Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 46

After the ambush at Kaldoras prison, people started gossiping about Caitel again. Bloody tyrant, Solay’s insane king… people talked about him so much that those rumors even got to my ears. Well, all the maids talked about it, so there’s no way I couldn’t hear it.

The incident died out a bit when Caitel killed or executed all the supervisors at the prison. Government officials related to this incident were all expelled. Anyone responsible in any way was sentenced to death regardless of the reason. Thanks to that bloody and merciless execution, Caitel’s dignity got ruined once again. People no longer viewed Caitel as a generous father, raising his baby princess.

What inevitable villainy. No, a tyranny.

“They are all useless. How did they keep their useless life until now with that incompetence?”

Did I get in at the wrong time? I heard his scary voice as soon as I entered the room.

Apparently, the situation was quite serious. The criminals imprisoned there were mostly political prisoners who committed first-degree crimes.

Most of Caitel’s enemies were killed when he was enthroned, but some who couldn’t be executed were kept in prison. This was only a rumor but Caitel would kill them all eventually, but Ferdel stopped him from doing so.

“That’s how they’ve been all this time.”

“It makes me want to kill all of them.”

I could feel his deep bloodthirstiness. He was serious. Even his detestable gaze was terrible. Ferdel sighed.

“Keep it. You’ll end up dying instead.”

“How about I kill you first?”

“You won’t do that. Your threat doesn’t work on me.”

They still got along pretty well even though they seemed like they’re on bad terms. I supposed that’s their fate.

“Anyway, you should take a look at these. It’s from Assisi. He managed to take down North Praezia. It seems south Praezia’s still holding onto their ground. Both sides have been counterposing for a month already.”


“I suggest you should go on a rampage there and vent your stress.”

Ferdel suggested, but Caitel’s face stiffened. Perhaps Ferdel thought this bloody storm was due to his stress. Well, maybe.

However, he decided to stay here because of me. Still, he’s a father. I felt a little strange. When he heard my breath, Caitel turned his head my way. His heavy gaze reached me.


It was a similar look to the one time he once tried to kill me, but when I ran to him with a bright smile, Caitel’s eyes change. He straightened his face.

“Don’t run. You’ll get hurt.”

No, I wouldn’t get hurt. You had no idea how long I had been running like this. I was running, thinking it was nothing to worry about. However, at that moment, my toes were stuck on the edge of the door. No! I was going to fall over!

“That’s why I told you not to run.”

Before my body touched the floor, strong arms snatched me up. Hehe, it’s Daddy. Well, It’s okay. Even if I did fall over, he would be there to catch me.


He’s such a dry man to me. I didn’t know why I was always smiling at him.

Oh, well, I knew the answer best, so I should move on.

Shit, I just wanted to survive. Sob sob. I didn’t care if I get more love from him now. At least I wanted to stay at this level! I felt most comfortable now!

“Princess, show him your little charm!”

“Look, I’m cute!”

In response to Serira’s voice, I brought my index finger to my cheek and smiled at him. That was all and Ferdel was making big noises next to me. Hey, I didn’t do this for you.

“Wow, you’re so cute. Too cute… she’s absolutely adorable! So lovely! Such a pretty child!”

He’s still a fanatic for me.

I turned my head and looked up at my dad again. Dad, what was with your expression though? I was acting all cute just for you. Did he want to die? I gave him something, then he should give me something too! That’s just it? You bastard.

“Princess, look over here! Right this way! Peek-a-boo! I’m here!”

‘Hey, I already stopped playing peek-a-boo, okay? You should try something new!’

“Princess, Princess Ariadna! A-r-i-a-d-n-a~!”

Oh, really. Dad, he’s so annoying. He should do something about him.

Caitel sighed and lifted me up when I pulled his cloth. I wondered why… even though he didn’t really show his affection unlike Ferdel, I still liked Caitel more. I guessed he really was my dad after all. Caitel somehow attracted attention, so my eyes gravitated towards him. Well, it’s a totally different story when he went crazy.

Ferdel was trying to get my attention, but soon he seated down on the sofa. He looked quite depressed.

Yeah, what a fanatic. I thought he should love me less than now.

He loved me too much.

“Caitel, why does the little princess hates me so much?”

“Because you’re ugly.”

Huh? My face got stiff. Huh? What did I just hear?

“Oh, it’s because I’m ugly. That’s what it is. That’s what… it’s not! Give me a serious answer!”

Ferdel laughed and threw the cushion beside him. Of course, Caitel dodged it well.

“Then, maybe because you are unattractive?”

“What’s the difference?”

Um… maybe the number of letters?