed look. Oh, now I gotta wash and go to bed. I didn’t do anything today. The greatest thing I did today was eating pudding, right?

I was about to enter the palace as Serira wished, but suddenly a big hand lifted me. Huh? I was lifted in the air like a flash, and the voice of the Caitel fell over my head.

“I’ll take care of that.”