Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 42

The day after my birthday was Ferdel and Silvia’s wedding. Fortunately, I was able to attend and watch the wedding in another castle nearby. Other than Ferdel, Silvia was truly beautiful in her pure white wedding dress. I wished to be like her when I grew up. I was under the illusion that a white wing would pop out from her back. Ha, she’s so pretty.

Even her pink party dress looked amazing on her. It went well with the hair color of Silvia. However, that wasn’t a problem. I got shocked at Ferdel’s bravery.

“Do you wish to end your life right now?”

Caitel glared at him with a fierce look. Ferdel was just grinning.

“For what?”

He shrugged his shoulder, Ferdel laughed. Wow, he was so impudent. Caitel was really about to summon his sword and thrust it into Ferdel’s neck.

However, things were a little different than before. Ferdel, who looked him up with ease, seemed to have gotten a good scolding this time.

“Oh, was this because I used Verita Palace for my honeymoon?”

He shouldn’t have done that even though he already knew it. I sighed quietly. He acted like he has 10 lives to spare. Already, Caitel’s veins were sticking out on his forehead.

Ugh, I felt scared.

Silvia shook her head while holding me in her arms.

Yes, the term of Silvia was ‘the honeymoon place that no one had ever been to’ was the Imperial Palace. The Verita Palace, which was known to have the most beautiful scenery in this imperial palace. It was usually a palace for the occasional state guests.

“What’s wrong? You’re the one who signed the permit for us to stay at Verita Palace without reading it properly.”

I guessed this was why he had to read the clause before giving consent. Just signed the contract very carefully. I was nodding my head at the unexpected lesson as Caitel’s hand trembled. It was a desperate gesture to kill him.


“Oh, dear. How cute you are.”

Of course, I was cute. No, wait this was not what I meant. Stop your husband, Silvia. My dad would kill him soon. However, Silvia was in complete peace. She was only hugging me tightly and praising my cuteness. Was she my fanatic too? She was also scaring me a little.

Was my cuteness enough to paralyze her intellect?

Oh, what was I saying?

“Shut up and get out of my palace.”

His low voice was quite insidious. I felt goosebumps on my back. Oh my, I felt like I was walking on thin ice. However, Ferdel smiled and lolled on the sofa where he was sitting. With his chin resting on his hand, he looked even more drowsy.

“Oh, it’s been a long time since your permission was processed, what’s wrong with this? I’m a guest who justly binds this palace for ten days.”

“Shut up. You are not a state guest.”

“I am a state guest. I’m the chancellor of this empire.”

I looked at him shrugging his shoulders. I wanted to smack him. My dad was thinking about the same thing too.

“Then quit being the chancellor.”

I opened my eyes wide when he spoke in a harsh tone. Uh, wait, Caitel, so that meant he’s firing Ferdel? Could he fire him like that? He was a chancellor!

However, even when his boss said he would fire him, he was too relaxed. What? Why was he so relaxed? I rolled my eyes with ominous gaze, and at that moment, Ferdel smiled and mocked Caitel in front of him.

“I wonder, would you be able to survive even an hour without me?”

That was a trigger. In a flash, Caitel summoned his sword summoned in a quick swing. Oh no! Another murder in front of my eyes! I closed my eyes. Then I buried my nose on Silvia’s arm, but her reaction was strangely unusual.

Wait, was she all right?

Stupidly opening my eyes right away! Now, I could watch the situation again! Fluttering white feathers. It wasn’t Ferdel’s neck Caitel cut off. It was a sofa.

“Why does it have to be this palace?”

His voice was still dismal. I WAS dying of real anxiety, but this Marquis of Vitervo made me so anxious because they were so peaceful. No, was I the only one scared here?

“Because Silvia told me to find a honeymoon location where nobody else has been to yet. Who in the world would spend their honeymoon in the Emperor’s palace?”

Oh, great. Great! Tsk tsk.

“Thanks, Caitel, for letting us use the Verita Palace for ten days.”

When a big smile… it was so impudent I wanted to smack him with my fist. Well, even I was this angry, imagine how much Caitel would want to murder him? He was already holding the sword in his hand.

“Let’s end your life right now.”

“Huh, Your Majesty, I beg your pardon.”

What a masochist he was! How could he feel nothing when he saw him like that? No, Ferdel seemed to enjoy Caitel’s swagger. Oh, that pervert.

“Why don’t you guys continue with your business after a tea break.”

Hey, perfect timing Silvia!

Caitel’s scary face loosened. At the moment, our eyes contacted and I smiled for him. Hehe, hi daddy?

Huh? Oh, it’s a habit now. This was not good. It’s so sad! A baby who smiled to survive! It’s so sad! He does not reply to my smile with his. Why should I smile for him? Oh, my poor life.

“Look! Our princess is so cute as usual!”

“Get lost.”

Anyways, he really dug his own grave.

“Your Majesty, may I ask you something?”

Silvia spoke to Caitel. His eyes soon reached hers. Although I felt it before, Caitel’s attitude toward Silvia was somehow stiff.

“What is it?”

His voice was so dry, especially when I knew the fury of his whenever he spoke with Ferdel. Was there something between them? I looked at Caitel and Silvia alternately, but I didn’t really feel anything from Silvia.

He just didn’t like women, was that it, Dad? What’s the problem? Talk to me.

“Would it be possible for me to become Princess Ariadna’s godmother?”

Huh? What was this, godmother?

“Will it be possible?”

It was a friendly smile.

Wow, I casually admired her. Serira too, but she’s a real angel. How come she was so soft, gentle, kind, friendly, and sprouting! I wanted to be Silvia’s daughter. Her children would be so happy she was their mother.

I rubbed my cheek on her arm, and Silvia looked at me. When I realized that the eyes I saw were colored with amicable pale pink, I laughed without realizing it. It’s a problem for me like her so, but I didn’t think I would refuse her of this favor.

There’s no reason for me to refuse. I didn’t know.

“Me too! I want to be her Godfather!”

That was a quick and definite refusal. Poor Ferdel. Caitel stared at Silvia with irritation, and his eyes soon turned to me. It was a slight difference, but I felt like he looked at me with a little love… that would be my delusion. Right?