Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 47

Ferdel was depressingly holding his own forehead, and his eyes glistened again as I raised my hand and yawned.

“That arrogant gesture caught me!”

I guessed he thought of me as Venus de Milo or something. He liked everything about me so much. I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like his attention. Caitel suddenly turned around.

“Hey, why are you turning around?”

I heard Ferdel’s bewildered voice, but Caitel was steady. Yeah, he’s the only one who could protect me from that pervert, Dad. I ambled slowly towards his arms and shook my legs. Then I grabbed Caitel’s shoulder and lifted my head. When our eyes meet, Ferdel’s face turned bright.

“Sil! Silvia!”

‘Silvia, I miss you!’

She’s been staying at the palace for at least three days a week as the special privelege of being my Godmother. However, these days, the number of times he’s been absent continued to increase.

“You want to go and see my wife?”

Oh, he loved her so much. However, the real problem was his love wasn’t annoying at all. I nodded. Caitel turned back. I didn’t know why he’s letting me go, but it was good to be on the ground.

“Yes, Sil!”

“Why don’t you come and see me then?”

Ferdel grabbed my small hand. Uh, now? Could I go? I really wanted to, but shouldn’t I get permission from my dad first? Wasn’t that the case? Turning and looking at my dad, Caitel grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me towards him. Huh? Besides, Ferdel got cut off all sudden. Hmm?

“What, why, for what!”

Although Ferdel complained bitterly, Caitel warned him in a serious voice.

“Don’t touch my daughter.”

“I didn’t!”

Fertel shouted as if it was unfair. However, Caitel was serious.

“Don’t even hold her hand.”

Oh, was all this commotion because he held my hand.

Caitel had summoned his sword, guarding me. I was a bit dumbfounded, the same as Ferdel. He couldn’t shut his mouth open and couldn’t speak.

“Wow, crazy! What kind of persecution is this? It’s so disgusting.”

Yeah, this was a little too much. I thought this was a little bit tacky. However, Caitel was also ambitious.

“Get your own daughter then.”

What a sick voice. That voice even made me wanted to have a daughter.

“I’m planning to even if you didn’t remind me!”

Fertel insisted, but Caitel only sniffed. However, unlike in the past, Ferdel’s argument was somewhat credible. Since Silvia was already six months pregnant. I was a little depressed because her pregnancy kept her from visiting me. Silvia, I missed her.

“My Princess will be born soon. My wife has been pregnant for 6 months now!”

“How would you know if the baby is a girl or a boy?”

Yeah, how did he know if it’s a daughter or a son!

He could define the baby’s sex with magic, but Ferdel had refused and decided to wait until the baby was born. Perhaps, he said no and snuck a peek at it?

“Of course the baby will be a daughter! I want a daughter so bad, so it’s obvious! The first child has to be a daughter, no matter what!”

What’s he saying? It’s not up to him.

Caitel turned to me as if he didn’t want to deal with Ferdel anymore. Huh? What? Oh, I thought I spilled some ice cream earlier. Touching the stains on my white dress, Caitel asked me with his eyes.

I spilled it while I was eating. So what?

“Don’t ignore me. Please pay attention here. Give the socially weak person warm attention!”

Who’s the socially weak?

We both turned our heads and gave him a pathetic look. How could both the father and his daughter look exactly the same? Oh, I was doomed. When we looked so similar and started acting the same way, then it was game over. I was afraid I would have a blood wind just like my father. Damn it.

“Fine! Darn it. I should just die somewhere if I will be treated like this!”

Ferdel seemed hurt after seeing the two identical faces of contempt a father and his daughter was showing him. I felt sorry for his unusually depressed appearance. However, what could I do? I shook my head and came out of Caitel’s arms and placed my hand on Ferdel’s shoulder.

“Don’t die.”

“… Are you trying to console me?”

Yes. What I meant to say was if he died, who else would tease Caitel? My pronunciation got better, so I couldn’t just talk bad about him in front of him anymore.

He was my only hope in some ways!

Although meaning was unsatisfactory, the result was fine. Ferdel’s eyes turn sparkly. Oh, I thought he was deeply moved.

“Yes. Don’t die.”

Ferdel started to cry while cuddling me.

“Hah, what an angel!”

Without another word, Caitel slapped his hands off once again.

“Oh, don’t hit me! That hurts!”

… Stop being fools.