Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 45

“Who does my princess look alike? Why are you so pretty?!”

I looked like me. Wasn’t that obvious? Who did I look like? There’s no one.

I had been thinking if I looked like my dad for a moment, but…

It would have been a mess. The baby’s already throwing her toys, crying all the times. I must have been a total wreck if that was my personality, of course. I didn’t know my mother and her personality, so I couldn’t tell.

I wasn’t the type of person who accepted touch, but after spending a year and a half like this, I was so used to Elene hugging me, smacking her cheek, kissing me, and touching me. I didn’t like anyone touching me, but somehow, I ended up like this. Damn, humans were adaptable animals.

“Get away from me.”

I grumbled since I didn’t like myself getting used to this but…

“My God, why is my princess so cute? Cute, cute!”

It didn’t work a bit. Oh, shit.

Why! I was able to speak properly! Why couldn’t I communicate?

I realized my communication problems didn’t seem to be a matter of my pronunciation. I thought I found the light since I had no problem but only a tiny leak in my pronunciation but…

It was not a problem. Shoot.

“Graecito, you should greet the princess.”

Serira’s words made Graecito angry and hid behind his grandmother’s skirt. I watched the scene in Elene’s arms. Serira bites her lips.

Oh, I was getting angry. Stop bothering Serira, you fucking rabbit.


It was a small voice, a very small one. It was a small voice I could only understand, but he frowned at my lips. Wow, he could understand that. The only thing he could do was to hold his grandmother’s skirt and stared at me, but he got what’s bad for him. Oh, how did I end up like this?


Serira looked at me. Her expression was filled with apology and guilt. I didn’t mean to make her look like that. Well. I laughed like I didn’t know anything. That was the wisest thing I could do.

“I want ice cream! Ice!”

Elene, who was holding me, stood up. She tried to bring some ice cream, but Serira stopped her. She meant she would bring it. She must have been very sorry for me.

I watched Serira disappear and turned my head again to see Graecito.

Ever since my birthday, my good-for-nothing dad kept inviting Graecito to the palace. Yes, this situation was just Caitel’s joke.

I knew this was a time to be interested in some other kids of my age, but I didn’t like being with someone who hated me. In particular, Graecito looked at me like an enemy somehow. I was still a baby, so there’s no reason for anyone to have a grudge against me. What the hell was wrong with him when he was also a baby? I would be generous for a couple of days. However, It’s already been six months and I couldn’t help it. Whenever he saw me twice a week, he just stuck close to his grandmother and stared at me in a sulky way.

What the hell was his complaint? What the hell was it?


Even though I said it with a smile, he looked at me quickly. He knew it’s a bad word even when he’s a kid. Huh, yeah, this was marvelous. Since everyone thought I liked him even he didn’t like me, I should act like I adored him. I got close and held his hand.

Graecito hit my hand in a single stroke. I was glad Serira wasn’t here now.


His grandma freaks out and caught Graecito. I took a breath because it happened every time. That brat.

“P, Princess.”

Stop being so embarrassed. I approached him knowing this would happen. Still, I didn’t avoid it when Elene called me. What the hell was I going through? I didn’t have any good feelings for him. Still, I had to keep pretending I was close to Graecito so he could continue coming. Of course, it was all for Serira. She used to see her son about once in a month but now eight times a month, and how could I keep him away?

“What’s going on? Did Gree do something again?”

Nice timing. Serira just came back and asked Elene, but she just smiled and shook her head. I ran to Serira.

“Ice Cream!”

Scooping! Well, this ice cream was more like bingsu(Korean ice flake dessert) than ice cream, but it was good. I was a kid who loved cold things!

“Here, Gree, you should have one too.”


Serira held out ice cream to him, but Graecito knocked it out of her hand. If he didn’t want to eat, he should just say no. How dare he! A wave of deep anger shook my head for a moment, but soon I held back.

Hold still. Hold still. Phew.


Serira, who almost spilled the ice cream, spoke out to him in rare cases. Gracito was troublesome. It’s not easy to get scolded every time by a friendly Serira. I finished my shaved ice and went to clung to the angry Serira.

“I’ll have it.”

If he didn’t want to eat then don’t eat! I would eat everything! This was so delicious. The imperial chef was the best. It’s so good. I was on the verge of gaining weight

“No, princess, you can’t. If you eat a lot of cold stuff, you’ll get sick.”

“No, I want to eat it!”


“I’m gonna eat it. I want it!”

Serira seemed stressed. I knew she was in trouble, but still, it’s so good. It was a very ungainly act, but I wanted it. I was still a baby on the outside!

“Then take half this. I’ll eat the rest.”

“Then Elene eat too!”

“Oh, can I?”

I turned my head and called Elene, and she emotionally held her hand. I nodded.

“Yes. Let’s eat together.”

‘Let’s make fun of that idiot who won’t eat this delicious food.’

“Granny eat too!”

The old lady smiled when I brought her a spoon of ice cream. She’s Serira’s mother, and she looked just like Serira. I wondered if Serira would become like her when she got older.

“My princess, eat a lot.”

“But just eat this.”

Here, I gave her my spoon and the hesitating old lady ended up eating some ice cream.

“Is it delicious?”

This was the skill of our Solay Palace chef. I was full of pride. I heard he’s chosen out of 1500 people. I guessed they were not lying. All the food he made was a treasure. You had to designate it as a cultural asset in the country. Since delicious food was the treasure of the country!

“Would you like to eat it, too, Gree?”

When I laughed my head off and ate the ice cream again, Grandma turned and asked her grandson. I couldn’t believe he’s such a stubborn boy. He shook his head with a cold shake.

Whoa, yeah, look at you.

“Oh, it’s really delicious.”

If someone refused to eat something I could eat then there’s nothing sad about that. Haha.