Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 50 - The Emperor's Daughter Chapter. 50

“What’s that?”

It wasn’t all right.

Caitel saw me, and his reaction was not good at all. He looked absolutely disgusted. He squinted his eyes. Gosh, he didn’t have to do that to look at me better! Putting flowers on my head was too much! Even though I was beautiful, putting a flower on my head was too much.

‘Oh, Silvia! I hate you! Sob Sob.’


“I know that it’s a flower.”

What, this bastard! So what!? He didn’t like the flower on my head!

However, I had no courage to spit it out, and my heart had already broken. I got wounded badly. I would love to take the flowers off my head right now.

“Silvia gave it to me!”

All I did was smile and grab Caitel’s hand. His lukewarm warmth reached my fingertips. His temperature was so low I never thought it was warm, but I was surprised that I liked it every time I touched it. No, maybe it’s just because I was his daughter, hmm.

“It’s a cloud flower.”

What? Did he know about this flower? I never knew my daddy was such a gentleman who knew about flowers. I looked at him, touching the flowers in my right ear.

“I heard bugs like that flower.”

… huh? What!? Bugs? His quiet voice stiffened my face. I shoved my hand down, touching the flowers right away. The damn world wouldn’t let me go for a second. A bug! I hated almost all creatures who stood more than 4 feet. Insects, bugs! Oh, I didn’t like it just by imagining.

When my face crumpled, Caitel laughed.

‘Do you like to watch me suffer, Daddy?’

Caitel lifted me up and sat me down to my own dedicated infant bouncer seat and sat next to me. It was a small restaurant, but it’s still quite big. It also felt strange to have this big table for only me and him.

Come to think of it, someday, Caitel and I started to eat dinner face to face. It had been natural since I ran around and Silvia took care of me and realizing I had become used to it had really given me indescribable excitement.


‘Here, your present.’

I’m definitely not giving this to you because you said bugs like it.

Caitel got Prina from me and stiffened his face. Then he smiled a little. The same ridicule he always had on his face. Ever since I started talking, Caitel didn’t show me his natural emotions anymore. Even if it’s a complete coincidental bare face.

Well, it worried me a bit, but it’s not like I could just ask him in person. I lowered my head and looked at the bowl of food Serira brought me. The appetizing spaghetti came into my eye. Farfalle! I liked butterflies. Butterfly! In Agregiant, people mainly consumed wheat instead of rice. Therefore, there was a lot of bread or pasta. I usually ate a lot of farfalle and macaroni.

Even though I was a natural born Korean, I was perfectly fine with the food here. I guessed being reborn didn’t mean I would have the same taste as before.

Yeah, I thought I was amazing. Oh, I was a Korean who couldn’t live without rice. However, I didn’t desperately want rice. Of course, it was hard to get those here anyway. Shoot.


I could eat alone, but I sometimes spilled rice because I was not used to controlling my hand. Whenever that happened, Serira would assist me and helped me eat. She didn’t feed me though. I would do it! I wanted to do this alone, so I could be good at it.

“Princess, why don’t you tell his majesty about your day today?”

‘Huh? Do I have to talk about that? I don’t know what to say. However, I didn’t want to ignore Serra’s words.’

Besides… That look. Caitel, that’s scary. He shouldn’t look at me like that.

“I saw baby there.”


He questioned me dubiously, but I just nodded.


I raised my hands and made an image of a big belly. Oh, honestly, it wasn’t that big. Well, you get it.

“Silvia’s belly is like this!”

Yeah, there was a baby on this big belly. I reminded the memory of feeling the baby move. It was amazing. I thought this was life. Did I move like that in my mom’s belly? Hmm, I didn’t know.

Strangely, I didn’t remember being in my mother’s stomach. Also, a certain period of memory when I was born. I still remember the moment I opened my eyes and came to my senses.

“It moves!”

I raised my hand and shoutd. Caitel puts down his spoon thereafter. Was that all right with him to eat that much? He didn’t eat any dessert after that, so all he had left was a salad. Curiously, Caitel always ate the same amount of food. He only ate the recommended daily intake. He had never eaten more than that or less than that. That was a bit of a mystery to me since he’s in this palace where he could eat whatever foods as much as he wanted. However, he ate only the set amount without saying anything. Next to him, I was eating only what I wanted to eat!

“Was it 6 months now?”

What were they talking about all now of a sudden?

“She should be giving birth in about 4 months, then.”

Oh, they were calculating her pregnancy. Wait, let’s see, that should be around…

“Daddy’s birthday!”

I raise the fork and Caitel looked at me. I smiled at him since it’s an old habit when our eyes met.

“It would be over by then.”


However, when exactly was his birthday? With a fork in my mouth, I tilted my head with curiosity. Caitel reached out to my head. His touch on my head was quite soft. I liked how he patted me. Pat me more! I put my head on his hand, but he took his hand off. He was such a big meany!

“I see you can speak very well now.”

“I’m good at talking!”

Yeah, weren’t I more like a human now? I could talk well, walk around, and even run well! Most of all, I was eating food made for regular people. Didn’t I look like a human being? Huh? I felt something terrible, but… let’s move on.

“Now you’re more like a human now.”

Huh, really? In a second, my eyes opened wide. Dad, was that true? Did I really look human? Huh? Really? Seriously? Truthfully? No lie?



When I got a definite answer from him, something rushed up in my heart. Oh, god, I was finally human to him. Now I could call myself truly human! Oh, why did my eyes felt moist all of a sudden? The sad memories of the past were passing by like a phantasmagoria. After being treated like a dog, bug, and other things, I finally redeemed myself!

Sob sob, I’m human! I’m human!

“Me, human!”

Was this what true victory must feel like?

I was treated like a human after he called a dog and bug before. Something’s wrong with the process, but it’s okay. Yeah, well, now that I was human, haha!